Ular was a tribe from Survivor 2001 (U.K.).


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  • Eve Holding , a project manager from Wantage, Oxfordshire.
  • Jackie Carey , an airline industry purchaser from Woking, Surrey.
  • Mick Easton , a retired police officer from Dartford, Kent.
  • Nick Carter , a drugs company manager from Gedling, Nottinghamshire.
  • Pete Farrar , an actor/model from Stockport, Cheshire.
  • Richard Owen , a clinical psychologist from Cardiff, South Wales.
  • Sarah Odell , a model from Fulham, London.
  • Zoe Lyons , a bartender/actress from London.

Tribe History

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  • Ular were the first tribe in Survivor (U.K.) history to be disqualified from a challenge.
  • The beach for this tribe was the same used for the Pagong tribe in Survivor: Borneo.
  • Ular has the same average combined age as its opposing tribe in Survivor 2001 (U.K.), Helang.
    • The two tribes both have an average combined age of 34.5.
  • The members of Ular have an average combined placing of 7th.
    • This is three places higher than Helang's average of 10th.