A Tribe Switch was the first game-changing twist of Survivor. This twist sends members from one tribe to the rival tribe and vice versa.


The Tribe Switch is a twist that can happen at any specific point during the game. This reassignment of tribes is effective until the tribes merge or a new opportunity to switch tribes occurs (e.g. a mutiny or a second switch.) This is denoted by contestants wearing a newly-supplied buff in the color of their new tribe. They then drop their old buff on the ground and start wearing the new one.

Normally, a switch would send half of the members of a tribe to the other when both tribes have an equal number of members, although this has changed over the years. One such example is in Survivor: Nicaragua, where one tribe had nine members while the other tribe had seven. The switch evened the tribes out with eight members each.

If the number of remaining contestants is odd, the odd person out may be sent to Exile Island. There, they will wait until a tribe votes out a member. They will then become a member of that tribe, resulting in each tribe having equal numbers. In Survivor: Kaôh Rōng, because Exile Island was not in play in a three-tribe dissolve into two tribes, the extra person was instead sent to the camp of the dissolved tribe.


A tribe switch could be classified as one or more of several types:

  • Swap - Typically done during early seasons, it happens when the switch is done in a way ensuring that each tribe exchanges the same number of castaways.
  • Shuffle - A shuffle happens where each tribe could have a different number of new members. Many times, however, the number of castaways coming from a particular gender is considered, making sure each new tribe has good gender balance. A shuffle could be a random draw, or be systematic, typically through a Schoolyard Pick.
  • Absorption - An absorption happens if one tribe gets dissolved, with its members being the only ones eligible to switch and are distributed to the remaining tribes.
  • Disband - Typically a variation of the shuffle, it happens when a tribe gets dissolved, then a shuffle is done to put the castaways on the remaining tribes.
  • Conquering - A conquering happens when the remaining members of a losing tribe get absorbed by the other tribe, where the season has no merge.
  • Expansion - An expansion happens if an Auxiliary Tribe is introduced in a two-tribe season. Typically, a shuffle is then done after.
  • Mutiny - A mutiny happens when castaways from both tribes are offered an option to join a rival tribe.

Twist History

Survivor: Africa

  • Type: Swap

The first time a switch occurred was on Day 13 in Survivor: Africa. Both the Boran and Samburu tribes were instructed via Tree Mail to send three representatives to meet host Jeff Probst for reasons still unknown at the time. Once the representatives arrived at the meeting place, Jeff informed them that they would be joining the other tribe.

S3 clarence tS3 ethan tS3 frank tS3 kimj tS3 silas tS3 teresa t
Clarence, Ethan, Frank, Kim J., Silas, and Teresa
S3 brandon tS3 kelly tS3 kimp tS3 lex tS3 lindsey tS3 tom t
Brandon, Kelly, Kim P., Lex, Lindsey, and Tom

Survivor: Marquesas

  • Type: Shuffle

By Day 10, a severely depleted Maraamu tribe was down to its last five members, while the opposing Rotu tribe was still complete at eight. Stepping on random discs with buffs underneath, the Maraamu five were split with three on the new Rotu, while two stayed at Maraamu.

S4 gina tS4 kathy tS4 neleh tS4 paschal tS4 sarah t
Gina, Kathy, Neleh, Pascal, and Sarah
S4 gabriel tS4 john tS4 rob tS4 robert t
S4 sean tS4 tammy tS4 vecepia tS4 zoe t
Gabriel, John, Rob, Robert, Sean, Tammy, Vecepia, and Zoe

Survivor: The Amazon

  • Type: Swap

After twelve days of competing as tribes defined by gender, both tribes' youngest member, Jenna Morasca and Dave Johnson for Jaburu and Tambaqui respectively, went to an overnight paradise with food, bedding, and a bath on Day 13. The next morning, Day 14, host Jeff Probst revealed that they would decide which members were staying on each tribe and which were being sent to the other tribe.

