United We Stand, Divided We...? is the third episode of Survivor: Pearl Islands.


Day 7

Morale is low at the Morgan camp—especially for Lillian who's missing her friend Skinny Ryan. Voting out Skinny Ryan made it clear that Lillian is on the outs of the Morgan tribe.  Andrew tries to defend the decision to keep Osten in the game, who still doesn't appear to have his heart in the game.

Morgan goes out searching for buried treasure, but with only one part of the map in their possession they are without luck.

Tree Mail gets Morgan pumped up for the Reward Challenge, but Drake's Jon and Sandra argue over who's a better swimmer, leading to a shouting match between the two. At the Reward Challenge, Jon and Michelle sat out for Drake, Trish and Osten pulled out a cork for Morgan.  Osten began to sink his own boat, eliminating him along with Tijuana and Lillian.  Rupert began to put some force down on Morgan's last boat.  Even with the Jon and Sandra blow up, and Morgan going into the challenge with a lot of confidence, Drake picked up another win at the Reward Challenge, for the fourth straight time, killing Morgan's spirits more.

Day 8

Lillian gets up early and goes fishing by herself. Her tribemates, Ryan O in particular, doesn't appreciate the individual effort when they are trying to operate as a team. Lillian really doesn't do herself any favors by fishing for the first time ever and losing the last of the tribe's hooks. The boys are understandably upset with her and a sad Lillian wonders how else she can try to stay in the game.

Drake sends Christa to Morgan for the looting part of the reward and she goes right for their water boiling pot. Andrew grills Christa with questions about tribe dynamics and Christa plays dumb and/or gives evasive answers for each one. Christa collects the pot and takes her leave as quickly as possible.

The Immunity Challenge comes down to a battle of endurance between Osten and Rupert and after 2 hours, the big man from Morgan can't go any longer, giving Drake their third immunity win in a row.

Day 9

Morgan weighs the pros and cons of who to vote out between Lillian and Darrah. There is far more in Lillian's favor—especially with Darrah not seeming to care at all—yet at Tribal Council the Morgan's unanimously vote her out much to her disappointment.


Challenge: Sprung A Leak
Sink the other tribe's two boats (each with three people inside) any way necessary. Once your own boat sinks, you're out of the challenge.
Reward: Mattress, pillows, blankets; loot one item from losing tribe; piece of treasure map
Winner: Drake

Challenge: Pull Your Weight
One person is harnessed to a rope above the water. Hold them up for as long as possible. Every five minutes, the player pulling at the front of the rope must let go.
Winner: Drake

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
S7 lillian t.png
Lillian (5 votes)
S7 andrew t.pngS7 darrah t.png
S7 osten t.pngS7 ryano t.pngS7 tijuana t.png
Andrew, Darrah, Osten, Ryan O., Tijuana
S7 darrah t.png
Darrah (1 vote)
S7 lillian t.png
S7 lillian bw.png
Lillian Morris

Voting Confessionals

Andrew's vote was not shown during his confessional.

(voting for Lillian) Lill, you're a great woman and a hard worker, and you contributed well around camp.


(voting for Darrah) Darrah, you are like the Mississippi belle. You're fragile and know very few skills. No hard feelings, honey.


(voting for Lillian) This is totally based upon a strategy. We'Il see if it works.


Final Words

My biggest regret is that I didn't stay in longer to represent my beautiful state of Ohio. It bothers me that our leader said he would get back to me after I stated my case and he didn't. Because it does seem to be a game of a lot of scheming and a lot of lying and I am not real good at that.

Lillian Morris

Still in the Running

S7 nicole bw.png
 Ryan S.
S7 ryans bw.png
S7 lillian bw.png
S7 andrew t.png
S7 burton t.png
S7 christa t.png
S7 darrah t.png
S7 jon t.png
S7 michelle t.png
S7 osten t.png
S7 rupert t.png
 Ryan O.
S7 ryano t.png
S7 sandra t.png
S7 shawn t.png
S7 tijuana t.png
S7 trish t.png


  • Lillian Morris' torch didn't go out on the first try. Prophetically, her torch would be re-lit when she returned to the game via Outcasts twist.
  • Jon Dalton saying "And I have a mill that Sandra won't be the final one!" could be an ironic foreshadowing by the editors of Sandra Diaz-Twine's eventual win.


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