Tubby Lunchbox is the seventh episode of Survivor: Caramoan.


Day 17

After Tribal Council, Phillip and Corinne still wanted to vote each other out as soon as possible. Cochran told Phillip that now was not the time to turn on a fellow alliance member and to wait until the merge. If they were to vote off Corinne, the "Stealth R Us" operatives from the other tribe will think they can't be trusted. When Tree Mail arrived and announced that the challenge would be one of physical strength, Phillip boasted that he could beat anybody at feats of strength. However, when the Reward Challenge came, Phillip faltered, dragging his tribe to a decisive defeat. While Gota was enjoying their reward, the Fans and Favorites got to bond with one another, and Malcolm became extremely high on caffeine. Back at the Bikal camp, Cochran was concerned about Julia's ties to Phillip and wanted to make sure that one of the Fans was voted out. Phillip thought he had managed to get Julia to flip alliances and to keep that agreement to herself. However, she felt bullied by Phillip and she told Dawn that she felt she had to go along with Phillip's orders. Dawn told Phillip about this and he now wanted to vote Julia out since she had disobeyed his orders to keep quiet. Over at Gota, Malcolm approached Reynold about setting up an alliance between them, Eddie, and Erik after the merge. Feeling that he could trust Malcolm, Reynold told Malcolm that he had the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Day 18

Day 19

At the Immunity Challenge, Bikal gave Gota a better fight than at the Reward Challenge, but Gota again prevailed. After the challenge, Phillip told Cochran that he purposefully threw the challenge. The division between Corinne and Phillip reared up again when Corinne didn't want to go with her alliance's split vote plan to guard against the Hidden Immunity Idol. Corinne preferred to vote out Julia immediately. Phillip preferred to vote out Michael. At Tribal Council, the vote came out a split between Michael and Julia. On the revote, Julia was sent home by a vote of 4-0. After Julia was voted out, Michael kissed her on the cheek.


Challenge: Hot Pursuit
The two tribes would race around an area in the water while carrying twenty-pound bags. If someone wanted to drop out, they had to pass their bag along to someone else. The first team to tag another player from the other tribe wins.
Reward: A trip to a Survivor-themed coffee shop.
Winner: Gota

Challenge: Phoenix Rises
Each tribe will send out three members on a canoe to recover a statue from underwater. They must then return to the beach, where the tribe will attach the statue to a platform. One member will then pull in five keys with a grappling hook. They then unlock the platform and then hoist the platform up to release the flag. First tribe to do so wins.
Winner: Gota

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
S26 julia t
Julia (3 votes)
S26 corinne tS26 dawn tS26 michael t
Corinne, Dawn, Michael
S26 michael t
Michael (3 votes)
S26 cochran tS26 julia tS26 phillip t
Cochran, Julia, Phillip
S26 julia tS26 michael t
Julia, Michael (3 votes each)

(Julia and Michael ineligible to vote)
S26 julia t
Julia (4 votes)
S26 cochran tS26 corinne tS26 dawn tS26 phillip t
Cochran, Corinne, Dawn, Phillip
S26 michael t
Michael (0 votes)
S26 julia bw
Julia Landauer

Voting Confessionals

No voting confessionals were shown in the episode.

No revote confessionals were shown in the episode.

Final Words

S26 julia bw

This game was so different than I expected going into it. It was tough to go up against the veteran players who knew the game inside and out and who've played before and then be at their mercy and that's kind, one of the worst feelings of this game, is be at the mercy of other people. So I, I had a wonderful experience although its been incredibly frustrating at times and couldn't have done anything differently.

Still in the Running

S26 francesca bw
S26 allie bw
S26 hope bw
S26 shamar bw
S26 laura bw
S26 brandon bw
S26 matt bw
S26 julia bw
S26 andrea t
S26 brenda t
S26 cochran t
S26 corinne t
S26 dawn t
S26 eddie t
S26 erik t
S26 malcolm t
S26 michael t
S26 phillip t
S26 reynold t
S26 sherri t


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