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To Tang (ទទឹង) is a tribe from Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. They are the "Brawn" tribe.

The most dysfunctional of the three starting tribes, To Tang witnessed conflict after conflict as its explosive members butted heads. Their poor tribal dynamics caused them to lose four out of five challenges, before finally dissolving. Their tribe color is red.


Alecia Holden
23, Dallas, TX
Real estate agent
S32 alecia t.png
Cydney Gillon
22, Douglasville, GA
S32 cydney t.png
Darnell Hamilton
27, Chicago, IL
Postal worker
S32 darnell t.png
Jennifer Lanzetti
37, Salt Lake City, UT
S32 jennifer t.png
Kyle Jason
30, Detroit, MI
Bounty hunter
S32 jason t.png
Scot Pollard
40, Carmel, IN
Former NBA champion
S32 scot t.png

Tribe History

The Misnomer

The To Tang tribe was off to a rocky start when Alecia Holden was seen to be a slacker while the tribe built its camp. A target for elimination was put on her back. On the second night, the tribe's morale faced a huge blow when a bug crawled into Jennifer Lanzetti's right ear, thus causing her discomfort and preventing her from getting sleep. The debilitating setback threatened to cause an early medical evacuation, but the critter was removed before the Immunity Challenge.

At the challenge, Darnell Hamilton made a costly error by losing the tribe's diving mask, thus hindering their progress. Later, Alecia dropped out of a puzzle challenge, thus enlarging her target. The brawn tribe eventually lost the challenge, and was sent to Tribal Council. Alecia and Darnell had been put on the chopping block for poor work ethic and for causing the tribe's immunity loss respectively. In the end, Darnell was voted off for his costly error after a tie vote.

The next day, Alecia was determined to prove her worth. She attempted to start a fire. After five hours had elapsed, she succeeded, earning her the praise of her tribemates. However, the tribe's newly found sustenance was not enough to allow them a win in the following Immunity Challenge - they lost yet again, and were headed for Tribal Council.

Before Tribal Council, Jennifer felt that Kyle Jason had been rubbing her the wrong way with his behavior and attitude at camp. Seizing an open opportunity, she approached Alecia, who was on the bottom, with the proposition of an all-female alliance. After the desperate castaway agreed, they congregated with Cydney Gillon and the three women formed a pact to take Jason out.

Jason's elimination was not to be, however, as Jennifer self-destructed at Tribal Council. She unraveled her plans for an all-female alliance, and turned the entire tribe against her. Despite making a desperate last-minute plea before the votes commenced, Jennifer was voted out for her volatility.

To Tang went on to win the following Immunity Challenge, finally earning a break from Tribal Council. Their luck was short-lived, however, as they lost the next two challenges, and almost had Cydney pulled from the game due to heat exhaustion. Suffering their third loss, Scot Pollard, Cydney, and Jason deliberately considered voting Alecia out right after the challenge, in which she objected. However at Tribal Council, the tribe ultimately decided that Alecia's elimination was long overdue, and was promptly voted out 3-1.


A tribe switch on Day 12 spread the 12 of the 13 remaining castaways into the new Chan Loh and Gondol tribes, dissolving the To Tang tribe. The odd-person out, Julia Sokolowski drew a red buff, and was exiled to To Tang beach for the rest of the round. Gondol lost Anna Khait three days later, and Julia rejoined the game by replacing her.



  • To Tang's camp is located on the same beach as Angkor from Cambodia. As was the case with Angkor, the tribe also had the greatest number of castaways voted out during its season's three-tribe phase, and was also eventually dissolved.
  • To Tang was similar to the Luzon tribe of Cagayan. Both tribes lost the first, second, and fourth Immunity Challenges before dissolving.
    • Similarly, both tribes' highest-ranking member was the final person voted out of their season.
  • To Tang was the only tribe in Kaôh Rōng to not have any of its members be medically evacuated.
  • To Tang's tribe emblem, the orange tiger, could be an homage to the former "Brawn" tribe, Aparri, an orange tribe.


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