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Hey, I'm Copper5! I've been a HUGE Survivor fan, ever since Survivor: All-Stars first premiered. It has been my favorite show now for over ten years and I still refuse to stop watching! I Hope I can contribute to this wiki to help it become even better! Message me if you want to talk about something, whether it be about a contestant, season, or anything in-between. As long as it's Survivor (or wiki) related, I promise I will try to respond! :)

Season Ranking

Favorite Contestants by Season

Credit for this format goes to Borneolover3.

Season Castaways
Survivor: Borneo
S1 gretchen t.pngS1 colleen t.png
S1 rudy t.pngS1 richard t.png
Gretchen, Colleen, Rudy, Richard
Survivor: The Australian Outback
S2 kimmi t.pngS2 jerri t.png
S2 rodger t.pngS2 colby t.png
Kimmi, Jerri, Rodger, Colby
Africa NB.png
Survivor: Africa
S3 kelly t.pngS3 frank t.png
S3 teresa t.pngS3 ethan t.png
Kelly, Frank, Teresa, Ethan
Marquesas NB.png
Survivor: Marquesas
S4 gina t.pngS4 john t.png
S4 sean t.pngS4 kathy t.png
Gina, John, Sean, Kathy
Thailand NB.png
Survivor: Thailand
S5 shiiann t.pngS5 penny t.png
S5 jake t.pngS5 jan t.png
Shii Ann, Penny, Jake, Jan
Amazon NB.png
Survivor: The Amazon
S6 christy t.pngS6 heidi t.png
S6 butch t.pngS6 rob t.png
Christy, Heidi, Butch, Rob
Pearl Islands NB.png
Survivor: Pearl Islands
S7 christa t.pngS7 jon t.png
S7 lillian t.pngS7 sandra t.png
Christa, Jon, Lillian, Sandra
All-Stars no background.png
Survivor: All-Stars
S8 rudy t.pngS8 jerri t.png
S8 kathy t.pngS8 jennal t.png
Rudy, Jerri, Kathy, Jenna L.
Vanuatu NB.png
Survivor: Vanuatu
S9 rory t.pngS9 julie t.png
S9 scout t.pngS9 eliza t.png
Rory, Julie, Scout, Eliza
Palau NB.png
Survivor: Palau
S10 coby t.pngS10 stephenie t.png
S10 jenn t.pngS10 ian t.png
Coby, Stephenie, Jenn, Ian
Guatemala NB.png
Survivor: Guatemala
S11 brian t.pngS11 jamie t.png
S11 cindy t.pngS11 rafe t.png
Brian, Jamie, Cindy, Rafe
Panama NB.png
Survivor: Panama
S12 courtney t.pngS12 shane t.png
S12 cirie t.pngS12 danielle t.png
Courtney, Shane, Cirie, Danielle
Cook Islands NB.png
Survivor: Cook Islands
S13 billy t.pngS13 caoboi t.png
S13 nate t.pngS13 jonathan t.png
Billy, Cao Boi, Nate, Penner
Survivor: Fiji
S14 lisi t.pngS14 michelle t.png
S14 yauman t.pngS14 cassandra t.png
Lisi, Michelle, Yau-Man, Cassandra
China NB.png
Survivor: China
S15 jaime t.pngS15 james t.png
S15 courtney t.pngS15 todd t.png
Jaime, James, Courtney, Todd
Micronesia no background.png
Survivor: Micronesia
S16 eliza t.pngS16 jason t.png
S16 erik t.pngS16 cirie t.png
Eliza, Jason, Erik, Cirie
Survivor: Gabon
S17 randy t.pngS17 corinne t.png
S17 crystal t.pngS17 susie t.png
Randy, Corinne, Crystal, Susie
Tocantins NB.png
Survivor: Tocantins
S18 spencer t.pngS18 sierra t.png
S18 taj t.pngS18 erinn t.png
Spencer, Sierra, Taj, Erinn
Samoa NB.png
Survivor: Samoa
S19 kelly t.pngS19 shambo t.png
S19 russellh t.pngS19 natalie t.png
Kelly, Shambo, Russell H., Natalie
