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Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Cambodia.


Night 29

Returning from Tribal Council, Jeremy Collins and Spencer Bledsoe talk about strategy after Stephen Fishbach's blindside. Spencer is pleased that he blindsided Stephen and now knows he needs to keep Jeremy aligned with him. Jeremy did not want Stephen gone and does not like this situation.

Kimmi Kappenberg suggests to Kelley Wentworth that they get rid of Joe Anglim if he does not win immunity which would set up an all-girls alliance, an idea that pleases Kelley. Kimmi then tells the plan to Tasha Fox, who agrees to go after Joe. Kimmi wants to make a move to win.

Day 30

At the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst reveals that the loved ones have come to visit and Jeremy's wife and San Juan del Sur contestant Val Collins runs out. He runs to hug her. She is pregnant and tells him that it is a boy. Tasha's cousin Christina is out next. They are thrilled and giggly to see each other.

Spencer's girlfriend Marcella is there and he tells her that he loves her. Abi-Maria Gomes' mom Vera is next and they embrace warmly. Keith Nale's wife Dana is next out and he bear hugs her and picks her up. He says that this will get him through.

Kelley's dad and fellow San Juan del Sur contestant Dale Wentworth is next and he runs to hug her. Dale says that it hurts because he knows what this game does to you. Joe's dad Pat is out next and he gives his son a warm embrace.

Kimmi's dad is out last and she runs screaming to him. Jeff says that for the challenge, they must dig up bags in the sand, spin around a post to get another two bags, then cross a balance beam for one more. They must then use the puzzle pieces in the bags to solve a word puzzle, to win a barbecue reward at camp with their loved one.

The challenge begins and Joe and Kimmi take an early lead. Keith moves into the lead then Kimmi overtakes him again.

Kimmi is at the post spinning around. Keith starts spinning. Joe and Tasha catch up. Keith and Kimmi get their bags. Keith heads to the balance beam, but he falls off and tries again. Keith is off and working on untying his bags in the lead.

Abi-Maria falls and has to go back. Spencer is lagging too. Jeremy is working on his puzzle, and so is Joe. Kimmi is in last place and the others are all working on their puzzle.

Kelley gets the correct word, "nourishment", and she runs to hug her dad. Jeff tells Kelley to pick three people and their loved ones to join them. Kelley chooses Keith and his wife, Abi-Maria and her mother, and Kimmi and her father. Jeff then tells Kelley to choose one more pair and she goes with Joe and his dad as well. Dejected, Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha's loved ones have to leave.

The Orkun tribe heads back to camp with the loved ones. The barbecue starts with beer, meat, and more. Keith says that he would have been happy with a fifth cousin but is thrilled that his wife is there. Joe shows his dad some art he made.

Joe's dad tells him that he is a great friend to him and that he never had a friend like Joe his whole life. He tells Joe that he is a really good son and his hero. Joe talks about how his dad was not affectionate growing up and explains that this is special.

Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha talk strategy and how it feels to not be chosen for the reward. Spencer tells Tasha that the thing with Stephen was not about her. He proposes a Final Three deal and they all agree.

Tasha now knows that she has two good options – this deal or the all-girl alliance. The three then talk about taking Joe out next. Tasha says he has a physical and social game and is a huge threat. Spencer says that there may not be a lot of chances to get Joe out.

Day 31-32

At the Immunity Challenge, the castaways must balance a statue on a pole and the pole will get gradually higher. Jeff reveals there are two Immunity Necklaces today, one for a man, one for a woman.

They take positions and the challenge begins. They must add more sections to their pole and they are all still in it. They are all 10 feet on the poles before Kimmi falls out. Abi-Maria's statue falls and she is out next. Kelley and Tasha are the only women left. Tasha's statue falls and Kelley wins immunity.

Spencer is out next, followed by Jeremy. Keith and Joe are left in it. The two have to put their last section of pole in now. The wind picks up and Joe's pole is bending, but he recovers. Keith's starts moving, but he manages to recover.

Now one hour and twenty minutes into the challenge, Joe's statue falls and he goes down. Everyone runs over and Jeff calls for medical. Joe collapsed, leaving everyone shocked. The medics try to revive him. His hands are twitching.

As the others wonder what is wrong with Joe, medical puts a BP cuff on him and Joe starts to come around. Jeff asks what the problem is and the medic says that his blood sugar is too low. Joe says his legs went numb. The medic says that he used up all his energy stores.

Joe's hands are shaking and he says he just wanted to win the challenge and says that he loves the game. Jeff reassures him that he is playing hard. Jeff says that he is not in danger and can play on. Joe knows that he is vulnerable to get voted out and says that there is no safety in Survivor. Kelley and Keith are then awarded their Immunity Necklaces. Jeff says that Survivor is all about pushing yourself farther than you would back home.

Back at camp, the tribe talks and they tell Joe to rest. He says he remembers seeing stars before he went down. Abi-Maria says that it was like a crazy soccer match and to see Joe lose to a 52-year-old man was amazing.

Abi-Maria says that it is time for Joe to go home. Kelley tells Abi-Maria that they can get rid of Joe tonight, reasoning that Joe pushing himself shows that he has to go.

Meanwhile, Joe goes to talk to Jeremy. He says that Abi-Maria is the most dangerous to take to the end. He says everyone wants to sit next to her because she is easy to beat. Joe says players should go to the end, not someone like her. He hopes that he made a dent with Jeremy.

Jeremy then talks to Spencer and Tasha and proposes going after Abi-Maria. Tasha informs the two that the women want to go all-girls alliance but says that she will stick with them. That gives Jeremy food for thought. Tasha asks if they are nervous, and they tell her no.