S6 alex tS6 deena tS6 jenna tS6 matthew tS6 rob tS6 shawna t
Alex, Deena, Jenna, Matthew, Rob, and Shawna
S6 butch tS6 christy tS6 dave tS6 heidi tS6 jeanne tS6 roger t
Butch, Christy, Dave, Heidi, Jeanne, and Roger

Survivor: All-Stars

Switch #1

  • Type: Absorption

The season started with three tribes and was the first time a starting tribe was dissolved. The tribe that lost the Reward Challenge on Day 13 was dissolved and its members absorbed into the remaining two tribes. Saboga lost the challenge and became the first starting tribe to cease to exist prior to the merge.

S8 alicia tS8 amber tS8 jennal tS8 robm tS8 rupert tS8 susan tS8 tom t
Alicia, Amber, Jenna L., Rob M., Rupert, Susan, and Tom
S8 colby tS8 ethan tS8 jerri tS8 kathy tS8 lex tS8 richard tS8 shiiann t
Colby, Ethan, Jerri, Kathy, Lex, Richard, and Shii Ann

Switch #2

  • Type: Shuffle

On Day 22, the two remaining tribes convened at a Reward Challenge after receiving a cryptic Tree Mail instructing them to paint their bodies. They learned that they would not be competing but would, instead, be paired off with the person from the opposing tribe painted with the same color to enjoy a picnic. Host Jeff Probst revealed a vase containing buffs. Presuming that they would merge at this point, they were surprised when the familiar red and green buffs emerged, signaling a tribe switch. In a rather odd coincidence, nine of the ten castaways switched tribes: all four members of Mogo Mogo were switched to Chapera, while five of the six Chapera members were switched to Mogo Mogo. The only contestant to not switch tribes, Amber Brkich, was left on Chapera with none of her old tribemates.

S8 amber tS8 jerri tS8 kathy tS8 lex tS8 shiiann t
Amber, Jerri, Kathy, Lex, and Shii Ann
S8 alicia tS8 jennal tS8 robm tS8 rupert tS8 tom t
Alicia, Jenna L., Rob M., Rupert, and Tom

Survivor: Vanuatu

  • Type: Swap

On Day 11, both tribes were approached by Vanuatu tribesmen and tasked to select one person to become their "chief" (denoted by holding a tribal staff). Lopevi chose Lea Masters whilst Yasur chose Scout Cloud Lee. At the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst announced that the tribes would be switched, with Scout selecting the tribes and Lea deciding which one to lead. The person who was not picked, Lisa Keiffer, chose which new tribe she would join. This method of choosing tribes meant that only four of the thirteen remaining castaways would be switched, two to each new tribe.

S9 chad tS9 chris tS9 johnk tS9 julie tS9 lea tS9 twila t
Chad, Chris, John K., Julie, Lea, and Twila
S9 ami tS9 eliza tS9 leann tS9 lisa tS9 rory tS9 scout tS9 travis t
Ami, Eliza, Leann, Lisa, Rory, Scout, and Travis

Survivor: Palau

  • Type: Conquering

When Stephenie LaGrossa became the only Ulong tribe member left, Tree Mail on Day 22 informed her that she would become part of Koror and instructed her to go their camp where she was given a Koror buff.

S10 caryn tS10 coby tS10 gregg tS10 ian tS10 janu tS10 jenn tS10 katie tS10 stephenie tS10 tom t
Caryn, Coby, Gregg, Ian, Janu, Jenn, Katie, Stephenie, and Tom

Survivor: Guatemala

  • Type: Shuffle

On Day 9, while some players were away on a picnic (Judd Sergeant and Margaret Bobonich for Nakúm; Amy O'Hara and Gary Hogeboom for Yaxhá), both tribes were asked Who has the most tribe pride? The people who were selected (Cindy Hall for Nakúm and Brian Corridan for Yaxhá) would stay on their tribe. The four remaining Yaxhá members were switched to Nakúm, while the five remaining Nakúm members randomly chose a buff: Brooke Struck picked the only Nakúm buff, therefore the four others were switched to Yaxhá, with the players on the picnic remaining on their original tribes.

