Trust No One is the third episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 7

On Kucha, Michael is determined to hunt down a pig. He gets into the hunting spirit by decorating his face with war paint and fashioning a spear out of a stick and a knife. His tribemates publicly supported him, but privately thought he's a bit of a kook. They're also worried that Mike might lose the knife.

For the Reward Challenge, each tribe must pick one person to carry a pole with several buckets of water. Each tribe chooses its strongest member: Colby (Ogakor) and Mike (Kucha). The other tribe members must walk across a balance beam and carry buckets of water to put on the opposing tribe's weight-carrier. The tribes quickly load all the buckets, leaving it all up to the strength of Colby and Mike. Mike's pole eventually snaps in half, forcing the challenge into a tiebreaker: each team must load as many buckets as possible onto the opposing carrier before time runs out. Ultimately, Colby has less buckets than Mike, and Ogakor wins fishing equipment.

Day 8

Armed with their new gear, Ogakor finally catches its first fish. Keith then cooks it, but he and Jerri continue to bicker when Jerri complains about his cooking. Still, the tribe agrees that the fish is delicious, and Keith redeems himself for his earlier rice debacle. Mitchell, though, thinks that Keith is still on thin ice.

Over on Kucha, Rodger and Elisabeth have formed a tight bond. Rodger even gives a heart-shaped rock to Elisabeth. Elisabeth vows that she will never cast a vote for Rodger: "I will not spell that man's name." Still, the rest of the tribe thinks Rodger might have to go soon because he is weak in challenges.

At Ogakor, a similar bond has formed between Maralyn and Tina. Tina sees Maralyn as the cheerleader of the tribe, while Maralyn says, "I trust Tina the most." Elsewhere in the tribe, Colby and Jerri have struck up a close relationship. Amber thinks there might be a romantic connection between the two. Jerri says she's attracted to Colby, while Colby vows that he'll keep his head in the game and won't let himself be manipulated.

Back on Kucha, yet another duo has emerged: Alicia and Jeff have struck an alliance, and they discuss whom they should target. They agree that Elisabeth will be a threat down the line, while Nick is untrustworthy. In fact, the rest of the tribe has become annoyed with Nick's laziness around camp.

Day 9

The Immunity Challenge is an obstacle course along the beach, during which every member of each tribe is tied together. Kucha's Rodger and Ogakor's Maralyn both struggle badly, falling down repeatedly. As Ogakor sprints for the finish, Maralyn stumbles again, allowing Kucha to pull ahead and win the race. Kucha celebrates their victory, while Ogakor's Amber is in tears.

Back at camp, Ogakor discusses who to boot. They quickly settle on Maralyn, who is holding the team back in challenges. Keith however doesn't think Maralyn should be voted out just because she's the oldest. He tries to get Tina and Colby to change their vote to Mitchell, another weak tribemate.

At Tribal Council, though, the decision holds firm. Keith casts a vote for Mitchell, and Maralyn votes for Jerri, but the rest of the votes (even Tina's) are for Maralyn. The woman nicknamed "Mad Dog" is the third person voted out of the Australian Outback. Maralyn gives Amber her "Mad Dog" cap as a parting gift.


Challenge: Water Torture
Each tribe races to carry jugs of water across thin planks above the river without falling off. After a person successfully makes it to the end of the planks, that person's water jugs are put onto a pole balanced across the shoulders of the opposing tribe's designated "water bearer." As the game progresses, the weight becomes overwhelming: the water bearer who endures the weight the longest, without falling off the platform, wins.
Reward: Fishing equipment
Winner: Ogakor

Challenge: Lock Step
The tribes race against each other through a series of obstacles, while attached together by a rope. In this challenge, a tribe is only as fast as its slowest member. The first tribe to successfully complete the course with all of its members across the finish line wins.
Winner: Kucha

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
S2 maralyn t
Maralyn (5 votes)
S2 amber tS2 colby t
S2 jerri tS2 mitchell tS2 tina t
Amber, Colby, Jerri, Mitchell, Tina
S2 jerri t
Jerri (1 vote)
S2 maralyn t
S2 mitchell t
Mitchell (1 vote)
S2 keith t
S2 maralyn bw
Maralyn Hershey

Voting Confessionals

Jerri's vote is not revealed while she is giving her confessional. Amber's confessional is only available on DVD.

(voting for Maralyn) Maralyn, it kills me to do this to you, but -- you're truly one of a kind, you're an amazing woman, but it's difficult to watch you get all scraped up in those challenges. I'm sorry.

Mitchell Olson

(voting for Mitchell) Mitchell, it just seems like you're tired.

Keith Famie

(voting for Maralyn) My vote's for Maralyn, and, um -- Maralyn, this is one of the hardest things I ever have to do, and I honestly can't even give you a solid reason. But your mad pup is gonna miss ya, and I love ya.

Amber Brkich

(voting for Maralyn) This is probably one of the most difficult things for me to do right now. It's purely strategic. It's nothing personal. I am going to miss you dearly. Fireside concerts will not be the same without you.

Jerri Manthey

(voting for Maralyn) Maralyn, you're one heck of a lady, and I know we're really gonna miss your spirit around the camp. But I also know the last nine days have taken a toll on you, both physically and emotionally. Thank you for everything you've given me.

Colby Donaldson

(voting for Maralyn) Mad Dog, I love you, I value your friendship more than anything. This vote has everything to do with a promise I made the first day I was here. It has nothing to do with you. I hope you'll understand.

Tina Wesson

Final Words

I cannot thank you enough for selecting me, and this experience has meant so much to me. At 52, I could feel myself really coming alive. Oh, hell, I'm tired. Did this all really happen? Did I... did I do this?

Maralyn Hershey

Still in the Running

S2 debb bw
S2 kel bw
S2 maralyn bw
S2 alicia t
S2 amber t
S2 colby t
S2 elisabeth t
S2 jeff t
S2 jerri t
S2 keith t
S2 kimmi t
S2 michael t
S2 mitchell t
S2 nick t
S2 rodger t
S2 tina t


  • Upon reading the last vote that spelled her elimination, Maralyn Hershey left her Mad Dog cap to Amber Brkich.
  • This episode marks the first time in Survivor history that one tribe won two Immunity Challenges in a row.
  • Keith's vote for Mitchell Olson in this episode resulted in Mitchell's elimination in the next episode due to the previous-votes tiebreaker.


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