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Tipara is one of the two starting tribes from Australian Survivor (2002). It was the stronger of the two tribes, losing only one member before the merge. Its tribe color is blue


Jane Dalton
18, Newcastle, NSW
AUS1 jane t.png
Jeff Brown
52, Canberra, ACT
Federal Police superintendent
AUS1 jeff t.png
Joel Betts
22, Sydney, NSW
Personal trainer
AUS1 joel t.png
Katie Gold
24, Melbourne, VIC
Professional athlete
AUS1 katie t.png
Lance Brooks
39, Sydney, NSW
Marketing consultant
AUS1 lance t.png
Rob Dickson
37, Melbourne, VIC
Film/Video producer
AUS1 rob t.png
Sciona Browne
49, Perth, WA
Test pilot
AUS1 sciona t.png
Sophie Woods
30, Sydney, NSW
AUS1 sophie t.png

Tribe History



  • Tipara won most of the Immunity Challenges, winning five out of six of them.
  • Tipara is the first blue tribe in Australian Survivor history.


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