Thiago Toqueton is a contestant from No Limite 1.


Name (Age): Thiago Andres Toqueton (20)
Tribe Designation: Sol
Current Residence: São Paulo, SP
Occupation: Painter

He has a two years olde daughter as a result of lightning relationship. He loves motorcycles, tricycles and always participates of the fair of old cars at Pacaembu. Has been a partner in a bar in Bexiga, organizes parties and currently works in his own workshop in painting helmets. Throughout the year makes travel to Brazil with biker friends and do not care about comfort. In the future, want to have a family and save money to buy a better bike and travel to Chile with a group of friends.

No Limite 1

Voting History

Thiago's Voting History
Episode Thiago's
Voted Against
1 Hilca -
2 Amemdoim -
3 Marcus -
4 Sol Tribe Immune
5 Ilma -
6 Jefferson Jefferson, Vanderson
7 Andréa Vanderson
Ineligible1 Elaine, Juliana
Voted Out, Day 21

^1 As member of the losing team, Thiago was not eligible to vote in the second Tribal Council vote.

Post-No Limite


Thiago at the cover of G Magazine.

  • After participate in No Limite 1, Thiago posed naked for a Brazilian gay magazine.


  • Thiago is the youngest member of the Sol tribe.
  • Thiago is the highest placing man on No Limite 1.
  • He is the last person to be voted out in No Limite 1.


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