Thomas "Tom" Paterson is a contestant from Survivor New Zealand: Nicaragua.

Tom found himself in the minority in both the pre and post-merge, and he often clashed with fellow Mogotón tribemate Shay Tapusoa. But a strong friendship with Avi Duckor-Jones and an impressive individual immunity run allowed him to advance deep into the game, where he formed an alliance with Avi and Barb Raos that eventually reached the Final Tribal Council. However, the jury ultimately felt that Tom needed Avi more than Avi needed Tom, leaving him as the runner-up with only one vote to win.


How would you describe yourself? Happy, inquisitive, competitive.
Why are you doing Survivor? To challenge myself mentally and physically, and to see how I hold up when I'm pushed to my limit.
What did you do to prepare? I ate everything! I tried to store some extra energy by packing on the pounds, but one week before flying out I got a stomach virus and lost everything that I had gained – it wasn't pretty. I also watched episodes of the US Survivor to try and see if there was a common factor in how to win (there wasn't one).
What are your pet peeves? Bullies, and people who don't pull their weight.
What's your strategy? I have a general idea of how I want to play it out, but I'm sure that will all change when I get out there.

Survivor NZ

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Voting History

Tom's Voting History
Episode Tom's
Voted Against
1 Hannah -
2 Tony Sala, Tony
4 Izzy Izzy, Lou
6 Mogotón Tribe Immune
8 Mike -
10 Shay -
11 Shay -
12 Sala Individual Immunity
13 Jak Individual Immunity
14 Shannon Individual Immunity
16 Shay Individual Immunity
18 Nate Nate
19 Mike Individual Immunity
Nate Nate
Jury Votes
for Tom
Runner-Up, Day 40


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  • Tom was the youngest man on the original Mogotón tribe.
  • Tom won the most Individual Immunity Challenges of all Survivor New Zealand contestants, with five wins.


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