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Patricia Harkins "Trish" Dunn is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Beginning as a quiet and under the radar character of Drake, Trish briefly emerged as a devious force by conspiring with the infamous Jonny Fairplay to oust powerhouse Rupert Boneham as she felt that Rupert might have given away secrets during his time at Morgan, but her plan backfired and she was eliminated by the counter-machinations of the pro-Rupert faction led by Sandra Diaz-Twine and Christa Hastie.


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Trish Dunn was born and raised in Lanham, Maryland, and currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband and nine year-old twins, Reilly and Molly (they'll be 10 on Sept. 21). She is currently employed as a sales executive and has always worked in sales, whether it is media, advertising or investments. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland (where she was also a cheerleader and a gymnast) and completed some graduate business administration coursework at the University of Baltimore. Her favorite hobbies include marathon running, bungee jumping, rock climbing, hiking and anything that challenges her (she recently learned how to snowboard). She describes herself as focused, competitive and loyal. She is most proud of her solid marriage and being happy. She is a member of the Washington D.C. Ad Club, Mothers of Multiples and the Annapolis Striders. Her favorite sport is long-distant running (she's completed 24 marathons, including ten Boston Marathons). Her hero is her mom who she says taught her to like herself, be kind and caring, but also competitive and confident. Trish believes she's ready for Survivor: Pearl Islands because her athletic skills make her a viable and useful tribe member. She describes herself as extremely competitive, an excellent swimmer, a born leader and a gifted problem solver. Her birth date is October 29, 1960.[1]


Trish Dunn was placed on the Drake tribe after it was revealed that the castaways were only taking the clothes on their backs. At the Panamanian market, Sandra Diaz-Twine's resourcefulness on top of her Spanish speaking ability helped the tribe gain a lot of supplies. During which, Sandra believed that a woman became sexually attracted to Trish. Drake dominated challenges early on and the tribe prospered. The tribe was also allowed to Loot the opposing Morgan tribe. Trish looted a lantern from them.

Despite the winning streak, everyone was getting annoyed with one another and wanted to vote someone out. Burton Roberts wanted to throw a challenge to vote out the perceived weakest member of the tribe, Christa Hastie. The tribe was against the plan, especially Rupert Boneham. Nonetheless, the tribe followed through with the plot. A twist, however, allowed Morgan to kidnap one of the Drake members. They chose Rupert.  At Tribal Council, the tribe turned the tables on Burton by voting him out.

After Burton's ouster, Shawn Cohen started talking about how he wanted Burton out like the others. The tribe didn't believe him. The tribe lost the Reward Challenge and Rupert returned to Drake. The tribe was worried that Rupert might have spilled many secrets during his time with Morgan. The next Immunity Challenge was a gross food eating contest (or in this case a drinking contest). Michelle Tesauro was told to act like a decoy, so she can defeat Morgan in a tiebreaker. However, she didn't follow orders and easily drunk her smoothie, which lead to the Drake tribe losing the challenge when Sandra was chosen to represent the tribe in the tiebreaker round. Angered by her ego, Jon Dalton campaigned for Michelle's ouster. Michelle tried to convince the others to vote out the unproductive Shawn. However, because she was blamed for the loss and being Burton's only loyal ally, Michelle was unanimously voted out.

The tribe worked on raising shelter. Christa won the tribe the Reward Challenge and a barbecue feast. However, they lost the Shoulder the Load challenge for immunity. The loss was partially because Jon told Morgan that they threw the first challenge that Morgan won. This irritated the Morgan leader, Andrew Savage, which lead to him singlehandedly winning  the challenge for Morgan. After the loss, Trish wanted Rupert out for his connection with the Morgan tribe. Jon was on board with the plan. However, Sandra turned the vote onto Trish, and she was blindsided by a 4-2 vote.

Trish was not out of the game yet because she returned with the past five people voted out before her as part of the The Outcasts tribe. Because of having an extra member and using their "buffs" to help them, they won the challenge. This allowed two members of The Outcasts tribe to reenter the game. Unfortunately, Trish only received one vote to reenter the game from Lillian Morris. However, the two people she voted for, Burton and Lillian, were the ones who returned to the game.

Voting History

Trish's Voting History
Episode Trish's
Voted Against
1 Drake Tribe Immune
2 Drake Tribe Immune
3 Drake Tribe Immune
4 Burton -
5 Michelle -
6 Rupert Christa, Rupert,
Sandra, Shawn
Voted Out, Day 18
8 Burton,
Eliminated, Day 19

^1 In "What the...? (Part 2)", Trish voted for two people she wanted to return to the game, while Lillian voted for her to return. Trish did not receive enough votes to return, thus permanently eliminating her from the game.


  • On January 9, 2010, Trish attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Trish was the oldest member of the Drake tribe.


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