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Tracy Hughes-Wolf is a contestant from Survivor: Micronesia.

Tracy is known for being in a minority alliance with Chet Welch and Kathy Sleckman, but was able to successfully convince members of the majority alliance to vote each other out, as opposed to her own alliance, due to her dangerous social skills and strategic play. She would become the sole remaining member of her alliance, with Chet asking to be voted out of his tribe and Kathy quitting the game, ultimately leading to her elimination to occur next.


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Tracy Hughes-Wolf is a commercial and residential builder. She formerly worked as a fitness studio owner and did some acting and modeling. She attended some college at Chowan College in Murfreesboro, North Carolina and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, before dropping out to start her own aerobic workout company.

Hughes-Wolf's hobbies include scuba diving, skiing (snow and water), rollerblading, parachuting and kayaking. She describes herself as charismatic, funny and fit. She believes her resourcefulness, athletic ability, resilience, and competitive, yet forgiving, nature will help her on Survivor. She is a member of the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America and is a Room Mother at Fredericksburg Academy when she can fit it in her schedule.

Hughes-Wolf currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia with her husband of 10 years, Phillip, and their children, Madison and Abigail. They have two Boston terriers, Elliot and Eleanor, and one hamster, Wesley. Her birth date is July 9, 1964.[1]


Tracy was initially part of the Airai tribe, but failed to be part of the core alliance of seven, leaving her to align with fellow outsiders Kathy Sleckman and Chet Welch. Despite having one of her alliance members (Chet) failing in the challenge, she and her alliance were not targeted during their first Tribal Council, since Mikey Bortone's assumed leadership was threatened by Joel Anderson, who rallied other members of the tribe to blindside Mikey's biggest ally, Mary Sartain.

Prior to Airai's second Tribal Council, Tracy convinced Joel to vote out Mikey B, making the argument that he would betray him later on and that once Chet (who was the initial target) was eliminated, he would have no chance of eliminating Mikey B. On account of this, Mikey B. was voted out that night.

Tracy's alliance was soon split due to the Tribe Switch, with her and Chet being transferred to Malakal and Kathy being left in Airai. Chet was again seen as the weakest link after getting a piece of coral jabbed in his ankle from being dragged around by Joel in the challenge. However, Chet and Tracy were saved again when Cirie Fields realized that after the two of them were gone, she'd probably be next. She ended up convincing Ozzy Lusth, Ami Cusack, and Amanda Kimmel to vote out Joel and spare Tracy and Chet.

Chet's ankle only grew worse during his stay on Exile Island, and upon Malakal's next immunity loss, Chet asked the tribe to vote him out. The tribe respected his wishes and voted him out, with Tracy and Chet putting two throwaway votes against Erik.

Before Malakal's next Tribal Council (where the alliance of the Favorites were dominant at a 4-2 split), Ozzy bonded with Erik and chose not to vote him out despite Amanda, Ami, and Cirie's requests to keep Tracy and vote out Erik. However, Ami hatched a plan to blindside Ozzy where she, Tracy, and Erik would vote for Ozzy, then convince Cirie and Amanda to vote for Erik, and have Ozzy still believe that they were voting out Tracy. This would ultimately leave Tracy with 1 vote, Erik with 2 votes, and Ozzy with 3 votes. However, this plan failed when Cirie and Amanda decided to stick with Ozzy and vote out Tracy. This made Ami and Erik decide to stick with the majority vote. As a result, Tracy was voted out unanimously, making her the 9th person eliminated (and the 7th voted out).

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Airai First to Shore Immunity1 No Lost
Reinventing the Wheel Reward/Immunity No Won
2 Smash and Grab Reward/Immunity No Lost
3 Beach Bash Reward No Lost
Nut Bucket Immunity No Won
4 Diver Down Reward No Lost
Crosswalk Immunity Yes Lost
Switched Tribes, Day 13
5 Malakal Cat and Mouse Reward No Lost
A Stone's Throw Immunity No Lost
6 Build It Up, Break It Down Reward No Lost
United We Stand Immunity No Lost
7 Money Roll Reward No Won
What-er Drag Immunity No Lost
Voted Out, Day 20
^1 This challenge was played for individual immunity at each tribe's first Tribal Council.

Episode Tracy's
Voted Against
1 Airai Tribe Immune
2 Mary Joel, Mary
3 Airai Tribe Immune
4 Mikey B.;
Mikey B.1
5 Joel -
6 Erik -
7 Ozzy Amanda, Ami,
Cirie, Erik, Ozzy
Voted Out, Day 20

^1 In "That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried!", the vote ended with a 4-4 tie between Chet and Mikey B., forcing a revote. Tracy did not change her vote on the revote.


  • On January 9, 2010, Tracy attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • Tracy has created a fitness program called "Contoured to the Core". She appeared in an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" in Season 12 as a fitness instructor.


  • Tracy applied for Survivor at an open casting call.[2]
  • Tracy is the last member of the original Airai tribe to be voted out before the merge.
    • She is, however, the first female to be voted out of Malakal.


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