S11 brooke tS11 cindy tS11 jamie tS11 judd tS11 lydia tS11 margaret tS11 rafe tS11 stephenie t
Brooke, Cindy, Jamie, Judd, Lydia, Margaret, Rafe, and Stephenie
S11 amy tS11 blake tS11 bobbyjon tS11 brandon tS11 brian tS11 danni tS11 gary t
Amy, Blake, Bobby Jon, Brandon, Brian, Danni, and Gary

Survivor: Panama

  • Type: Disbanding

The season started with four tribes divided by age and gender. On Day 4, Bayoneta and Viveros were dissolved. The 15 remaining contestants were shuffled into the new Casaya and La Mina tribes with seven members each using a Schoolyard Pick. The contestant left out of the pick, Bruce Kanegai, was sent to Exile Island, and would replace the next eliminated player.

S12 aras tS12 bobby tS12 cirie tS12 courtney tS12 danielle tS12 melinda tS12 shane t
Aras, Bobby, Cirie, Courtney, Danielle, Melinda, and Shane
S12 austin tS12 dan tS12 misty tS12 nick tS12 ruthmarie tS12 sally tS12 terry t
Austin, Dan, Misty, Nick, Ruth-Marie, Sally, and Terry
S12 bruce t

Survivor: Cook Islands

Switch #1

  • Type: Disbanding

On Day 7, the four tribes became two. Manihiki and Puka Puka were disbanded, with the 18 remaining contestants randomly spread by Schoolyard Pick into the new Aitutaki and Rarotonga tribes with 9 members each.

S13 becky tS13 candice tS13 caoboi tS13 cecilia tS13 jessica tS13 jonathan tS13 ozzy tS13 sundra tS13 yul t
Becky, Candice, Cao Boi, Cecilia, Jessica, Jonathan, Ozzy, Sundra, and Yul
S13 adam tS13 brad tS13 cristina tS13 jp tS13 jenny tS13 nate tS13 parvati tS13 rebecca tS13 stephannie t
Adam, Brad, Cristina, J.P., Jenny, Nate, Parvati, Rebecca, and Stephannie

Switch #2

  • Type: Mutiny

On Day 20, the castaways were offered to have a mutiny, switching them to the rival tribe. Candice Woodcock and Jonathan Penner accepted the offer, switching them from Aitutaki to Rarotonga, and also leaving Aitutaki with only four tribe members.

S13 becky tS13 ozzy tS13 sundra tS13 yul t
Becky, Ozzy, Sundra, and Yul
S13 adam tS13 brad tS13 candice tS13 jenny t
S13 jonathan tS13 nate tS13 parvati tS13 rebecca t
Adam, Brad, Candice, Jenny, Jonathan, Nate, Parvati, and Rebecca

Survivor: Fiji

  • Type: Swap

On Day 15, captains were designated, who then chose teams by a Schoolyard Pick. The captains then drew buffs to determine in which camp the teams would live. This switched several of the near-spoiled Moto members, sending them to the barest essential Ravu camp (and vice-versa) due to the Haves vs. Have Nots twist. Once again, the unpicked contestant, Lisi Linares, was sent to Exile Island and would replace the next contestant to be eliminated.

S14 boo tS14 cassandra tS14 earl tS14 michelle tS14 stacy tS14 yauman t
Boo, Cassandra, Earl, Michelle, Stacy, and Yau-Man
S14 alex tS14 anthony tS14 dreamz tS14 edgardo tS14 mookie tS14 rocky t
Alex, Anthony, Dreamz, Edgardo, Mookie, and Rocky
S14 lisi t

Survivor: China

  • Type: Swap

In a more straightforward fashion, the two tribes received Tree Mail on Day 13 instructing them to chose two "warriors" from the rival tribe to be added to their tribe.

S15 amanda tS15 courtney tS15 denise tS15 frosti tS15 jeanrobert tS15 sherea tS15 todd t
Amanda, Courtney, Denise, Frosti, Jean-Robert, Sherea, and Todd
S15 aaron tS15 erik tS15 jaime tS15 james tS15 peihgee t
Aaron, Erik, Jaime, James, and Peih-Gee

Survivor: Micronesia

  • Type: Swap

Both tribes would separately draw rocks. The two castaways to draw tribe-colored rocks (Natalie Bolton and Ozzy Lusth) would be the captains in a Schoolyard Pick on Day 13.

