Troubled Water (also known as Floatsam and Jetsam) is a recurring challenge on Survivor.


Castaways must race across a series of obstacles situated in the water. If they fall off an obstacle, they have to restart the obstacle from the beginning. When they reach the end of the course, they will obtain an item, then head back across the course to shore. The first person to finish the course (and in some cases, solve a puzzle with the obtained item) wins the challenge.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Vanuatu, where it came down to Ami Cusack and Eliza Orlins as they both got their three flags. However, as they were running up to place their flags in their posts, Ami fell in the water, allowing Eliza to win the car. Coming in second and third place, Ami and Chris Daugherty joined Eliza on a road trip to a resort.

In Survivor: Cook Islands, Ozzy Lusth won yet another Immunity Challenge, beating the six other competitors to win immunity.

The challenge appeared as the final seven Immunity Challenge in Survivor: Cambodia. After Spencer Bledsoe won, Tasha Fox, who was still in the water, accidentally swallowed salt water and had to be helped out by medical.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Now Who's in Charge Here?!"
Individual Reward S9 eliza t
Eliza Orlins
S9 ami t
Ami Cusack
S9 chris t
Chris Daugherty
Cook Islands
"Arranging a Hit"
Individual Immunity S13 ozzy t
Ozzy Lusth
"Villains Have More Fun"
Individual Immunity S31 spencer t
Spencer Bledsoe



  • The puzzle used in the Survivor: Cambodia iteration of this challenge was the same puzzle used in the Survivor: Worlds Apart premiere episode, "It's Survivor Warfare". Spencer remembered the puzzle from watching Worlds Apart and solved it in fifteen seconds.
  • In Cambodia, the course was roughly 328 feet from the puzzle tables to the floating buoys. Also, the boats used were the same ones from the Boats, Brains & Brawn challenge earlier in the season.[1]


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