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Tina Scheer is a contestant from Survivor: Panama.

After being placed on the Casaya tribe, Tina became a workhorse around camp, gaining the respect of her tribemates. When Casaya lost the first Immunity Challenge, Tina suggested to vote out Cirie Fields. However, at Tribal Council, she made a questionable remark, causing both Ruth Marie Milliman and Melinda Hyder to flip their votes to her, making Tina the first person voted out of the season.


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The youngest of six children born into a logging sports family, Tina Scheer learned how to log roll in Northern Wisconsin when she was seven years old. She feels all of her childhood memories are good ones and credits her mother for raising six children by herself.

Scheer is the owner of the World Champion Lumberjills, "Chics with Axes," a traveling group of female lumberjacks. She is also owner of The Great Maine Lumberjack Show, which is based in Trenton, Maine. She competes regularly as a lumberjill and is also a logging sports promoter. In addition to touring the country, she has traveled to Australia ten times with her exhibitions. She also traveled to South Africa, Germany and New Zealand. She has been featured in CBS's Challenge of the Sexes, MTV's Real World, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and Women's Sport & Fitness.

After Scheer was accepted to participate in Survivor: Guatemala, her only child, Charlie, 16, was killed in an auto accident one week before she was expected to leave. In spite of this tragedy, Scheer was determined to complete the Survivor adventure that they had started together. She describes herself as outgoing, funny and adventurous. Scheer feels her greatest achievement, apart from the privilege of being Charlie's mom, is promoting women in a man's sport.

Having grown up in the woods, Scheer is most comfortable in the outdoors. She is an avid hiker and biker, kayaks regularly and does X-C skiing.

Scheer currently splits her time between Hayward, Wisconsin, and Trenton, Maine. Her birth date is November 17, 1960.[1]


Being one of the four eldest female contestants, Tina was placed on the purple Casaya tribe.

After Ruth Marie Milliman won the first Reward Challenge for Casaya, Tina assumed the tribe's leadership position at camp because of her uncanny outdoor skills. Her leadership made the tribe flourish, having a bonfire and a livable shelter during the first day. From the beginning, she noticed Cirie Fields's lack of outdoor experience, branding her immediately as a weak link.

When Casaya lost the first Immunity Challenge, Tina wanted to vote Cirie out because of her perceived physical weakness and lack of outdoor experience. On the other hand, knowing she was being targeted, Cirie campaigned to eliminate Tina as well, citing her as a threat, despite the advantage of having her around. That afternoon, Cirie, Ruth Marie, and Melinda Hyder were at the bonfire gossiping about Tina while she was alone sitting by the shoreline. Unbeknownst to the tribe, Tina was secretly grieving due to her son's death. While en route to the Casaya shelter, Tina seemingly furthered her influence at the tribe by finding a large fish that was awashed to their rocky shore.

At Tribal Council, though Tina was praised for bettering camp life, she accused the other three women of having a poor work ethic, irking the three. Hurt by her allegations, Cirie, Ruth Marie, and Melinda sent Tina packing in a unanimous vote.

Voting History

Episode Tina's
Voted Against
1 Cirie Cirie, Melinda,
Ruth Marie
Voted Out, Day 3


  • Tina competed in the second season of the National Geographic's Ultimate Survival Alaska as a part of the Woodsmen team.[2]
  • On January 9, 2010, Tina attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Tina was supposed to be slated for Guatemala, but backed out at the last minute because of her son's recent death. She was replaced by Amy O'Hara. Producers told her that when she was ready, she could skip the application process and they would put her on immediately.
  • Tina is the first of three castaways to be voted out with four active tribes. She would be followed by Sekou Bunch and Billy Garcia on Cook Islands.
  • Tina's brother Rob competed on The Amazing Race 21 with his fiancée, Sheila. They were the first eliminated, placing 11th.


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