S16 alexis tS16 eliza tS16 james tS16 jason tS16 jonathan tS16 kathy tS16 natalie tS16 parvati t
Alexis, Eliza, James, Jason, Jonathan, Kathy, Natalie, and Parvati
S16 amanda tS16 ami tS16 chet tS16 cirie tS16 erik tS16 joel tS16 ozzy tS16 tracy t
Amanda, Ami, Chet, Cirie, Erik, Joel, Ozzy, and Tracy

Survivor: Gabon

Switch #1

  • Type: Swap

On Day 10, both tribes ranked one person in secret as the most important within their tribe. The castaways voted most important would stay on their former tribes and become the new captains in a second Schoolyard Pick. Once again, the unpicked contestant, Sugar Kiper, was sent to Exile Island and would replace the next contestant to be eliminated.

S17 ace tS17 crystal tS17 gc tS17 jacquie tS17 kelly tS17 ken tS17 matty t
Ace, Crystal, G.C., Jacquie, Kelly, Ken, and Matty
S17 bob tS17 charlie tS17 corinne tS17 dan tS17 marcus tS17 randy tS17 susie t
Bob, Charlie, Corinne, Dan, Marcus, Randy, and Susie
S17 sugar t

Switch #2

  • Type: Shuffle

On Day 22, a feast was held, with the castaways anticipating a merge thereafter. Once the feast ended, each castaway drew a numbered stone from a bag. The castaways who drew odd numbers became the new Fang tribe, while even numbers became the new Kota tribe.

S17 charlie tS17 corinne tS17 matty tS17 randy tS17 sugar t
Charlie, Corinne, Matty, Randy, and Sugar
S17 bob tS17 crystal tS17 ken tS17 marcus tS17 susie t
Bob, Crystal, Ken, Marcus, and Susie

Survivor: Nicaragua

  • Type: Shuffle

Once again, the tribes would draw rocks. The castaways to draw their tribe's colored stone would be the captains (Holly Hoffman for Espada, and Brenda Lowe for La Flor). The captains privately chose members of the opposing tribe to join their tribe. Because La Flor had one more member, Brenda chose three, while Holly chose four. As the tribes were no longer divided by age, the Medallion of Power was retired on Day 12.

S21 alina tS21 benry tS21 chase tS21 dan tS21 holly tS21 naonka tS21 tyrone tS21 yve t
Alina, Benry, Chase, Dan, Holly, NaOnka, Tyrone, and Yve
S21 brenda tS21 fabio tS21 jane tS21 jill tS21 kellyb tS21 kellys tS21 marty tS21 sash t
Brenda, Fabio, Jane, Jill, Kelly B., Kelly S., Marty, and Sash

Survivor: One World

  • Type: Swap

On Day 12, the castaways picked eggs at random. Once they all received an egg, they smashed the egg against their bodies and whatever color paint it contained would represent their new tribe (orange for the new Manono and blue for the new Salani). The tribes both swapped three players to the opposing tribe, with Alicia Rosa, Christina Cha, and Monica Culpepper switched to Manono, and Jay Byars, Michael Jefferson, and Troyzan Robertson switched to Salani.

S24 alicia tS24 christina tS24 colton tS24 jonas tS24 leif tS24 monica tS24 tarzan t
Alicia, Christina, Colton, Jonas, Leif, Monica, and Tarzan
S24 chelsea tS24 jay tS24 kat tS24 kim tS24 michael tS24 sabrina tS24 troyzan t
Chelsea, Jay, Kat, Kim, Michael, Sabrina, and Troyzan

Survivor: Philippines

  • Type: Absorption

This season started out with three tribes. After Matsing lost four of their original six members, the remaining two were dissolved into the other two tribes, Kalabaw and Tandang, on Day 11.

S25 carter tS25 dana tS25 dawson tS25 denise tS25 jeff tS25 jonathan tS25 katie t
Carter, Dana, Dawson, Denise, Jeff, Jonathan, and Katie
S25 abimaria tS25 artis tS25 lisa tS25 malcolm tS25 michael tS25 pete tS25 rc t
Abi-Maria, Artis, Lisa, Malcolm, Michael, Pete, and RC

Survivor: Caramoan

  • Type: Shuffle

The season featured a tribe switch on Day 14 after six castaways were eliminated. This switch was similar to the One World switch, where contestants smashed eggs against themselves with the colors inside indicating which tribe they would be on.

