Uncomfortably Numb is a recurring endurance challenge in Survivor. The challenge debuted in Survivor: San Juan del Sur and has since re-appeared in Kaôh Rōng and David vs. Goliath.


Each person will balance their feet on a very narrow perch adjusted for their height while holding a handle above their head. If at any point, they let go of the handle or a foot comes off the perch, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins.


The challenge debuted as the final nine Immunity Challenge in San Juan del Sur. In addition to staying on the perch, host Jeff Probst also tempted castaways throughout the challenge to step down in exchange for food. After over three hours, the challenge came down to Natalie Anderson and Reed Kelly. Realizing that she was not going to be able to outlast Reed, Natalie bargained for a large platter of food from Jeff before stepping down, giving Reed immunity.

The challenge re-appeared in Kaôh Rōng as the final ten Immunity Challenge. Early on, Jeff Probst announced that he would only offer food at one point in the challenge, causing several castaways to drop out and take the large platter of food. Eventually, the challenge came down to Cydney Gillon and Tai Trang. After over 40 minutes, Cydney dropped and Tai won immunity.

The challenge appeared in David vs. Goliath, once again as the final ten Immunity Challenge. Before the challenge, Jeff Probst offered the castaways a large plate of nachos, margaritas, and beer in exchange for not competing in the challenge. Angelina Keeley, Carl Boudreaux, and Nick Wilson decided to opt out and take the plate of nachos. After over five and a half hours, the challenge came down to Alec Merlino and Christian Hubicki, the latter of whom employed the strategy of irritating Alec with a prolonged monologue. Despite desperately needing immunity, Alec could not hold on, allowing Christian to win immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
San Juan del Sur
"This Is Where We Build Trust"
Individual Immunity S29 reed t
Reed Kelly
Kaôh Rōng
"The Jocks vs. the Pretty People"
Individual Immunity S32 tai t
Tai Trang
David vs. Goliath
"Tribal Lines Are Blurred"
Individual Immunity S37 christian t
Christian Hubicki



  • This challenge's name is a reference to the song Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.
  • All three times this challenge appeared:
  • Despite food temptations being offered each time this challenge appeared, it has been done a different way each time:
    • In San Juan del Sur, host Jeff Probst tempted the castaways with food throughout the challenge.
    • In Kaôh Rōng, Probst announced that he would only tempt the castaways with food once at an early point in the challenge.
    • In David vs. Goliath, Probst offered food to the castaways before the challenge, provided that they sit out and give up their shot at immunity.


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