aka (Devil) Devon or (Dev)

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  • I live in Cali
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is College student, avid gamer, music lover
  • I am Female
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I'm an admin/content moderator on the following wiki's:

[] http://johnnytest.wikia.User:Devonl12 http://bigtimerush.wikia.User:Devonl12 http://poptropica.wikia.User:Devonl12 http://witsacademy.wikia.User:Devonl12 http://supahninjas.wikia.User:Devonl12 Http://johnnytest.wikia.User:Devonl12 Http://

Other wiki's I contribute to: http://winxclub.wikia.User:Devonl12 Http://therhundermans.wikia.User:Devonl12 Http://houseofanubis.wikia.User:Devonl12 http://prettylittleliars.wikia.User:Devonl12 http://icarly.wikia.User:Devonl12 http://girlmeetsworld.wikia.User:Devonl12 http://ttr.wikia http://fantage.wikia http:// http://

My favorite Survivor's

  • (Most to least favorite)
  • Top 20 = Favorite Castaways
  1. 1 Rob Mariano
  1. 8 Kellee Kim
  2. 9 Cirie Fields

Disliked Castaways

Favorite winners

Least Fav Winners

My Favorite Survivor Seasons

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My favorite Alliances

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