Trojan Horse is the seventh episode of Survivor: South Pacific.


Day 16

Returning from Tribal Council, Edna Ma is unhappy after receiving votes for the third Tribal Council in a row. Despite this, she feels that her longevity in the game will be due to Brandon Hantz' rampant outbursts. Edna explained: "He's making my job on Survivor easier by just being himself." Meanwhile, Coach Wade and Rick Nelson also discuss Brandon's paranoia, with the latter saying that Brandon's erratic behavior will be taken care of, or it will be his demise.

Day 17

Christine Shields Markoski and Mikayla Wingle enter the Redemption Island Arena for their duel. Albert Destrade and Sophie Clarke represent Upolu,  while Ozzy Lusth and John Cochran represent Savaii.

At the duel, Christine finds an efficient way to remove the planks from the crate by sliding them out altogether. At the sidelines, Albert cheers Mikayla and tells her to do the same, while he has nothing to say to Christine. Christine builds a small lead, but Mikayla slowly catches up at the puzzle building part. Mikayla then claims she has finished her puzzle, but host Jeff Probst deems it incorrect. Seconds later, Christine correctly solves her puzzle, winning her fifth consecutive duel. On the other hand, Mikayla tearfully throws her buff in the fire and walks away. Jeff complimented Christine: "You're becoming a legitimate force." Christine replies: "I've always been a legitimate force my whole life."

While out here, it made me realize how strong I wanna be and how much better I wanna be.

Mikayla Wingle

Returning to camp from the duel, Ozzy and Cochran discuss the possibility of Savaii going back to Tribal Council, while the former flirts with the idea of sending a worthy competitor to Redemption Island who can defeat Christine to maintain Savaii's numbers should they merge after the next duel. With this plan, if that player wins against Christine, they would re-enter the game with their loyalty still with Savaii. As for Ozzy's Hidden Immunity Idol, with the notion that the idol will be flushed if Ozzy goes to Redemption Island, he has to surrender it to someone else for safekeeping. Cochran stated in a confessional: "If Ozzy was being honest and he would willingly fall on his sword for his tribe, that'd be great for me, because that means I wouldn't be going home at the next Tribal Council."

At Upolu, Coach is alone, doing his tai chi and prayer. Knowing tensions are high after another shaky Tribal Council, Coach devised a plan to raise his tribe's morale. Coach encourages the tribe to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol which he already has. While Albert and Sophie already knew about Coach's idol, Coach divulges the idol to boost the confidence of the people who were previously in the dark about his possession of the idol: Rick, Edna, and Brandon. Coach calls all of his tribe members to pray over their "hunt" for the idol, while also praying that they win the next challenge. While the rest of the tribe scoured the camp, Coach and Sophie go to the woods and retrieve the idol from the former's hiding place. Long and behold, the pair stumbles upon a surprise package in their Tree Mail, telling them to decorate themselves like twins before they proceed to the challenge. Brandon exclaimed: "Not only did they get the Tree Mail, we found the idol, not even five minutes after we got done praying."

After the tribes convene for their next Immunity Challenge, Jeff reveals that the winning team will immediately leave the challenge area and proceed to a movie house, and watch an advance screening of the upcoming movie Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler. Though the tribes fared equally at the beginning, Savaii starts to falter when Ozzy and Whitney Duncan get their ropes tangled up. With Cochran's nerves getting the best of him, he struggles to untie the ropes. Eventually, Savaii is unable to catch up, winning Upolu the challenge. Furious for losing the challenge, Ozzy starts to throw tantrums by punching challenge props.

Upolu enjoyed their reward where Coach commented that although the movie was funny, it had a deeper meaning that has to do with kinship. As Savaii returned after the Immunity Challenge loss, Ozzy decided that everyone will decide as a group on who to vote out at the next Tribal Council, and Cochran feared that Ozzy was no longer willing to volunteer to go to Redemption Island. Everyone decided that Cochran would be voted out, but they looked at it as a good way that Cochran would be able to defeat Christine on Redemption Island. He'd return to the game and be a hero, and Cochran played along, but in his mind, he was not happy about this at all.

Day 18

Ozzy had a dream where he achieved his own redemption, so he decided to walk up to his tribe with the Hidden Immunity Idol and presented his idea where they would vote him out, and Ozzy would go to Redemption Island (having given the Hidden Immunity Idol to Cochran for safekeeping), Ozzy would beat Christine, and Ozzy would come back into the game so the tribes would merge 6 and 6. Obviously Cochran was on board with the plan because it meant he'd be safe once again, but Jim Rice and Keith Tollefson were skeptical, as it was risky. Jim said, "I just hope the merge is tomorrow because if it isn't tomorrow and we have another tribe challenge and we have to have Dawn as our 3rd guy, that wouldn't be good". At Tribal Council, Jeff and Savaii discussed Ozzy's plan and Jeff gave several hypothetical situations where it would be a bad idea. After the votes were cast, Ozzy joked about playing his idol (much to Cochran's discomfort) and gave his idol to Cochran for safekeeping, not to be played at that Tribal Council. Ozzy would be the 7th player voted out of Survivor: South Pacific, and Ozzy happily trekked to Redemption Island. Once arriving there, Ozzy told Christine that he got voted out because of a Hidden Immunity Idol, and Christine guessed that it was Cochran who found the idol, and Ozzy played along and said, "How'd you know?".


Challenge: Game of Bridge
Each player will take apart their crate and use the planks to build a bridge. Once they have completed the bridge, they will take it apart and use some of those planks to solve a puzzle. The first person to get it right stays alive on Redemption Island.
Winner: Christine Shields Markoski

Challenge: Family Ties
Each tribe has already separated themselves into pairs and decorated themselves to match like twins. One set of twins will be callers, while the other two sets of twins will be blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the callers will lead the blindfolded twins, tethered together by a rope, through a series of obstacles to collect bags of masks. Once all four bags are collected, one set of twins will empty the bags and, using only their sense of touch, will pair up the masks into matching pairs. The first tribe to get it right wins.
Reward: An advance screening of the movie Jack and Jill complete with cinema food.
Winner: Upolu

Redemption Island

Redemption Island
Duel 5
Competitors Result
S23 christine t
(incumbent inhabitant)
S23 mikayla t
S23 mikayla bw
Mikayla Wingle

Final Words

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
S23 ozzy t
Ozzy (5 votes)
S23 cochran tS23 dawn t
S23 jim tS23 keith tS23 whitney t
Cochran, Dawn, Jim, Keith, Whitney
S23 cochran t
Cochran (1 vote)
S23 ozzy t
S23 ozzy t
Ozzy Lusth
(sent to Redemption Island)

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Ozzy) Twenty-two seasons of Survivor, I've never seen anything like this, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it, especially if it means saving my ass for one more Tribal. Thank you.


Still in the Running

S23 semhar bw
S23 mark bw
S23 stacey bw
S23 elyse bw
S23 mikayla bw
On Redemption
S23 christine t
On Redemption
S23 ozzy t
S23 albert t
S23 brandon t
S23 coach t
S23 cochran t
S23 dawn t
S23 edna t
S23 jim t
S23 keith t
S23 rick t
S23 sophie t
S23 whitney t



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