True Lies is the seventh episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 19

At Maraamu, the tiny tribe of three was gathering wood. However, Kathy discovers a human skull near some rocks. After examining it and the area where it was found, the trio determined that the skeleton once belonged to a Pi Pi. Kathy explains, in a confessional, that a Pi Pi is a Marquesan monument. The tribe continues examining the skull and discovers signs of head trauma. Kathy describes that, while happy she is still in the game, she misses Gina and believes that she cannot break Neleh and Paschal up and would be voted out if they go to Tribal Council again. At Rotu, John talks about catching a pig. Rob likens his tribe to a bunch of morons and is at his last straw with them. Rob was annoyed with everyone (from what he believes) pretending to be nice for their strategy, especially Vecepia and calls Vecepia a fake. Rob informs Sean of his concern about the other tribe members', particularly John's, credibility. Again, Rob describes his situation as being unable to get around a road block.

At Maraamu, Paschal retrieves Tree Mail. Neleh reads it and it states to give the map in it to one castaway. At Rotu, Rob volunteers to do it. At Maraamu, Kathy is chosen. Rob reveals that he volunteered because he could change things up. Jeff greets the representatives of the tribes. He reveals that they will discuss the merged tribe name and spent the night in a Manua with soft beds. Rob and Kathy would be feasting on pizza and Coors Light. The two start talking about the tribes before the Switch. Kathy said that she and Zoe were like the Team's Moms. Rob tells Kathy that she is the target of the vote. Rob states in a confessional that no one knows who is lying. Kathy states that Rob is a different person as compared to what she envisioned based on Gina's comments. Rob asked Kathy about what Gina said about him. Kathy reveals that Gina described him as an apathetic, two-faced, and mean lazy bum. The duo form a pact. In a confessional, Rob reveals that he had been lying the entire game. Later that night, both Rob and Kathy talk about John and how untrustworthy he was. The pair proceeded into the tent and slept in their underwear. 

Day 20

Rob and Kathy walk to Maraamu's beach. Kathy reviewed what happened the previous day and said that the summit was about the merged tribe. Kathy tells Paschal and Neleh that they have five minutes to get everything from the beach onto the raft. The tribe, along with Rob, rushed to gather as much as could. Once done, everyone hugged and Rob revealed that the tribes had merged. The quartet paddled to Rotu's beach and were welcomed by Rotu. Kathy described returning to Rotu as great, but she was aloof to her ex-tribemates. She wanted to sort out everything. Rob handed out the tribe's new buffs, which were magenta in color, and reveals the tribe flag with its name, Soliantu. They claim the name means "Sacred Allegiance to the Sun". The tribe took the raft on shore and they started working. Vecepia prays with Sean, Rob and John.

Kathy describes that everyone has their game face on and didn't want to talk about it or at least to her. Kathy believes that there is a new alliance at Rotu and didn't believe about them voting her out. While gathering wood and palm frongs, Kathy talks to Paschal about the game. Paschal makes a confessional, believing Rob advised her about being the first voted out of the merge tribe. He didn't want her to get into a confrontation soon after the merge. Kathy asks if she is being lied to and would appreciate honesty. 

Later that night, a confessional from Tammy can be heard about how unrealistic it is to not lie in the duration of the game. She also states that the point of the game was to outwit, outplay and outlast and knew that she had to do whatever it took to win the game.

Day 21

Rob runs into Kathy and Zoe and wanted to talk to them. He asked them about who they were voting for Kathy kept her vote confidential. Rob demands that Zoe tell the truth and if she was going to vote out Kathy. After a brief pause, Zoe denied. Rob calls her out for lying and declares any trust which existed had shattered. Kathy leaves because of the conflicting stories. She heads to the waterfalls and declares in a confessional that everyone is lying to her and she needs the immunity.

The members of Soliantu then arrive for their first individual Immunity Challenge of the season. Jeff congratulates the final 10 for making it to the merge before introducing the challenge. The challenge was to balance on platforms which were put on the face of the ocean. Ultimately, Kathy won immunity.

When the tribe returned to camp, Rob states that the living conditions were terrible because of everyone trying to fit in. He also believes that Kathy told John about the conversation at the summit which they had. This was proven true in a heated argument been him and Sean against John. Vecepia complains about the drama and conflict within the tribe. Kathy makes a confessional about the tribe being a love tribe, but questions the sincerity of it. She talks to John about what's happening.

At Tribal Council, everyone was questioned about the merge and the game. Jeff reveals that the status of immunity was transferable, but would leave the winner vulnerable if he did so. Kathy didn't feel secure enough to give it away. Ultimately, Rob Mariano was voted out in a 7-2-1 vote.


Immunity Challenge: Sea Legs
Each player must stand on a floating platform at the sea. If any part of their body besides their feet touch the platform, or if they fall of the platform, they are eliminated from the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity.
Winner: Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
S4 rob t
Rob (7 votes)
S4 john tS4 neleh tS4 paschal t
S4 robert tS4 tammy tS4 vecepia tS4 zoe t
John, Neleh, Paschal, Robert, Tammy, Vecepia, Zoe
S4 john t
John (2 votes)
S4 rob tS4 sean t
Rob, Sean
S4 zoe t
Zoe (1 vote)
S4 kathy t
S4 rob bw
Rob Mariano

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Rob) Boston Rob, I'm voting for you. Boy, you tried to stir up a lot of stuff today. I knew from the beginning that you weren't going to keep your word. You attacked me personally, so I'm more than happy to put this in here for you.

John Carroll

(voting for John) My vote's for Johnny. You play the game real well. Hopefully, if things swing right, you'll be gone. If not we'll see you on the flip side.

Rob Mariano

(voting for John) Yo, look here, man. I'm voting for you because you dissed me and my boy, and if I get voted out next, I really don't give a damn. But your time is coming. You definitely lied to us. (winks) That's for me and you, dog.

Sean Rector

(voting for Rob) My vote tonight is for Rob Mariano. Brother, you know, we came into this tribe with, not the right numbers, so we were kind of down. But I know soon I'll have to set up that debt for the Maraamu tribe and give you guys all pizza and beer. I'm looking forward to it. See you soon.

Vecepia Towery

Final Words

I like people to know that this was a game, and I hope everybody doesn't take so much of everything that I said seriously. I was trying to be funny. It's just my personality. I definitely enjoyed the game. I like trying to manipulate more than anything else. I hope nobody comes away with any bad feelings afterwards. I hope we can all be friends.

Rob Mariano

Still in the Running

S4 peter bw
S4 patricia bw
S4 hunter bw
S4 sarah bw
S4 gabriel bw
S4 gina bw
S4 rob bw
S4 john t
S4 kathy t
S4 neleh t
S4 paschal t
S4 robert t
S4 sean t
S4 tammy t
S4 vecepia t
S4 zoe t


  • The episode marks the first time in which "Boston Rob", the nickname given by Kathy, is used to address Rob Mariano.
  • The sixth vote against Rob was still read, despite him having been mathematically eliminated after the fifth vote.


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