Total Dysfunction is the second episode of Survivor: One World.


Night 3

Salani returned to the One World camp from Tribal Council, where they received news that tribemate Kourtney was removed from the game after fracturing her wrist at the first Immunity Challenge. Colton, Michael, and Jay from the Manono tribe welcomed the women, where Michael telling that they stoked Salani's bonfire while they were away at Tribal Council. Kat expressed her disdain for the gesture, saying that she could tend without the men's assistance. Christina attempted to make amends with Alicia over their heated confrontation at Tribal Council. Christina explained that Alicia did not let her explain her side of the story and that she felt it was disrespectful.

I mean please, if I saw her swimming in an ocean and she was drowning, I would probably look the other way.

Alicia Rosa

Alicia hugged her and told her not to worry about it, but still said in her confessional that she wanted Christina out, but Nina was first due to her being weaker.

Day 4

The Salani women gather to set some ground rules. Sabrina assigns chores to each tribe member after everybody agrees to appoint her as leader.

Managing the airheads is going to be exhausting.

Sabrina Thompson

Nina senses that she, Christina, and Monica are on the oust of the alliance and mentions that Kat is driving her nuts. Instead of getting food, Alicia and Kat go and take a swim in the ocean.

Tree Mail includes two enormous boxes for each tribe and a Do-It-Yourself Reward Challenge inside. Bill explains the rules, and the Manono tribe ends up winning the tarp, the box, and the rope.

After adding the tarp to their shelter, Matt believes that their shelter will be the best in history. Everyone's working hard, except Colton and after Matt says that he's just here to hang out at Salani's camp, Jonas warns them that Colton is getting along with the girls and when the merge comes, Colton will have all the girls wrapped around his finger.

He makes Russell look like...a freaking schoolgirl.

Jonas Otsuji

Colton is at Salani's tribe camp helping them with their shelter. The women decide to fake a tribe meeting so they could get Colton out of their camp. He sadly leaves and suggests that he should just go to a different part of the island and start his own tribe because he's so lonely. Later, he returns to the girls' camp and calls all the women together. He attempts to explain that he doesn't fit anywhere on his tribe and that coming to their tribe makes him feel that he fits in.

That evening, Colton calls over Tarzan, Jonas, Troyzan, and Leif and reveals to them his idol, after mentioning to play it at their next Tribal Council in hopes of getting Matt or Michael out soon. The four are astounded and Jonas claims that Colton is 'ridiculously smart'.

Until I can get with the girls, I have to associate myself with these misfits. This is my world. They should have called this 'Survivor: Colton's World'.

Colton Cumbie

Day 5

Manono and Salani arrive on a beach for the Immunity Challenge. The men decide to sit out Tarzan before they line up on the beam over the water. Leif makes a decent progress for the men, while Kat is having a harder time getting through Monica. After Manono has had already three of their men across, Salani hasn't had a single woman go through the course. Kat is shockingly unable to figure out the logistics of the challenge and repeatedly jumps into the water. Monica volunteers to go first and successfully gets through all of the women. Before Salani could continue with Monica's idea, the men have already had all of their men through and win the second Immunity.

Back at camp, Kat immediately takes responsibility for losing the challenge and the women try and forgive her about it, with Sabrina telling her to "rah-rah" on the inside. Nina disagrees about forgiving Kat and calls her a 'dumb blonde', 'dumb broad', and 'a complete idiot' during a confessional. So, she approaches Chelsea and tells her that Kat is ignorant and a nitwit.

Trust me, I've been embarrassed since I've been here.

Chelsea Meissner

At Tribal Council, Jeff believes that this is one of the most embarrassing starts in Survivor. He compares Salani to a group of sixth graders and lets Nina talk about her life experiences. After briefly explaining her life as a cop, Nina puts Kat on the spot and asks her what her life experiences are. Kat explains that she's in sales, so she talks to people. Jeff encourages her to use her youth as an advantage and she does. But Nina scoffs that Kat isn't an athlete. Kim agrees that the vote is between Nina and Kat, and both Chelsea and Sabrina confess that if they could start over, they'd probably have different alliances. It turns out Kat never puts herself in a position where she knows she'll fail, so she says that it's fair to vote her out, but she hopes that her fellow alliance members will believe in her and save her. Before finishing, Kat throws in Christina's name, claiming that while she's here to play, Christina is just there.

A man would have called another man out and they would have dealt with it.

Sabrina Thompson

Jeff tallies the vote and Nina is voted out. Before sending them back to camp, Jeff says that the women better get their acts together.