The eggs were originally divided four ways by tribe and gender to ensure an even switch. As there were only two female members of the original Gota tribe, one of them would remain on Gota while the other would be switched to Bikal. A similar process was used for the three other tribe/gender combinations. As a result, both tribes had seven members after the switch: three Fans and four Favorites; three women and four men.

S26 cochran tS26 corinne tS26 dawn tS26 julia tS26 matt tS26 michael tS26 phillip t
Cochran, Corinne, Dawn, Julia, Matt, Michael, and Phillip
S26 andrea tS26 brenda tS26 eddie tS26 erik tS26 malcolm tS26 reynold tS26 sherri t
Andrea, Brenda, Eddie, Erik, Malcolm, Reynold, and Sherri

Survivor: Blood vs. Water

  • Type: Shuffle

The season featured a tribe switch on Day 14 when there were twelve castaways still in the game (two more were on Redemption Island). Each castaway was asked to take one bamboo tube from a tray which contained a buff determining to which tribe the castaway would belong.

S27 kat tS27 katie tS27 laurab tS27 monica tS27 tina tS27 vytas t
Kat, Katie, Laura B., Monica, Tina, and Vytas
S27 aras tS27 caleb tS27 ciera tS27 gervase tS27 hayden tS27 tyson t
Aras, Caleb, Ciera, Gervase, Hayden, and Tyson

Survivor: Cagayan

  • Type: Disbanding

On Day 12, the Luzon tribe was disbanded. Each castaway then chose one buff in a bowl that contained an equal number of Aparri and Solana buffs, each wrapped and covered, which would indicate each castaway's new tribe.

S28 alexis tS28 jeremiah tS28 kass tS28 morgan tS28 sarah tS28 spencer tS28 tasha t
Alexis, Jeremiah, Kass, Morgan, Sarah, Spencer, and Tasha
S28 cliff tS28 jefra tS28 lj tS28 lindsey tS28 tony tS28 trish tS28 woo t
Cliff, Jefra, LJ, Lindsay, Tony, Trish, and Woo

Survivor: San Juan del Sur

  • Type: Shuffle

On Day 11, each tribe was given a bag that contained an equal number of Coyopa and Hunahpu buffs, each wrapped and covered. Each castaway then chose one of them in the bag, and the buff inside it would indicate each castaway's new tribe.

S29 baylor tS29 dale tS29 jaclyn tS29 jon tS29 keith tS29 kelley tS29 missy t
Baylor, Dale, Jaclyn, Jon, Keith, Kelley, and Missy
S29 alec tS29 jeremy tS29 josh tS29 julie tS29 natalie tS29 reed tS29 wes t
Alec, Jeremy, Josh, Julie, Natalie, Reed, and Wes

Survivor: Worlds Apart

  • Type: Disbanding

On Day 12, the Masaya tribe was disbanded. Each castaway then chose one buff on a tray that contained an equal number of Escameca and Nagarote buffs, each wrapped and covered, which would indicate each castaway's new tribe.

S30 dan tS30 joaquin tS30 joe tS30 mike tS30 rodney tS30 sierra tS30 tyler t
Dan, Joaquin, Joe, Mike, Rodney, Sierra, and Tyler
S30 carolyn tS30 hali tS30 jenn tS30 kelly tS30 max tS30 shirin tS30 will t
Carolyn, Hali, Jenn, Kelly, Max, Shirin, and Will

Survivor: Cambodia

Switch #1

  • Type: Expansion

On Day 7, the 18 remaining castaways were informed that the switch would put them not only into two, but to three tribes instead. Each castaway chose one box on one of two trays, containing a buff indicating which new tribe they would be oin. It was then revealed that the new third tribe would be called Angkor, and would have to start from scratch in a new camp, only having the same supplies that they had from Day 1, and not having any of the supplies they procured during the marooning.

