The Underdogs is the sixth episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 16

The Rotu Four walks to the waterfalls. Robert makes a confessional about him, John, Tammy, and Zoe aligning themselves to control the game. and they are confident that they are controlling the game. John makes confessionals about how he is the leader. He suggests to focus on the Reward Challenge and immunity was not important. Robert says he doesn't mind John being the leader because he takes the heat. John basks in his newfound power and when skinny dipping. John describes the experience as powerful and symbolic.

At the beach, Rob talks to Sean about their only chance to survive is to win immunity and team up with the opposing tribe. Rob makes a confessional about being in the numbers disadvantage. He and Sean talk about Vee disassociating herself from them. In a confessional, Rob said he doesn't trust Vecepia. Rob then tells Sean that he wants John out for being full of it. If given the opportunity, Rob said he will get rid of John.

At Maraamu, The tribe was searching for crabs. Paschal describes the tribe as having more time to be causal because of how easy to find food. Paschal says that the other tribe is stronger physically but they do what they can do. The tribe corners a crab. In a confessional, Kathy was worried about the tribe she was on (consisting of mostly women and an old man), but now her focus is one spirit. Both Paschal and Kathy had trouble catching crabs but succeeded. Kathy describes the food situation at Rotu and that they only ate dinner. While Kathy and Paschal was talking, a crab attempts to escape, but she caught said crab. Kathy places it and the other crabs. The tribe talk about Rotu and if Rob or Sean was voted out.

The Rotu Four head out to its Tree Mail. By the contents, the tribe happily deduced it was for food. Robert read the note and the tribe was happy the reward was for food. They were confident that they could win. 

At the challenge area, The tiny Maraamu tribe walks in. However, Paschal was quick to point out that Gabriel was voted out, shocking Kathy. Jeff explains how the challenge works. When he was done, Jeff reveals the reward was a picnic feast. Sean, Tammy, and Vee sat out. Rotu was initially declared the winner. However, Maraamu protested the win. When he checked things out, Jeff recanted his decision and made Maraamu the winners because Rotu's boat wasn't close to the chains and Robert didn't have his hand on the idol while the others did.

At Maraamu, The tribe rejoices over the picnic, especially Kathy. They feast and talk about the food. However, Paschal brought up how shocking that Gabe was voted out. The others agree with him. Back at Rotu, The tribe is disappointed that they lost. Tammy makes a confessional about how most of the time, Rotu fantasizes about food. Boston Rob makes a confessional about how he did his part right in the challenge but "dumb and dumber" screwed up the challenge. John didn't felt the reward was important as it was just meal and he would avoid apologizing because of his leadership. John tells Sean that the food Maraamu gotten are highly gas food and they will be having diarrhea. Tammy tells everyone that they came out there to play the game, not eat. John cooks up some food. Tammy describes as not bad.

Later that night, Neleh reads a poem made by Gabe for Paschal. Gina tells that Paschal and Gabriel bonded like father and son. Paschal is handed the note and talks about how shocking and disappointing that Gabriel was voted out about oh what he offered. Everyone agreed that he should not have been voted out. 

Day 17

Kathy Stretches on the beach. Gina describes the mood at the camp and they can just hang out. Gina then describes Kathy positively. Kathy describes the tribe as fitting in with one another but the politics is still in play. She states that she is worried about Neleh and Paschal's bond and that Gina might that her place. Gina finds a Pineapple and shares it with the tribe. Neleh says that she bonded more with Gina with her members of the original Rotu. 

Knowing there was an Alliance between John, Robert, Tammy, and Zoe when Gabe was voted out, Rob decides to catch one of them in an Lie. He asks Zoe if she was in an alliance with John, Robert, and Tammy. She said they are friends, not an alliance. Rob could tell she was lying and told Zoe to not lie to him because he won't forget. Boston Rob claims in a confessional that he doesn't trust anyone. Sean talks to his Maraamu tribemates about how winning the next Immunity Challenges gives them survival. John walks by and being sick of the quiet treatment, Rob publicly asked John about any alliances. John states there is an alliance and he would be blind not to notice. Rob points out that Zoe said otherwise. John defended her by saying that she was on a different mindset. John and Rob talked more and the former confirmed there was an alliance. However, things quickly turned into an argument between the two men. John tolds Rob that the other tribe would be voted out. However, John points out that he doesn't trust Rob. They promise each other to not swing to the other side to get the other out. Rob states that he may had gotten John to trust him but he shouldn't. Rob then asked John if he was gay, which the latter said yes and John states he is a proud 36 year old gay man. 

