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Template:Tribedarkcolor Timbira was a tribe from Survivor: Tocantins.

Their tribe color is black.


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Tribe History

At the beginning of the game, Sierra was selected by the majority of the tribe in the first vote- not to be eliminated, but to be flown to the campsite. Although she took the clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol (only valid at the tribe's first Tribal Council), Sierra chose to start setting up camp, and by the time Timbira finished their trek to the campsite, she had finished building a shelter. Despite her efforts, though, Coach still targeted her first, and would continue to do so for the rest of the game. Timbira won the first Immunity Challenge, and therefore did not have to send anybody home.

Core alliances were quickly formed, with Sierra and Brendan, both in the cross-tribe Exile Alliance, being particularly close; Brendan would eventually find the idol on Day 9. Candace and Coach began to clash over aspects of camp life, and when Timbira lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 6, Candace was targeted for her negativity and voted out. Erinn, who was seen as siding with Candace, was left on the outs. However, Jerry's growing illness could not be ignored, and despite Coach and Tyson's hopes of blindsiding Erinn, Jerry was voted out at the next Tribal Council on Day 9.

Timbira won three consecutive Immunity Challenges over the next nine days, meaning that they did not go to Tribal Council for the rest of the pre-merge. However, cracks began to form in the tribe: with Brendan and Sierra continually going to Exile Island, Tyson began to worry that they were building relationships with Jalapao- which could be dangerous come the merge. He, Coach, and Debbie began to plot Brendan's blindside. On Day 19, Timbira merged with Jalapao to form the Forza tribe.



  • Timbira is currently the first and only starting tribe to have black as their color. All other black tribes have been merged tribes.
  • Timbira is the fifth black tribe.
  • Timbira is the thirteenth tribe to have its highest and lowest placing members be women.
  • Timbira shows similarities to the Galu tribe from Survivor: Samoa.
    • Both tribes made it to the merge only losing two members: a man and a woman, both African-American.
      • The male was eliminated due to his medical condition. However, while Jerry was voted out, Russell Swan of Galu was evacuated.
    • Both tribes had a supermajority entering the first merged Tribal Council, and blindsided one of their own members at said Tribal Council.
    • Both tribes had no finalists, and had every juror except for the person voted out on Day 37, who was voted out unanimously.