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| color = timbira
| color = timbira
| image = Timbira-tribe.jpg
| image = Timbira-tribe.jpg
| version = [[Survivor (U.S.)|United States]]
| season = {{S2|18}}
| tribenameorigin = An indigenous group of people<br />from Brazil
| tribenameorigin = An indigenous group of people<br />from Brazil
| tribetype = Starting Tribe
| tribetype = Starting Tribe
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{|class="wikitable" style="margin:auto; text-align:center; font-size: 8pt;"
{| align="center"
| {{tribebox3|timbira|[[File:s18 brendan t.jpg|link=Brendan Synnott]][[File:s18 candace t.jpg|link=Candace Smith]][[File:s18 coach t.jpg|link=Coach Wade]][[File:s18 debbie t.jpg|link=Debbie Beebe]]<br />[[File:s18 erinn t.jpg|link=Erinn Lobdell]][[File:s18 jerry t.jpg|link=Jerry Sims]][[File:s18 sierra t.jpg|link=Sierra Reed]][[File:s18 tyson t.jpg|link=Tyson Apostol]]}}
| {{ContestantThumbnail3|color=timbira|articlename=Brendan Synnott|name='''Brendan Synnott'''|image=S18 brendan t.png|place=30, Vail, CO<br />Entrepreneur}}
| {{ContestantThumbnail3|color=timbira|articlename=Candace Smith|name='''Candace Smith'''|image=S18 candace t.png|place=31, Los Angeles, CA<br />Attorney}}
| {{ContestantThumbnail3|color=timbira|articlename=Coach Wade|name='''Coach Wade'''|image=S18 coach t.png|place=37, Bolivar, MO<br />Soccer coach}}
| {{ContestantThumbnail3|color=timbira|articlename=Debbie Beebe|name='''Debbie Beebe'''|image=S18 debbie t.png|place=46, Auburn, AL<br />Middle school principal}}
| {{ContestantThumbnail3|color=timbira|articlename=Erinn Lobdell|name='''Erinn Lobdell'''|image=S18 erinn t.png|place=26, Milwaukee, WI<br />Hairstylist}}
| {{ContestantThumbnail3|color=timbira|articlename=Jerry Sims|name='''Jerry Sims'''|image=S18 jerry t.png|place=49, Rock Hill, SC<br />U.S. Army Sergeant}}
| {{ContestantThumbnail3|color=timbira|articlename=Sierra Reed|name='''Sierra Reed'''|image=S18 sierra t.png|place=23, Los Angeles, CA<br />Model}}
| {{ContestantThumbnail3|color=timbira|articlename=Tyson Apostol|name='''Tyson Apostol'''|image=S18 tyson t.png|place=29, Heber City, UT<br />Professional cyclist}}
* [[Brendan Synnott]], an entrepreneur from Buffalo, New York.
* [[Candace Smith]], an attorney from Dayton, Ohio.
* [[Coach Wade]], a soccer coach from Bolivar, Missouri.
* [[Debbie Beebe]], a school principal from Auburn, Alabama.
* [[Erinn Lobdell]], a hairstylist from Waukesha, Wisconsin.
* [[Jerry Sims]], a U.S. Army sergeant from Rock Hill, South Carolina.
* [[Sierra Reed]], a model from Los Angeles, California.
* [[Tyson Apostol]], a professional cyclist from Lindon, Utah.
==Tribe History==
==Tribe History==

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Timbira​ was a tribe from Survivor: Tocantins.

Their tribe color is black.


 Brendan Synnott
30, Vail, CO
S18 brendan t
 Candace Smith
31, Los Angeles, CA
S18 candace t
 Coach Wade
37, Bolivar, MO
Soccer coach
S18 coach t
 Debbie Beebe
46, Auburn, AL
Middle school principal
S18 debbie t
 Erinn Lobdell
26, Milwaukee, WI
S18 erinn t
 Jerry Sims
49, Rock Hill, SC
U.S. Army Sergeant
S18 jerry t
 Sierra Reed
23, Los Angeles, CA
S18 sierra t
 Tyson Apostol
29, Heber City, UT
Professional cyclist
S18 tyson t

Tribe HistoryEdit

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  • Timbira is currently the first and only starting tribe to have black as their color. All other black tribes have been merged tribes.
  • The two males to be the highest ranking members of Timbira and two males to be the highest ranking members of rival tribe Jalapao would all return in a future season.


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