Rob makes it clear that he has to win the next Immunity Challenge or he'll be voted out. He also makes it clear that he is going to compete in the challenge. John said in a confessional that he and Tammy and Robert were talking. He tried to convinced the other two to throw the challenge to vote out Rob because of him being dangerous. However, Tammy does not want to throw the challenge. Tammy said that she doesn't know what to do for the challenge. The castaways arrive for the challenge. Jeff takes the idol from Maraamu and explains the challenge. Rob was able to lead his tribe effectively over Kathy. This ending Rotu's losing streak and gave the tribe immunity.

Day 18

Gina is seen walking towards the camp. Kathy is digging at the fire pit. Neleh talks to Gina about the latter's day. Kathy makes a confessional about her poor leadership at the challenge and the fire being out. Gina told Kathy to take the sand out. The women discuss about whether the sand is helping or hurting the fire. Kathy reveals that she put Sand in the fire at Rotu to help it and it worked. Gina says it should put the fire out and reveals that on Camping trips, she used Sand to put out fires. Kathy tried to talk to Gina about the vote, but the latter didn't want to. Kathy disagrees about not talking about the vote and just own to it. While preparing food, Gina comes over to Neleh and Paschal and told them that the fire is out. She reveals that Kathy put sand in the fire. Paschal agrees with Gina that sand puts out the fire. In a confessional, Gina states that she believes she is not being voted out for being an original Maraamu member. She also reveals that she has to vote for Kathy from a strategic standpoint because of Neleh and Paschal's bond. Neleh states that she is having a hard time deciding between Gina and Kathy. In a confessional, Kathy says that the vote would be secret until it is revealed at Tribal Council. 

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked about Maraamu's winning streak and if the tribe was united. When the vote came, the first one said Gina. The second one said Miss Kathy. The other two votes were for Gina, eliminating her from the game.


Challenge: Jungle Relay
This is a three part relay race. The first runner races through the jungle, unties a paddle, and tags the second runner. Both then race to untie a second paddle, and then race back to the beach where they break open coconuts to find a key. The two runners pass the paddles and the key to two other tribe members, who must unchain a boat, paddle the boat out to retrieve a flag, then paddle back to plant their flag in the tiki. When the paddlers return to shore, they must push their boat to their chain and both paddlers must be present at the tiki when they put their flag in.
Reward: A meal of chicken, quiche, bean salad, dessert, and Sierra Mist.
Winner: Maraamu

Challenge: The Maze
teams had to retrieve five ladder rungs, in order, from throughout a giant maze, while roped together. After which, they will climb the ladder they built in the center of the maze. The first tribe to complete this task wins Immunity.
Winner: Rotu

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
S4 gina t
Gina (3 votes)
S4 kathy tS4 neleh tS4 paschal t
Kathy, Neleh, Paschal
S4 kathy t
Kathy (1 vote)
S4 gina t
S4 gina bw
Gina Crews

Voting Confessionals

Kathy's confessional is revealed during the recap episode.

(voting for Gina) Gina, I'm taking you to Alaska and I'm gonna get that restaurant for ya.

Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

Final Words

Miss Kathy, Paschal and Neleh, you're awesome. I love you guys. I understand the vote tonight. The tribal members out there that are left, the tribemates, I hope you play well, play good, play hard. I just have to say that I've had the time of my life, and it's been a wonderful, wonderful time. Nothing will ever, ever replace this experience. Thanks!

Gina Crews

Still in the Running

S4 peter bw
S4 patricia bw
S4 hunter bw
S4 sarah bw
S4 gabriel bw
S4 gina bw
S4 john t
S4 kathy t
S4 neleh t
S4 paschal t
S4 rob t
S4 robert t
S4 sean t
S4 tammy t
S4 vecepia t
S4 zoe t


  • This marks the first time Jeff Probst made a wrong judgment call during a challenge. He initially announced Rotu as the winner of the Reward Challenge, but Maraamu protested that Rotu's boat was not close enough to be reached by its chain, while theirs was. Jeff confirmed the gaffe and declared Maraamu the true winners.
  • This marks the first time in Survivor history that a pre-merge tribe is reduced to three members.
  • After this episode, Vecepia Towery is the last female left from Maraamu.
  • With Gina's elimination, Maraamu no longer has any original members in the tribe. The only remaining original members are Rob, Sean Rector, and Vecepia, all of whom moved to the Rotu tribe after the tribe swap.


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