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Tiffany Elka Seely[2] is a contestant from Survivor 41.

Despite her initially poor performance in challenges and paranoia, Tiffany was able to ingratiate herself into the core Yase Alliance, gaining key knowledge on players' advantages and leveraging this to help negate Liana Wallace's Knowledge is Power advantage at the chaotic merge Tribal Council. However, as a member of the minority, she was left out of the loop as she became a target at the following Tribal Council, where she became the casualty of the majority alliance's plan to flush both Xander Hastings and Naseer Muttalif's idols, becoming the first member of the jury.


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Age: 47
Hometown: Forest Hills, Queens, N.Y.
Current Residence: Plainview, N.Y.
Occupation: Teacher
Hobbies: Running, talking to people, building things in the house (someone has to!)
Three Words to Describe You: Funny, loving, LOUD
Pet Peeves: I hate being wrong! I also hate loud chewing with mouth open, half-empty water bottles in a room, people in power that abuse it.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? I am most proud of raising my two boys to be fine young men. They're loving, open and honest!
What is something we would never know from looking at you? I hate brushing my teeth before bed. I never wash my face.
Who is your hero and why? My grandmother is my hero. My mother was her only child and she so gracefully lived through her untimely passing. She was blind to top it all off, yet the smartest and funniest person in the world. She always made me feel loved and she laughed with me all the time. She was literally my alarm clock every morning until she died!
Which past Survivor will you play the game most like? I would play competitively like Ozzy, loyal like Colby (but not to the detriment of my own game), and endearing like Parvati.
Why do you believe you can win Survivor? I am patient and experienced in seeing the bigger picture. I know when to strike when the iron is hot, so to speak. I can read people in a minute and read their energy![3]


Tiffany was initially an alternate before being added to the cast at the last minute for Survivor 41. As the oldest woman of the Yase tribe, Tiffany was immediately targeted by Eric Abraham as the perceived weak link. However, by linking up with Evvie Jagoda and Liana Wallace, they were able to convince the rest of Yase to vote Abraham out 5-1 on Day 3. The following Immunity Challenge was tough for Tiffany, as it took her a while to cross the balance beam. The original plan was to vote out Xander Hastings while his idol remained inactive, but Tiffany was unconvinced that it was and preferred to go the safer route by taking out David Voce. Despite her allies' frustration with her paranoia, Tiffany escaped her second consecutive Tribal Council, receiving only one vote from Voce, who was voted out 3-1, with Xander being unable to vote due to the Beware Advantage. Despite being down to four members, Yase would band together and win the remaining Immunity Challenges. During this period, Tiffany attended a summit where she and Sydney Segal protected their votes, allowing Brad Reese to earn an Vote Steal (though Brad would be voted out soon after). At the same time, Tiffany's social bonds with the rest of the tribe grew, although Liana's summit visit on Day 11 would cause Liana to rethink moving forward with Yase.

Tiffany's team lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 12 but, because Erika Casupanan broke the Hourglass, Tiffany became immune for the vote. Tiffany played a key role in protecting her vulnerable ally Evvie as Xander gave Tiffany his idol so Liana could not use the Knowledge is Power Advantage to steal it from Xander. Although the idol went unused on Evvie, the Yase Alliance stayed intact as Sydney was voted out. Unfortunately for Tiffany, she remained in the minority for the next vote. A frustrated Tiffany found herself shut out of most strategic conversations on the beach. Evvie winning immunity on Day 16 and Xander's idol made Tiffany the safe vote. At Tribal Council, Heather Aldret went rogue in an attempt to protect Tiffany, sparking a live Tribal Council. However, this amounted to nothing as Tiffany was voted out 6-2-2-1, finishing in 11th place and becoming the first member of the jury. In her final words, Tiffany aired her grievances about her tribe taking her out without even flushing any advantages.

At Final Tribal Council, Tiffany joined the jury in dismissing her former tribemate Xander for his passivity and lack of game awareness. Tiffany voted for Erika to win the title of Sole Survivor, which she did in a 7-1-0 vote.

Voting History

Episode Tiffany's
Voted Against
1 Abraham Abraham
2 Voce Voce
3 Yase Tribe Immune
4 Yase Tribe Immune
5 Yase Tribe Immune
7 Deshawn Individual Immunity
8 Heather Deshawn, Erika, Heather,
Liana, Ricard, Shan
Voted Out, Day 16
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • As mentioned on the show, Tiffany was an alternate for Survivor 41. She replaced Lindsay Dolashewich, who caught COVID-19 before filming and whose appearance was later deferred to Survivor 42.[4]
    • Before being relegated to an alternate for Survivor 41, Tiffany was given the choice between participating in 41 or 42.[5]
    • Tiffany has also shared that she was planned to be on Ua before she was switched with Shan Smith.[5]
  • Tiffany is the only member of Viakana to never partake in a post-merge reward.
  • Tiffany lost 16 lbs. during her time on 41.[6]
  • All three times Tiffany was eligible to receive votes, the person she voted for voted for her in turn.


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