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Two Brains Are Better than One is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Samoa.


Day 34

At the Reward Challenge, Natalie White and Russell Hantz were elected team captains by a random rock draw. After choosing their teams, Russell and Shambo Waters became suspicious of Natalie's decision to pick Brett Clouser over a former Foa Foa member. Although the purple team leading the challenge for a long time and Natalie and Brett being "Prayer Warriors", they made one wrong move and released too many coconuts, costing them the challenge.

Day 35

Day 36


Challenge: Coco Plunk
Coconuts would be suspended in the air by intertwined ropes on a frame. The castaways would be split into two teams. One at a time, each castaway would select a rope to remove, which would cause coconuts to be released and drop to the ground. The first team to cause 100 coconuts to drop would lose.
Reward: A trip to a local village with a feast and overnight stay.
Winners: Yellow Team (Jaison Robinson, Russell Hantz, and Shambo Waters)

Challenge: Combo Platter
The castaways would run out into a field to six different stations and count the number of objects (pigs, crabs, rocks, coconuts, octopi, and fish) at each station. The count of the objects would then be used to unlock a combination lock. The first castaway to open his or her lock and break a tile would win.
Winner: Brett Clouser

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 14:
S19 shambo t.png
Shambo (5 votes)
S19 brett t.pngS19 jaison t.png
S19 mick t.pngS19 natalie t.pngS19 russellh t.png
Brett, Jaison, Mick, Natalie, Russell H.
S19 mick t.png
Mick (1 vote)
S19 shambo t.png
S19 shambo bw.png
Shambo Waters

Voting Confessionals

No voting confessionals were shown in the episode. Mick and Shambo were shown writing each other's names on the parchment. Jaison did not say anything when he voted.

S19 mick t.png

(voting against Shambo) Sham, we couldn't have done any of this without you. You know that. Um, you know, Brett was supposed to be first out. But he won immunity. So, we gotta stick to our solid four. I hate to see you go. But, uh, you played a great game. Appreciate all your help. We'll talk.

S19 shambo t.png

(voting against Mick) Mick, you're a sweetie. It's either you or me.

S19 brett t.png

(voting against Shambo) Shambo, you betrayed our team and with that, you gotta go.

S19 russellh t.png
Russell H.

(voting against Shambo) I gotta get rid of you today cause we gotta keep the team strong and you are the weakest link.

S19 natalie t.png

(voting against Shambo) Shambo, I'm voting for you for two reasons: um, first and foremost, we have to get rid of Brett and Mick and Jaison. I think, um, a better chance of beating Brett and also, hey, I'm loyal to, uh, Jaison, Mick, and Russell first and foremost. Great game, girl.

Final Words

S19 shambo bw.png

The Foa Foas a very, very loyal group. And although I helped to get them where they are and the positions they're gonna finally land in, they were loyal and true to their tribe, as it should be. I think that's awesome. I wanna thank all the members that have served in the military. Oorah. Semper fi. I did the best job I could out here, and I hope you're all proud of me.

Still in the Running

S19 marisa bw.png
S19 mike bw.png
S19 betsy bw.png
S19 ben bw.png
S19 yasmin bw.png
S19 ashley bw.png
S19 russells bw.png
S19 liz bw.png
S19 erik bw.png
S19 kelly bw.png
S19 laura bw.png
S19 john bw.png
S19 dave bw.png
S19 monica bw.png
S19 shambo bw.png
S19 brett t.png
S19 jaison t.png
S19 mick t.png
S19 natalie t.png
S19 russellh t.png


Behind the Scenes

Life at Ponderosa


  • With Shambo's elimination, Brett is the only member remaining from the original Galu tribe, while Natalie is the last female standing.

Episode Title


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