Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules is the season premiere of Survivor: One World.


Day 1

Aboard a truck, eighteen new castaways were marooned on a Samoan island for a shot at a million dollars. Still not divided into tribes, the castaways are oblivious to the big surprise of the season—that not only they will be split into tribes defined by sex, the two tribes would live in one encampment. As Jeff Probst greeted them, the new contestants were informed that they would be divided into tribes according to gender, to Colton's dismay. The tribes were the all-male Manono (wearing orange) and the all-female Salani tribe (wearing blue). Jeff further informed them that while Hidden Immunity Idols are available, Redemption Island will be absent.

That means when you are voted out this season, there is no second chance. You go home.

Jeff Probst

Later, Jeff gave the castaways a minute to strip the truck of its supplies, where Michael stole several of Salani's items in the middle of the commotion, leaving them with only a few bunches of bananas and coconuts. Michael's gesture fumed the women, calling other tribe "cheaters." After receiving maps to their camps, the tribes parted ways. As Manono trekked though the jungle, Jonas was amazed by the strength of Leif, who was carrying the heaviest of the load, despite being a little person. Over at Salani, Alicia immediately formed a five-person alliance with Kim, Kat, Sabrina, and Chelsea. While the five agreed, Kim was doubtful, for she did not plan to align with anybody this early in the game. Salani made it to their camp first after seeing their tribe flag. But much to their shock, their tribe flag was meters away from the Manono tribe flag.

When we walked to the beach, we looked up to our tribe flag. I'm so happy to get here; and then we looked five feet to the right, and we saw the Manono tribe. What is going on? Are those suckers living with us?!

Sabrina Thompson

When we saw our flag, I was excited. But seeing our flag was next to their flag, I'm just confused.

Jonas Otsuji

It's going to be a party!

Alicia Rosa

We were kinda pissed.

Chelsea Meissner

While Colton realized that the season name on the tribe flag was Survivor: One World, Jonas replied: "It's like, their world and our world." At the Salani side of the camp, Chelsea and Sabrina saw chickens clucking in the jungle. As the word spread out, the tribes worked together in catching them, with Chelsea being successful twice with her bare hands. Matt insisted to split the two chickens with nothing to gain for Chelsea. Chelsea and the other Salani members refused and walked away, upsetting Matt. Manono returned at their unfinished shelter instead. While the men were working at their shelter, Colton went over to get to know the women. Matt took notice of this and warned Colton of his interactions with the women, even asking him to be Manono's double agent.

There's a clear divide within like this one world. There's the guys over here, and the girls over there, and I definitely want to be over there [Salani tribe].

Colton Cumbie

Nobody has an issue with him being gay or anything like that. It's just he doesn't try to fit in at all and if Colton doesn't fix that, he's going to be going home quick.

Matt Quinlan

He thinks he's running this show, but if I get what I want, his torch is going out.

Colton Cumbie

Later, the younger men, Matt, Jay, Michael, and Bill made an alliance, while Colton was with Salani, asking them to help him if they had any information about the Hidden Immunity Idol, because he felt vulnerable over at the all-male tribe. Sabrina adored him, but was unsure if he is trustworthy. At the Manono side, Jay later created fire using coconut husks and bamboo. The Salani tribe saw the feat, and Sabrina made a bargain by giving them a chicken in exchange for helping them spark fire. Monica reminded the men about the axe they stole, yet to no avail. Desperate for fire, Alicia then offered Manono a pole dance, but still, Manono was unmoved. That night, Monica and Christina sneaked to the Manono side of the camp and stole an ember from their bonfire, partly in retaliation for stealing their axe.

Day 2

At Salani, the women were eating pineapples for breakfast because the ember they stole died out in the middle of the night. Taking matters in her own hands, Christina again sought help from the men in another attempt to help them start fire. Jonas demanded that they would help them if they created twenty fronds. Christina accepted, despite complaining that it was too much. Though the nearby Alicia agreed, she secretly fumed because she wanted to make the deal herself.

I'm about to punch Christina in her face. I see what she's doing. She's trying to be friendly with the guys and she's the first one who's going to go.

Alicia Rosa

Meanwhile, Sabrina was on her way back to camp after bathing, and decided to look for a Hidden Immunity Idol. While she was successful, she found out that it was for the Manono tribe, and she had to give it to any Manono member before the next Tribal Council. Seeing Colton as the best choice for being friendly to Salani than he ever was with Manono, Sabrina chose him as the idol's recipient, but had yet to give it to him.

