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This Is the Man Test is the sixth episode of Survivor: Samoa.


Day 15

The rain continued for the fifth straight day, but ended soon thereafter, leaving both tribes extremely thankful.

At the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst announced that both tribes would be going to Tribal Council that night to vote somebody out of the game. Foa Foa selected Liz Kim to be the guide with Jaison Robinson and Russell Hantz as cage-rollers, while Galu selected Laura Morett to be the guide with Erik Cardona and Russell Swan as cage-rollers. Towards the end of the cage-rolling stage, with Foa Foa in the lead, Russell S. became disoriented and struggled to make it to the puzzle table. When he collapsed at his station onto the puzzle table, Jeff called for a halt so that the Survivor Medical Team could tend to Russell S. After examination, they announced that he had dangerously low blood pressure which was even worse than Mike Borassi's was when he was medically evacuated 10 days prior. Jeff officially called off the challenge and stated that although neither tribe would win the reward, both would still go to Tribal Council and vote somebody out.

Moments later, as the medical team tried to sit him up, Russell S. blacked out again with his eyes open. The medical team tried to ask him if he remembered what had just happened and announced to Jeff that Russell S.' heart rate went from 97 (when they had set him up) to 68. The medical team eventually decided it was time for him to be pulled from the game. Russell S. protested at first; saying his family depended on this and that he was just a little dehydrated, but Jeff said that with what he just saw happen to Russell S. with a plummeting heart rate, how Russell S. wasn't feeling better and blacking out two times in front of him that there would be no way he would stay in the game and that if he didn't get any help, he would get worse. Feeling his frustration, Jeff reminded Russell that he was in great shape and led a tribe that dominated, that up until this day there was no sign he was going home anytime soon, and that he pushed himself until the end.

Back at Foa Foa, the vote was between Natalie White and Liz, while at Galu, the women targeted Shambo Waters for being an outsider, while the men targeted Monica Padilla for being a liability in challenges. At the Joint Tribal Council, when the two tribes arrived at the site, Jeff explained Russell S.' condition, how he was removed from the game, and what had happened to Russell S. after the two tribes had been sent back to their respective camps. Jeff made a final announcement that due to the unprecedented circumstances of the incomplete challenge; including how big of an impact that Russell S. had on the tribe, there would be no vote, and nobody would be going home. Before departing, Jeff told Galu that they would need to select a new Tribe Leader.


Reward Challenge: Roll With It
One castaway would be strapped into a wooden spherical cage and would have to guide two blindfolded castaways in rolling the cage through a maze through the forest. At the end of the maze would be a labyrinth-like table maze. The castaway inside the cage would then have to guide four blindfolded castaways in solving the table maze. The first tribe to finish the table maze would win.
Reward: Pizza while watching in on the other tribe's Tribal Council.
Winner: None (challenge is called off)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Galu & Foa Foa
No vote
S19 russells bw.png
Russell Swan

Final Words

S19 russells bw.png
Russell S.

I'm really ashamed that, um, I'm not in the game any more and I'm angry because I'm a fighter. But at the same time, I have to be realistic because I have to get well because I have an even bigger job to do - one that I love, one that I cherish everyday, and that's being a husband to my wife and father to my child.

Still in the Running

S19 marisa bw.png
S19 mike bw.png
S19 betsy bw.png
S19 ben bw.png
S19 yasmin bw.png
S19 ashley bw.png
S19 russells bw.png
S19 brett t.png
S19 dave t.png
S19 erik t.png
Foa Foa
S19 jaison t.png
S19 john t.png
S19 kelly t.png
S19 laura t.png
Foa Foa
S19 liz t.png
Foa Foa
S19 mick t.png
S19 monica t.png
Foa Foa
S19 natalie t.png
 Russell H.
Foa Foa
S19 russellh t.png
S19 shambo t.png



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