Hello! I'm a loyal fan of Survivor. I found out about Survivor on YouTube and have loved it since. My first live season was Edge of Extinction, but I've spent a long time rewatching seasons I missed. Feel free to message me on my wall, and peace out!

My favorite Survivor castaway(s)

  • Cirie Fields
  • Erik Reichenbach
  • Rob Cesternino
  • Victoria Baamonde
  • Queen Sandra Diaz-Twine
  • Kelley Wentworth
  • Courtney Yates
  • Malcolm Freberg
  • Kellee Kim

My favorite Survivor season(s)

Yes, I know I'm weird, so don't judge me for this.

List your favorite Survivor seasons here!

  • San Juan del Sur
  • Cagayan- Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
  • David vs Goliath
  • Micronesia

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