Thrash, Splash, & Bash (also known as For-Word Progress) is a recurring challenge in Survivor. First appearing in Survivor: Philippines, it has since reappeared in Survivor: Worlds Apart.


Teams would race through a series of obstacles until they reached a drawbridge. Upon untying the drawbridge, a contestant would then chop through a piece of rope, releasing a series of lettered blocks. A select number of tribe members would then arrange these blocks to form a phrase. The first tribe to decipher the correct phrase from the letters would win.


In Survivor: Philippines the challenge appeared as the first Immunity Challenge after the Tribe Switch. Tandang was the first to spell out the phrase "LIVE TO PLAY ANOTHER DAY", winning immunity and continuing their winning streak.

In Survivor: Worlds Apart, the team of Carolyn Rivera, Mike Holloway, and Will Sims II won reward after spelling the phrase "A REWARD WITH ALL THE FIXIN'S". They won a helicopter tour of Nicaragua and a surf & turf meal with wine.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Got My Swag Back"
Tribal Immunity S25 abimaria tS25 artis tS25 lisa t
S25 malcolm tS25 michael tS25 pete tS25 rc t
Worlds Apart
"My Word Is My Bond"
Team Reward S30 carolyn tS30 mike tS30 will t
Carolyn, Mike, & Will




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