Challenge: D.I.Y. Knots
Eight castaways from each tribe would open up a crate containing a metal ring tied inside of a huge knot. The first tribe to get the ring out would win.
Reward: Tarp for the winning tribe and both of the tribes could keep the supplies used in the challenge.
Winner: Manono

Challenge: By the Numbers
Eight castaways from each tribe would stand on a narrow beam over water. One at a time, the castaways would move down the beam, squeezing past their fellow tribe members. The castaway moving down the beam would not be allowed to touch more than one tribe member at a time. Any castaway to fall off would have to start over. The first tribe to get all eight members to the finish platform would win.
Winner: Manono

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S24 nina t.png
Nina (6 votes)
S24 alicia t.pngS24 chelsea t.pngS24 christina t.png
S24 kat t.pngS24 kim t.pngS24 sabrina t.png
Alicia, Chelsea, Christina, Kat, Kim, Sabrina
S24 christina t.png
Christina (1 vote)
S24 monica t.png
S24 kat t.png
Kat (1 vote)
S24 nina t.png
S24 nina bw.png
Nina Acosta

Voting Confessionals

S24 kat t.png

(voting against Nina) Nina, I think you're a strong competitor, but I would never throw you under the bus the way you did me.

S24 nina t.png

(voting against Kat) Kat, I've already said my reasons why you should go home. There's been enough shenanigans around camp, and it's just time for you to leave.

Final Words

S24 nina bw.png

I think the tribe made a huge mistake by voting me out instead of Kat. Kat not only is young and lacks life experience, she's very immature, and whether or not the other people know it, she's destroying the tribe and she should have gone home tonight. I wish the gals a lot of luck, but I think they're in deep trouble. I think the guys are gonna take them apart, piece by piece.

Still in the Running

S24 kourtney bw.png
S24 nina bw.png
S24 alicia t.png
S24 bill t.png
S24 chelsea t.png
S24 christina t.png
S24 colton t.png
S24 jay t.png
S24 jonas t.png
S24 kat t.png
S24 kim t.png
S24 leif t.png
S24 matt t.png
S24 michael t.png
S24 monica t.png
S24 sabrina t.png
S24 tarzan t.png
S24 troyzan t.png


Behind The Scenes

  • In a confessional, Monica volunteered to be Salani's water gatherer because she wanted to stay hydrated to think straight and not to be lethargic. Monica then complained that she also had to tend fire because she had to boil the water she collected and felt that her efforts were taken for granted.
  • In another confessional, Michael calls Colton a disgrace to the Manono tribe for being inactive at camp, yet complains at night. Despite this, Michael vows to stay cautious of what he say, because he was more opinionated in real life.
  • Sabrina expressed her growing dislike of Colton constantly visiting the Salani side of camp.
  • Tarzan explained his "Trobiand sensual dance," where the women circle around, while the men sensually dance for them.
  • After the DIY Reward Challenge, Colton was about to go swimming, until Michael confronted Colton for not helping at camp and his strategy talks with Jonas, but the latter shrugged and walked away. Michael told his tribemates he was not scared of his Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Matt complains about his pants falling down all the time, so he decided to bore a new hole to his belt using a machete.
  • Kim explained the "Colton Effect," pertaining to Colton's frequent visits to Salani "created chaos" on their tribe, they even tried to outright tell him to go away, because he was from the other tribe.
  • Chelsea noticed Salani's lack of communication at the Immunity Challenge, especially Kat who she felt was "bombarding everybody."
  • Kat blamed herself for blowing the Immunity Challenge for Salani, stating that though she had great balance, she had poor communication skills and she vowed to improve on that in future challenges.
  • Troyzan was surprised to see the women struggle at the Immunity Challenge, especially Kat, stating that the challenge was built for them.
  • Nina complained about the women talking about "unbelievable crap," and out of frustration, she went to the Manono shelter and told the men that she was in trouble, and if ever they find the Hidden Immunity Idol for Salani, she begged them to give it to her, which was similar to Colton's plea to the women to give him the Manono idol seen during the first episode. While Tarzan ignored the women for the most part, he welcomed Nina with open arms and helped her find the Salani idol, being the eldest of both tribes, apparently to no avail.
  • The day after she was voted out from Salani, Nina stated that it was a fantastic experience, and felt that her undoing was the age difference between her and the younger women.
  • Alicia stated that she won't do much effort on camp, given she already had her five-person alliance, even claiming that she was the ringleader of the pact.


  • In an interview, Jeff revealed that challenge producer John Kirhoffer was at camp during the Reward Challenge to supervise in his absence.[2]
  • This episode's Reward Challenge marked the first "DIY challenge" of the season, and the second "DIY challenge" following the Reward Challenge in "Hungry for a Win".
  • This is the first episode to feature a Tribal Council on Day 5 without the Redemption Island twist.
  • This is the only time where the Salani tribe votes one of their members out.
  • The episode title is said by Jeff Probst, describing the state of the Salani tribe. 
  • This episode marks the first time in Survivor history where the first person voted out was not in the first episode of the season. This is due to the unusual event of Kourtney Moon's medical evacuation in the first episode.


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