This Is Going to Hurt

This Is Going to Hurt is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.


Day 36

Fabio Birza wins the Immunity Challenge, leaving Sash Lenahan's plans for naught. Chase Rice wants Dan Lembo gone, but Fabio tells him that Jane Bright should be voted out. Chase, Sash, and Holly Hoffman thinks that this might be their last chance to eliminate Jane. Jane barges in, creating an awkward silence. When Sash breaks the news confirming her impending elimination, an angry Jane pours a bucket of water onto the fire, saying "I started it, I'm putting it out!"

At Tribal Council, Jane suggests to Dan and Fabio to force a tie against the trio of Chase, Holly, and Sash, saying to vote Holly out since the other two have Hidden Immunity Idols and that this is the last night they could be used. Dan and Fabio consider her proposition, but it falls through and a disappointed Jane is voted out in 5-0 vote (her vote against Sash did not count, since Sash played his Hidden Immunity Idol).


Challenge: Poolin' Around
The castaways would run up a ramp and into a pool to retrieve two bags of letter puzzle pieces. Their loved ones would then use the pieces to solve a word puzzle. The first loved one to solve the puzzle would win.
Reward: A trip on a sailboat along the Nicaraguan coast with food and drinks with the winning castaway's loved one.
Winner: Chase Rice (shared with Holly Hoffman and Sash Lenahan)

Challenge: Coat Of Arms
Blindfolded and connected to a rope, the castaways would go over and under three hitching posts to a station where there would be a shield with various symbols on it. Using only their sense of touch, the castaways would memorize the symbols and take the bags of the symbols back to the start line. There, the castaways would have to replicate the symbols from the shield on to a second shield. The first castaway to have all the correct symbols would win.
Winner: Fabio Birza

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 14:
S21 jane t.png

Jane (5 votes)
S21 chase t.png
S21 dan t.png

S21 fabio t.png
S21 holly t.png
S21 sash t.png

Chase, Dan, Fabio, Holly, Sash
S21 sash t.png

(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S21 jane t.png

(vote not counted)
S21 chase t.png

(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S21 jane bw.png

Jane Bright

Voting Confessionals

In the aired episode, voting confessionals were not shown. Dan did not say anything when he voted. Complete confessionals retrieved from CBS' YouTube account.[2]

Holly Hoffman(voting for Jane) We should have listened to Marty a long time ago.

Jane Bright(voting for Sash) You can lie all you want to.

Sash Lenahan(voting for Jane) You're a classy southern lady, but what you pulled at camp today, and at Tribal, is utterly disgusting.

Chase Rice(voting for Jane) Love ya, Jane. You know I wish this wouldn't have happened. Gotta keep myself further in the game, though.

Fabio Birza(voting for Jane) You've had a great run, but it's your time to go, and pouring the water on the fire at camp was not cool.

Final Words

Jane BrightYou find out really fast what people's true colors are out here. Sash is a big-ass liar. Holly, I lost total respect for her. And there Chase, you know, my buddy in crime, I'm just very disappointed in 'cause he always promised to take me to the end. I can't believe Chase deciding to turn on me, but that's Survivor.

Still in the Running

 Jimmy J.
 Jimmy T.
 Kelly B.


  • There have been rumors that Jane Bright's abrupt elimination and ire towards Sash Lenahan rooted from a conversation that Jane would not disclose. Survivor spoiler Missyae revealed that Sash allegedly bribed Jane of paying her ranch's mortgage, in exchange for Jane persuading the jury members to vote for him. Should this information be confirmed true, this would be directly violating the Survivor Rulebook as conspiring to split winnings is a ground for disqualification from the game. After the alleged conversation, the producers stopped filming them and intervened to resolve the situation.
  • The episode title is said by Chase Rice after winning the Reward Challenge, describing his situation about taking someone with him on the reward while leaving the others back at camp.
  • With Jane's elimination, Holly Hoffman is the last woman left in the game.


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