aka Christopher

  • I live in New Jersey
  • I was born on May 16
  • I am Male

About Me

I am a 22-year-old survivor fanatic. I have watched every single season. Some I have watched multiple times. I love a season with a diverse cast, dynamic strategy, and fun camp scenes. I dislike a season where one person or group controls the majority of the game, has too many "twists", or has coattail riders. I have applied for the show twice and will continue applying annually until I am cast or the show ends!

2019 Season Ranking & Favorite Players

(Change since 2018 rank)
Season Most Favorite Players Least Favorite Players
1 (+2) Panama NB S12 aras t S12 cirie t S12 shane t S12 terry t S12 nick t
2 (+4) Pearl Islands NB S7 sandra t S7 jon t S7 christa t S7 darrah t S7 andrew t
3 (-2) Cook Islands NB S13 yul t S13 ozzy t S13 jonathan t S13 adam t S13 nate t
4 (-2) Micronesia no background S16 cirie t S16 natalie t S16 erik t S16 amanda t S16 ozzy t
5 (0) Survivor kaoh rong logo S32 aubry t S32 tai t S32 cydney t S32 jason t S32 scot t
6 (+20) Borneo S1 richard t S1 rudy t S1 colleen t S1 kelly t S1 sean t
7 (+2) China NB S15 todd t S15 courtney t S15 james t S15 denise t S15 jeanrobert t
8 (+11) Fiji S14 earl t S14 yauman t S14 michelle t S14 cassandra t S14 alex t
9 (New) Survivor 37 Logo S37 nick t S37 angelina t S37 natalie t S37 elizabeth t S37 pat t
10 (-6) BvW Logo S27 tyson t S27 ciera t S27 caleb t S27 monica t S27 gervase t
11 (-1) Tocantins NB S18 jt t S18 stephen t S18 taj t S18 coach t S18 joe t
12 (0) All-Stars no background S8 robm t S8 shiiann t S8 kathy t S8 alicia t S8 lex t
13 (+1) Australia NB S2 tina t S2 elisabeth t S2 jerri t S2 rodger t S2 nick t
14 (-1) Survivor-28 Logo S28 kass t S28 tasha t S28 jefra t S28 tony t S28 trish t
15 (+5) Philippines NB S25 denise t S25 jonathan t S25 pete t S25 jeff t S25 rc t
16 (-9) Gabon S17 matty t S17 ken t S17 crystal t S17 susie t S17 sugar t
17 (-9) Guatemala NB S11 danni t S11 stephenie t S11 rafe t S11 cindy t S11 judd t
18 (+9) Marquesas NB S4 vecepia t S4 sean t S4 john t S4 kathy t S4 zoe t
19 (-1) Palau NB S10 jenn t S10 caryn t S10 stephenie t S10 katie t S10 janu t
20 (-4) One World NB S24 kim t S24 sabrina t S24 tarzan t S24 christina t S24 alicia t
21 (-10) Survivor31logo S31 kelley t S31 abimaria t S31 joe t S31 spencer t S31 andrew t
22 (-5) Survivorheroesvsvillains1 S20 sandra t S20 parvati t S20 jerri t S20 russell t S20 colby t
23 (New) Wiki AU Logo 3 AS5 shonee t AS5 fenella t AS5 tegan t AS5 sharn t AS5 mat t
24 (-2) SurvivorSanJuanDelSurLogo S29 natalie t S29 keith t S29 reed t S29 missy t S29 baylor t
25 (-1) Wiki AU Logo AS4TaraIcon AS4MichelleIcon AS4SarahIcon AS4LockyIcon AS4HenryIcon
26 (-5) Vanuatu NB S9 eliza t S9 julie t S9 johnk t S9 twila t S9 scout t
27 (-4) Amazon NB S6 rob t S6 alex t S6 deena t S6 jenna t S6 heidi t
28 (-13) Survivor 33 Logo S33 david t S33 zeke t S33 michaela t S33 hannah t S33 sunday t
29 (-1) Wiki AU Logo AS3NickIcon AS3PhoebeIcon AS3CraigIcon AS3LeeIcon AS3ElIcon
30 (-5) S23 Logo S23 sophie t S23 christine t S23 stacey t S23 ozzy t S23 whitney t
31 (New) Survivor 36 Logo S36 donathan t S36 kellyn t S36 michael t S36 laurel t S36 angela t
32 (+2) Africa NB S3 kimp t S3 brandon t S3 kelly t S3 lex t S3 frank t
33 (-4) NIcaragua NB S21 fabio t S21 holly t S21 jane t S21 sash t S21 kellys t
34 (-2) Survivor-logo 612x380 S30 shirin t S30 joe t S30 jenn t S30 mike t S30 will t
35 (-2) Samoa NB S19 brett t S19 dave t S19 john t S19 russellh t S19 shambo t
36 (-5) Survivor 34 Logo S34 aubry t S34 cirie t S34 andrea t S34 brad t S34 troyzan t
37 (-1) Thailand NB S5 helen t S5 shiiann t S5 ghandia t S5 brian t S5 clay t
38 (-1) Survivor 35 Logo S35 devon t S35 lauren t S35 ali t S35 ben t S35 chrissy t
39 (-9) Survivor26logo S26 eddie t S26 brenda t S26 reynold t S26 dawn t S26 phillip t
40 (-5) Redemptionisland S22 phillip t S22 andrea t S22 grant t S22 rob t S22 ashley t
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