S31 abimaria tS31 andrew tS31 jeff tS31 peihgee tS31 tasha tS31 woo t
Abi-Maria, Andrew, Jeff, Peih-Gee, Tasha, and Woo
S31 jeremy tS31 kelly tS31 kimmi tS31 monica tS31 spencer tS31 stephen t
Jeremy, Kelly, Kimmi, Monica, Spencer, and Stephen
S31 ciera tS31 joe tS31 kass tS31 keith tS31 kelley tS31 terry t
Ciera, Joe, Kass, Keith, Kelley, and Terry

Switch #2

  • Type: Disbanding

On Day 14, the remaining castaways were met another switch. Angkor was disbanded, and each castaway chose one box on a tray, containing a buff which would indicate their new tribe.

S31 jeremy tS31 joe tS31 keith tS31 kelley tS31 kimmi tS31 stephen tS31 tasha t
Jeremy, Joe, Keith, Kelley, Kimmi, Stephen, and Tasha
S31 abimaria tS31 andrew tS31 ciera tS31 kass tS31 kelly tS31 spencer tS31 woo t
Abi-Maria, Andrew, Ciera, Kass, Kelly, Spencer, and Woo

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng

  • Type: Disbanding

On Day 12, To Tang was disbanded, and each castaway chose one covered buff on a tray, indicating their new tribe. After picking an odd-colored buff, Julia Sokolowski was exiled to the old To Tang camp where she would stay until the next Reward Challenge and would replace the next castaway eliminated.

S32 cydney tS32 debbie tS32 jason tS32 michele tS32 neal tS32 nick t
Cydney, Debbie, Jason, Michele, Neal, and Nick
S32 anna tS32 aubry tS32 joe tS32 peter tS32 scot tS32 tai t
Anna, Aubry, Joe, Peter, Scot, and Tai
S32 julia t

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

  • Type: Expansion

On Day 13, a tribe switch took place, adding a third tribe named Ikabula into the mix. Each castaway chose one covered buff on one of two trays (one for each gender), indicating which tribe they would be on. Ikabula would have to move to a new camp with the bare essentials, but they were given a numerical advantage in compensation, starting with six members while the new Takali and Vanua each only had five.

S33 bret tS33 hannah tS33 jay tS33 michaela tS33 sunday tS33 will t
Bret, Hannah, Jay, Michaela, Sunday, and Will
S33 adam tS33 figgy tS33 jessica tS33 ken tS33 taylor t
Adam, Figgy, Jessica, Ken, and Taylor
S33 cece tS33 chris tS33 david tS33 michelle tS33 zeke t
CeCe, Chris, David, Michelle, and Zeke

Survivor: Game Changers

Switch #1

  • Type: Expansion

On Day 7, a tribe switch took place, introducing a third tribe named Tavua. Each castaway chose one covered buff on one of two trays (one for each gender), indicating which tribe they would be on. Tavua would have to move to a new camp with the same supplies as Day 1.

S34 brad tS34 caleb tS34 debbie tS34 hali tS34 sierra tS34 tai t
Brad, Caleb, Debbie, Hali, Sierra, and Tai
S34 aubry tS34 jt tS34 jeff tS34 malcolm tS34 michaela tS34 sandra t
Aubry, J.T., Jeff, Malcolm, Michaela, and Sandra
S34 andrea tS34 cirie tS34 ozzy tS34 sarah tS34 troyzan tS34 zeke t
Andrea, Cirie, Ozzy, Sarah, Troyzan, and Zeke

Switch #2

  • Type: Disbanding

On Day 14 of the game, the Tavua tribe was disbanded, and each castaway chose one covered buff on a tray, indicating their new tribe. Debbie Wanner picked a package containing no buff, and she was sent to exile where she lived on a luxurious ship until the next Tribal Council, where she would replace the person voted out.

S34 aubry tS34 brad tS34 cirie tS34 hali tS34 michaela tS34 sierra tS34 troyzan t
Aubry, Brad, Cirie, Hali, Michaela, Sierra, and Troyzan
S34 andrea tS34 jeff tS34 ozzy tS34 sandra tS34 sarah tS34 tai tS34 zeke t
Andrea, Jeff, Ozzy, Sandra, Sarah, Tai, and Zeke
S34 debbie t

Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

  • Type: Shuffle

On Day 9, each castaway chose one covered buff on one of two trays (one for each gender), indicating which tribe they would be on. Each tribe would have five members each, having a three to two gender ratio.

