Tiva​​ is a tribe from Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Their tribe color is green.


 Alison Raybould
S37 alison t
S37 christian t
 Dan Rengering
S37 dan t
 Gabby Pascuzzi
S37 gabby t
 John Hennigan
S37 john t

Tribe History

On Day 10, a Tribe Expansion occurred which included the formation of a brand new tribe, Tiva. The new tribe consisted of two former David members Christian Hubicki and Gabby Pascuzzi, and three former Goliath members Alison Raybould, Dan Rengering, and John Hennigan. The formation of a brand new tribe meant that the five had to begin from scratch and create a new camp and shelter. Building of the new shelter immediately began the moment the tribe landed on camp. Although the David's were at a 2-3 disadvantage, Christian started to build friendships with John and Dan, the former due to knowing of his wrestling career. However, that move alienated Gabby as she felt she was on the bottom of the tribe because she wasn't comfortable making new friends like her ally Christian.

At their first Immunity Challenge, Tiva held the lead for the majority of the challenge, and thanks to Gabby's instructions on the table maze, they finished first. In addition to winning immunity, Tiva won an assortment of coffee and pastries to bring back to camp. However, come the next Reward Challenge, they lost in a narrow margin against Jabeni. Despite that, Christian, John, and Dan continued to bond, forming a "Brochachos" alliance between the three. Recalling finding a Hidden Immunity Idol back at the Goliath's camp, Dan went searching for one at the Tiva camp, only to find a clue telling him that the idol was hidden in the next Immunity Challenge. During said challenge, it was down to Tiva and Jabeni again, but this time Tiva edged out the latter and won immunity, while Dan found the idol without anybody noticing.

In camp life, the Brochachos alliance remained strong, leading Alison and Gabby to bond over being in the bottom of the tribe. Despite that, Tiva would win both the following Reward and Immunity Challenges, placing first in both of them, and winning cooking utensils, spices, herbs, and kebabs in the Reward Challenge. On Day 18, the three tribes merged into one on the Tiva camp.




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