Winner Picks

Season Winner Pick Placement
Survivor 37 Logo.png
David vs. Goliath
S37 nick t.png
Nick Wilson
Sole Survivor
53 confessionals
0 votes against
Won 7-3-0 jury vote
Survivor 38 Logo.png
Edge of Extinction
S38 eric t.png
Eric Hafemann
13th Place
4th jury member
14 confessionals
8 votes against
Survivor Island of the Idols logo.png
Island of the Idols
S39 tommy t.png
Tommy Sheehan
Sole Survivor
52 confessionals
2 votes against
Won 8-2-0 jury vote
Winners at War Logo.png
Winners at War
S40 ethan t.png
Ethan Zohn
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