S35 alan tS35 ashley tS35 desi tS35 devon tS35 joe t
Alan, Ashley, Desi, Devon, and Joe
S35 ali tS35 chrissy tS35 jp tS35 roark tS35 ryan t
Ali, Chrissy, JP, Roark, and Ryan
S35 ben tS35 cole tS35 jessica tS35 lauren tS35 mike t
Ben, Cole, Jessica, Lauren, and Mike

Survivor: Ghost Island

Switch #1

  • Type: Shuffle

On Day 7, each castaway chose one covered buff on one of two trays (one for each gender), indicating which tribe they would be on. Each tribe would have nine members each, having a five to four gender ratio.

S36 bradley tS36 brendan tS36 chelsea tS36 desiree tS36 jenna tS36 kellyn tS36 michael tS36 sebastian tS36 stephanie t
Bradley, Brendan, Chelsea, Desiree, Jenna, Kellyn, Michael, Sebastian, and Stephanie
S36 angela tS36 chris tS36 domenick tS36 donathan tS36 james tS36 laurel tS36 libby tS36 morgan tS36 wendell t
Angela, Chris, Domenick, Donathan, James, Laurel, Libby, Morgan, and Wendell

Switch #2

  • Type: Expansion

On Day 15, a second tribe switch took place, introducing a third tribe named Yanuya. Each castaway chose one covered buff from a tray, indicating which tribe they would be on. Yanuya would have to move to a new camp with the same supplies as Day 1.

S36 angela tS36 desiree tS36 james tS36 kellyn tS36 michael t
Angela, Desiree, James, Kellyn, and Michael
S36 bradley tS36 chelsea tS36 domenick tS36 donathan tS36 libby t
Bradley, Chelsea, Domenick, Donathan, and Libby
S36 chris tS36 jenna tS36 laurel tS36 sebastian tS36 wendell t
Chris, Jenna, Laurel, Sebastian, and Wendell

Survivor: David vs. Goliath

  • Type: Expansion

On Day 10, a tribe switch took place, adding a third tribe named Tiva into the mix. Each castaway chose one covered buff on one of two trays (one for each gender), indicating which tribe they would be on. Tiva would have to move to a new camp with the bare essentials. Carl Boudreaux picked a package containing no buff, and he was sent to exile until the next Tribal Council, where he would replace the person voted out. The David and Goliath tribes were renamed as Vuku and Jabeni, respectively.

S37 alec tS37 davie tS37 elizabeth tS37 kara tS37 natalia t
Alec, Davie, Elizabeth, Kara and Natalia
S37 angelina tS37 lyrsa tS37 mike tS37 natalie tS37 nick t
Angelina, Lyrsa, Mike, Natalie and Nick
S37 alison tS37 christian tS37 dan tS37 gabby tS37 john t
Alison, Christian, Dan, Gabby and John
S37 carl t


Number of Castaways Switching Tribes

These totals exclude the absorptions of The Outcasts, Saboga, Ulong, and Matsing, as the members of the existing tribe(s) were not eligible to switch. The mutiny in Survivor: Cook Islands was also excluded.

  • Survivor: Vanuatu and Survivor: China had the fewest castaways switch tribes, with only four people switching tribes in each case.
    • Vanuatu had the lowest percentage of castaways to switch tribes, with 4 out of 13 switching tribes.
  • Survivor: All-Stars (second switch) had the highest percentage of castaways to switch tribes, with 9 out of 10 switching tribes.
  • Survivor: Game Changers (first switch) had the most castaways switch tribes, with 15 out of 18 switching tribes.

Number of Members Retained by a Tribe

Number of Members Lost by a Tribe

Number of Members Gained by a Tribe

  • Several tribes (the earliest being the two tribes of Survivor: Vanuatu) have gained only two members at a switch.
  • Nuku is the first tribe to not gain any new members after a tribe switch. After the second switch in Game Changers, all members of post-dissolve Nuku were already on the tribe at some point in the game.
    • Naviti would follow suit after the second switch in Ghost Island, as all members of post-expansion Naviti were already on the tribe at some point in the game.

Other Trivia

  • All tribes dissolved in a season with three or fewer starting tribes have lost the first Immunity Challenge of the season.