Tasha explains that she told them so that they would not hear about it from someone else, but now she worries that this was a mistake. Jeremy and Spencer talk about the all-girl alliance, but Spencer is also worried about Joe. They talk about Joe and Keith. However, they also need a fifth. Tasha does not want to vote for Abi-Maria and keep Joe.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asks Joe how he feels and he says not great. Kimmi says that it was an epic battle between Joe and Keith and that it was scary for Joe to go down. Kelley says that it crossed her mind that it is the time to take him out since he stood there until he passed out and can beat them to the end.

Jeremy says that the next few votes are crucial and explains that it now moves more to alliances and away from voting blocs. Jeremy says people know who is on the block. Abi-Maria and Joe both say that they are on the chopping block.

Joe says Abi-Maria is in a spot to make it past vote after vote. Spencer says that if you cannot get to the final three, taking Abi-Maria would not matter if she blocks your spot. Abi-Maria says that they need to get rid of the bad apple. Joe says that he hopes the plan moves forward. He says the big threats down the line will fall. He argues that if you do not have four people after this vote, you will be gone. Jeff calls for the vote. Kelley goes first, then Abi-Maria votes for Joe. Joe votes for Abi-Maria. Spencer whispers that this is either a winning or losing vote.

Jeff goes to count the votes and asks if anyone wants to play a Hidden Immunity Idol. However, neither Jeremy nor Kelley plays theirs. The votes are: Joe, Abi-Maria, Tasha, Joe, Joe, and the final vote is for Joe. Joe becomes the 12th person voted out of Survivor: Cambodia and the 6th member of the jury. Joe wishes everyone luck as he leaves. Jeff wonders if an alliance did this or if Joe was just a big threat, before sending the tribe back to camp.


Challenge: Jungle Love
Castaways must race to dig up bags in the sand. They must then spin around a post to retrieve another bag, making them dizzy. They must then make their way across a balance beam, where they will collect their last bag. They must then use the pieces inside the bags to solve a word puzzle. The first person to get the correct word, "NOURISHMENT", wins.
Reward: Survivor barbecue with their loved ones.
Winner: Kelley Wentworth (shared with Abi-Maria Gomes, Joe Anglim, Keith Nale, and Kimmi Kappenberg)

Challenge: Over-Extended
Castaways must balance a wooden statue on a pole. At regular intervals, they will add another section of pole, making it more difficult. If their statue drops, they are out of the challenge. The last man and last woman left standing both win immunity.
Winners:Keith Nale and Kelley Wentworth

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
S31 joe t.png
Joe (6 votes)
S31 abimaria t.pngS31 jeremy t.pngS31 kelley t.png
S31 kimmi t.pngS31 spencer t.pngS31 tasha t.png
Abi-Maria, Jeremy, Kelley, Kimmi, Spencer, Tasha
S31 abimaria t.png
Abi-Maria (1 vote)
S31 joe t.png
S31 tasha t.png
Tasha (1 vote)
S31 keith t.png
S31 joe bw.png
Joe Anglim

Voting Confessionals

Joe was shown writing Abi-Maria's name down on the parchment. Spencer's vote was not revealed during his confessional.

S31 abimaria t.png

(voting against Joe) You're moldy. You gotta go. And please, get a haircut. You look like a clown.

S31 spencer t.png

(voting against Joe) I have the terrifying feeling that this is either a winning or a losing vote.

Final Words

S31 joe bw.png

I have no regrets. I don't leave anything back behind me and say, "I could have done this better, that better." I tried to play the best game that I knew how and I had so much fun. And I was able to reach so many goals, and just getting my dad out here… that alone, for me, was a million-dollar experience, and I have the fans to thank for it.

Still in the Running

S31 vytas bw.png
S31 shirin bw.png
S31 peihgee bw.png
S31 jeff bw.png
S31 monica bw.png
S31 terry bw.png
S31 woo bw.png
S31 kass bw.png
S31 andrew bw.png
S31 kelly bw.png
S31 ciera bw.png
S31 stephen bw.png
S31 joe bw.png
S31 abimaria t.png
S31 jeremy t.png
S31 keith t.png
S31 kelley t.png
S31 kimmi t.png
S31 spencer t.png
S31 tasha t.png


Life at Ponderosa

Joe Anglim was emotional and stated that he was disappointed he lost immunity, but was happy to have made the Loved Ones Challenge. He gets his customary post-game weigh-in, where he lost 22 lbs. When he arrives at Ponderosa, everybody gives him a warm welcome and tell him that they are glad to have Joe at Ponderosa over Abi-Maria Gomes. Joe reveals that his dad grew up with a rough life and felt that he did not have any friends until he told Joe he considered his son to be his best friend when Joe asked him to come out as his loved one.

The next day, he relaxes at the beach with the others and plays frisbee. Later that day, he does some drawing and painting and reveals that he has been doing it since he was really young.[2]

Behind the Scenes

  • According to Joe Anglim, he tried to make the Immunity Challenge harder so that it could be over sooner by asking host Jeff Probst if they could "go down to one hand or add more lengths of pole". Jeff accepted the offer as Keith Nale agreed to it, but he had collapsed before Jeff could give them more lengths of pole.[3]


  • This episode marks the first time that previous Survivor castaways return as loved ones for a castaway on the current season.
  • The reason why there was separate immunity for males and females was because of the weight of the poles.[4]
  • Joe Anglim becomes the first castaway to be voted out this season after improving on his previous finish.
  • The three castaways that were not chosen to go on the reward, Jeremy Collins, Spencer Bledsoe, and Tasha Fox, ended up being this season's Final Three.

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