King Piccolo16

aka Noah

  • I live in Wisconsin
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Humans can be selfish, especially me.

–King Piccolo16

Hello, I am Noah, I am 13 yrs. old and live in Wisconsin. I have been a fan of Survivor ever since it started, and I own some dvds, and I LOVE the show. I hope that it stays on long enough until I can be on it.

I am completely obsessed with Survivor since I first watched it. I love the premise of the show. I think the producers had a moment of brilliance when they came up with the show. I think the same about The Amazing Race, "Undercover Boss", and "Big Bang Theory" . They are all great shows from CBS.

My dream job for the future would be something in the medical buisness. I have gotten strait A's in every class so far, so I think it's possible. I really hope Survivor is on long enough for me to be on it.

My biggest pet peeves are overly optimistic people. But I am a morning person (after I've had my coffee). I like the older seasons of Survivor and Amazing Race a LOT better than the newer ones. For Survivor, my favorites were 1 - 11. Amazing Race just got a tiny bit less "Wondertaculaful" over time.

I also like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. I like going out in the wilderness and hiking.


My favorite Survivor castaway(s)

My favorite Season(s)

My least favorite Season(s)

Favorite and most hated castaway in each season

Season Favorite Castaway Least Favorite
Survivor: Borneo Richard Colleen B.B. Sue 
Survivor: The Australian Outback Skupin Jerri  Keith Alicia 
Survivor: Africa Big Tom Kim Brandon Lindsey
Survivor: Marquesas Rob Neleh John Zoe
Survivor: Thailand Jake Shii Ann Clay Jan
Survivor: The Amazon Rob Jenna Dan Jeanne
Survivor: Pearl Islands Jon Sandra Osten Lil
Survivor: All-Stars Rob Shii Ann Ethan Sue
Survivor: Vanuatu Rory Eliza Chris Twila
Survivor: Palau Tom Steph Gregg Janu
Survivor: Guatemala Gary Lydia Jamie Cindy
Survivor: Panama Shane  Cirie Aras Danielle 
Survivor: Cook Islands Penner Becky Billy Rebecca
Survivor: Fiji Yau-Man Mellisa Dreamz Sandra
Survivor: China Frosti Courtney J.R Denise 
Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites Penner Cirie Jason Natalie
Survivor: Gabon Kenny Sugar  Randy Corinne
Survivor: Tocantins Coach Taj Stephen Erinn
Survivor: Somoa Russell Monica Mick  Natalie
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Rob Jerri J.T. Danielle
Survivor: Nicaragua Marty Brenda Chase  NaOnka 
Survivor: Redemption Island Rob  Ashley David Ashley
Survivor: South Pacific Cochran Dawn Brandon Christine
Survivor: One World Troyzan Kim Michael Alicia 
Survivor: Philippines Penner Abi Carter Angie
Survivor: Caramoan Cochran Laura Eddie Allie

My Top 5's

                                 BIGGEST VILLAINS

5. Alexis Jones

4. Natalie Bolton

3. Jerri Manthey

2. Danielle DiLorenzo

1. Parvati Shallow


5. Shane Powers

4. Rob Cesternino

3. Rob Mariano

2. Russell Hantz

1. Jon Dalton

                                  BIGGEST HEROES

5. Cirie Fields

4. Colleen Haskell

3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

2. Sugar Kiper

1. Stephenie LaGrossa


5. James Clement

4. Erik Reichenbach

3. Rudy Boesch

2. Rupert Boneham

1. Colby Donaldson

                           GREATEST PHYSICAL PLAYERS

5. Kelly Wiglesworth

4. Colby Donaldson

3. Terry Deitz

2. Ozzy Lusth

1. Rob Mariano

                           GREATEST STRATEGIC PLAYERS

5. Richard Hatch

4. Kim Spradlin

3. Rob Mariano/Russell Hantz Yes! We have a tie!

2. Yul Kwon

1. Rob Cesternino

                           MAKERS OF THE DUMBEST MOVES

5. Ian Rosenberger

4. Tyson Apostol

3. Erik Reichenbach

2. J.T. Thomas

1. James Clement

                           MOST UN-DESERVING WINNERS

5. Aras Baskauskas

4. Parvati Shallow

3. Vecepia Towery

2. Tina Wesson

1. Natalie White

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