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
S20 cirie t.pngS20 courtney t.png
S20 jt t.pngS20 sandra t.png
Cirie, Courtney, J.T., Sandra
Survivor Nicaragua logo.png
Survivor: Nicaragua
S21 brenda t.pngS21 naonka t.png
S21 kellys t.pngS21 fabio t.png
Brenda, NaOnka, Kelly S., Fabio
Survivor: Redemption Island
S22 stephanie t.pngS22 matt t.png
S22 mike t.pngS22 andrea t.png
Stephanie, Matthew, Mike, Andrea
S23 Logo.png
Survivor: South Pacific
S23 stacey t.pngS23 christine t.png
S23 rick t.pngS23 albert t.png
Stacey, Christine, Rick, Albert
One World NB.png
Survivor: One World
S24 nina t.pngS24 jay t.png
S24 kat t.pngS24 chelsea t.png
Nina, Jay, Kat, Chelsea
Philippines NB.png
Survivor: Philippines
S25 jonathan t.pngS25 carter t.png
S25 abimaria t.pngS25 malcolm t.png
Penner, Carter, Abi-Maria, Malcolm
Survivor: Caramoan
S26 laura t.pngS26 corinne t.png
S26 andrea t.pngS26 eddie t.png
Laura, Corinne, Andrea, Eddie
BvW Logo.png
Survivor: Blood vs. Water
S27 kat t.pngS27 john t.png
S27 hayden t.pngS27 ciera t.png
Kat, John, Hayden, Ciera
Survivor-28 Logo.png
Survivor: Cagayan
S28 brice t.pngS28 trish t.png
S28 spencer t.pngS28 kass t.png
Brice, Trish, Spencer, Kass
Survivor: San Juan del Sur
S29 josh t.pngS29 wes t.png
S29 jaclyn t.pngS29 natalie t.png
Josh, Wes, Jaclyn, Natalie
Survivor-logo 612x380.png
Survivor: Worlds Apart
S30 vince t.pngS30 hali t.png
S30 joe t.pngS30 jenn t.png
Vince, Hali, Joe, Jenn
Survivor: Cambodia
S31 jeff t.pngS31 abimaria t.png
S31 kelley t.pngS31 spencer t.png
Jeff, Abi-Maria, Kelley, Spencer
Survivor kaoh rong logo.png
Survivor: Kaôh Rōng
S32 alecia t.pngS32 debbie t.png
S32 joe t.pngS32 cydney t.png
Alecia, Debbie, Joe, Cydney
Survivor 33 Logo.png
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X
S33 figgy t.pngS33 michaela t.png
S33 taylor t.pngS33 adam t.png
Figgy, Michaela, Taylor, Adam
Survivor 34 Logo.png
Survivor: Game Changers
S34 sandra t.pngS34 hali t.png
S34 andrea t.pngS34 cirie t.png
Sandra, Hali, Andrea, Cirie
Survivor 35 Logo.png
Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
S35 cole t.pngS35 lauren t.png
S35 ashley t.pngS35 chrissy t.png
Cole, Lauren, Ashley, Chrissy
Survivor 36 Logo new.png
Survivor: Ghost Island
S36 stephanie t.pngS36 chris t.png
S36 chelsea t.pngS36 sebastian t.png
Stephanie, Chris, Chelsea, Sebastian
Survivor 37 Logo.png
Survivor: David vs. Goliath
S37 alec t.pngS37 gabby t.png
S37 kara t.pngS37 angelina t.png
Alec, Gabby, Kara, Angelina
Survivor 38 Logo.png
Survivor: Edge of Extinction
S38 reem t.pngS38 wendy t.png
S38 aurora t.pngS38 gavin t.png
Reem, Wendy, Aurora, Gavin
Survivor Island of the Idols logo.png
Survivor: Island of the Idols
S39 kellee t.pngS39 karishma t.png
S39 janet t.pngS39 noura t.png
Kellee, Karishma, Janet, Noura
Winners at War Logo.png
Survivor: Winners at War
S40 adam t.pngS40 kim t.png
S40 michele t.pngS40 natalie t.png
Adam, Kim, Michele, Natalie

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