The Triforce is an alliance on the Vanua tribe in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

The alliance was built around the friendship among Michelle Schubert, Jay Starrett, Figgy Figueroa and Taylor Stocker. They executed an astonishing blindside of Mari Takahashi in the early game, but the close relationship between Figgy and Taylor convinced sometime affiliate Adam Klein to blindside Figgy after a tribe swap. This resulted in the Triforce's extreme minority status after the merge, and thus the elimination of perhaps the alliance's strongest strategic mind in Michelle. Though Jay used his own social and physical prowess to navigate into the late game, on Day 36 he became the last surviving alliance member to be voted out.


The Cool Kids

The alliance was created on Day 1 when Taylor Stocker and Jay Starrett immediately bonded after arriving at Vanua. Taylor soon grew close to Figgy Figueroa and the trio pulled in Michelle Schubert for her good looks. However, the rest of the tribe grew wary of the foursome, particularly because Taylor and Figgy were beginning to develop a "showmance". They feared that the pair could eventually run the game, and started making their own counter-alliance.

Getting Numbers

After losing their first Immunity Challenge on Day 7, the majority of the tribe decided to blindside Figgy for her romantic relationship with Taylor, and for her close bond with fellow allies Michelle and Jay. However, when Zeke Smith mistakenly told Jay that Figgy was the target and Michaela was an option for a future vote, Jay relayed this information to Michelle, who was determined to make sure her alliance survived the vote. Michelle decided they needed to target Mari Takahashi for her strong strategic game and good social bonds with the tribe. Jay talked to Figgy and told her she was on the chopping block, and the two then quickly tried to pull in Michaela Bradshaw, telling her she was the next target if Figgy left. Unsure if Michaela would stick with them, Michelle talked to Will Wahl and convinced him to vote for Mari, however, still not confident they had the numbers, at Tribal Council Michelle managed to flip Hannah Shapiro, Mari's closest ally, into voting Mari out, blindsiding the gamer in a 7-3 vote.

Surviving the Swap

After the swap, the alliance splintered as Michelle stayed on Vanua, Figgy and Taylor moved over to the Takali tribe and Michaela, Jay, and Will joined the newly formed Ikabula tribe. As the weakest of the three tribes, Vanua lost the Immunity Challenge, putting Michelle in danger with fellow former Millennial Zeke Smith. However, Chris's dodgy history with Dave and CeCe on the original Takali tribe exposed cracks. At Tribal Council, the majority GenXers turned on the tribe's weakest challenge competitor in CeCe Taylor, voting her out unanimously and sparing Michelle.

During the next Immunity Challenge, new Takali narrowly lost immunity to new Vanua, sending them to Tribal Council. Figgy and Taylor hoped that Adam Klein would keep their Millennial majority together and target Ken McNickle. As their apparent island romance blossomed, Adam deemed Figgy and Taylor's relationship as too big of a concern, voting the former out in a 3-2 vote and placing the latter on the outs.

Jay and Will found the Hidden Immunity Idol earlier on while at camp, but Michaela caught them in the act. Ikabula went on the lost the next Immunity Challenge on Day 20. With their majority vote, the former Millennials targeted Bret LaBelle, unanimously believing him to be a police officer and untrustworthy. Michaela began forming schemes for the down the line at the looming merge, scaring Jay and Will and branding her as a major threat. The duo considered targeting Michaela but contemplated the disadvantage of losing a loyal vote. Ultimately, Bret and Sunday joined Jay and Will in blindsiding Michaela, shocking Hannah. The tribes merged the next day with the alliance unknowingly in the minority.


The alliance soon began to crumble as Millennials and Gen Xers alike turned their focus on the minority alliance, first blindsiding Michelle for being a possible social threat, and then voting out Taylor for stealing food from the tribe. With Will and Jay being the only two remaining members, they attempted to get in the majority's good graces, with Jay even returning the rest of the food that Taylor stole. Will realizing that sticking with Jay was detriment for his game, flipped on Jay and told Zeke about Jay's Idol which eventually spread to everyone else. However, the majority alliance took their focus off Jay, split into factions, and voted out the bigger threats of the group.

After most of the threats were gone, the attention finally turned back to the Triforce alliance, with Will being blindsided, and leaving Jay alone. Although Jay still had his Hidden Immunity Idol, he ended up misplaying it when the alliance decided to blindside Sunday Burquest instead. Back at camp, Jay miraculously found the Hidden Immunity Idol (which was a fake one David Wright planted). After a huge blunder on the Immunity Challenge, Jay made a last ditch effort to save himself by swaying Adam and David to his side. When that fell through, he played the Hidden Immunity Idol, only to be told it was a fake. Without any form of immunity, and with his own vote negated by Ken McNickle's Legacy Advantage, Jay was voted out in a 5-0 vote.



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