This is the Hidden Immunity Idol for the Manono tribe. If you are a Manono tribe member, you are now in possession of one of the most powerful weapons in the game. If you are not a Manono tribe member, you must give this to someone from the Manono tribe before the next Tribal Council.

Sabrina Thompson

Day 3

The tribes met Jeff for their first Immunity Challenge, where Jeff reminded the castaways to fall flat and keep their hands on their chest. While Manono took the lead, Kourtney broke her wrist and was dizzy. Jeff called the Survivor medical team to check Kourtney's condition. Dr. Ramona Salins was unable to determine if Kourtney's condition was severe enough to remove her from the game permanently. With this, she insisted that Kourtney should have her bones checked under an x-ray.

As Kourtney was whisked away, Jeff stated that since the challenge required nine people to complete, the Manono tribe technically won the challenge. But if Manono wanted to make a gesture of good will, they could redo the challenge with Manono sitting out one member. Not wanting the possibility of losing and go to Tribal Council, Manono chose to take the victory by default, much to Salani's chagrin.

Those guys don't give a crap about any of us girls and they showed it today. They don't care. This is a no mercy game.

Chelsea Meissner

As the castaways returned to camp, Matt apologized to Salani on Manono's behalf for their controversial move. Meanwhile, Sabrina finally gave the Manono Hidden Immunity Idol to Colton, recommending that he should use it as leverage to eliminate the strongest members in Manono. In a confessional, Colton revealed that he was leaning over blindsiding Matt.

Matt thinks I'm a puppet, and he's in for a huge surprise if everything goes like I want it to. We're gonna cut his throat faster than Taylor Swift will write a song about an ex-boyfriend.

Colton Cumbie

With Kourtney's fate in the game still unsure, Sabrina expressed her anxiety over her injured tribemate's condition and its impact on the upcoming, yet still hypothetical vote, with Alicia confirming that if Salani still votes, she would vote for Christina.

I hope, this gonna sound mean, but hopefully she's getting x-rayed and just really getting used to the air conditioning there and getting a fresh drink of water and saying "I like this," and don't come back.

Sabrina Thompson

Kourtney, poor Kourtney, so uncoordinated. Obviously she broke her wrist, but I'm gonna definitely turn the tables around and let them know that Christina needs to go. It's guys versus girls and she's playin' that side and playing us at the same time; she's poison. So I'm gonna call her out. I already know it and I guess we'll just have to see when we get there who's getting kicked out.

Alicia Rosa

At Tribal Council, Christina and Alicia clashed over their conflicting versions of the former's frond-for-fire deal, to Jeff's surprise. By the end of the session, Jeff revealed that Kourtney's wrist was severely fractured and would need surgery and therapy, thus confirming her elimination from the game and cancelling the supposed vote, relieving Salani. After giving them a piece of flint, Jeff warned them that they should work as a cohesive unit, or they would fail.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Free Fallin'
Each tribe starts the challenge on a raised platform. One at a time, castaways drop from a three-step structure down into a net. After all players from a tribe finish the net drop and assemble on a tribal mat, they proceed to the next stage, climb stairs to another platform, perform a balance beam walk, and cross a rope bridge. The first tribe to reach their mat and raise their flag wins immunity.
Reward: Flint
Winner: Manono
(Salani was unable to finish the challenge due to Kourtney's injury. Manono was given the option to continue the challenge with Salani having one less member, but opted to end the challenge early. Salani was sent to Tribal Council, but did not have to vote anyone out as Kourtney was officially evacuated from the game.)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
No Vote
S24 kourtney bw.png
Kourtney Moon

Final Words

S24 kourtney bw.png

I'm not so proud of myself right now, but it kind of wasn't my fault, but it was. I feel like if I had moved my arm out a little farther, I wouldn't be in this situation that I am right now. But if my son sees something positive about me from this experience, I would love to think that he thinks I'm a strong woman even though it was only three days.

Still in the Running

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S24 michael t.png
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Behind The Scenes

  • On Day 2, Kourtney Moon revealed she was impressed by Chelsea Meissner catching chickens with her bare hands. While most of Salani were disturbed by the idea of slaughtering one for lunch, Kourtney stepped up to the plate and axed the chicken's head herself.
  • In a confessional, Kourtney shared the story behind her tattoos. Kourtney stated she got them for "sad reasons."
  • In her "Day After" clip, Kourtney (wearing a cast on her wrist) revealed she was scared of the falling part of the Immunity Challenge and expressed that she gets "intimidated" in a group of women. She anticipated that her family members will make fun of her injury after watching the one episode she appeared in. Kourtney also revealed that slaughtering a live chicken for the first time was her favorite moment.



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