The Tides Are Turning is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Thailand.


Day 34

During the Reward Challenge, Brian finishes his word puzzle first and yells out the answer (road trip). However he had mixed up the a and the o. Ted hears Brian yell out the answer and spells out road trip, winning the challenge.

Day 35

Day 36


Challenge: Letter Hunt
The tribe had to race to solve a word puzzle. First, they had to collect a series of placards, each bearing an English letter, which they would have to acquire at successive stations along a course. Once they had gathered all the letters, they would have to unscramble them to form two mystery words. First person to spell out the words correctly would win.
Reward: A Chevrolet Trailblazer and a full Thai dinner and massage.
Winner: Ted Rogers, Jr. (shared with Helen Glover)

Challenge: Step on Up
The Survivors would start at the base of a ten-step staircase. Each step of the staircase was part of a jigsaw, the pieces of which lay in a jumble at the foot of the staircase. The Survivors had to gather their missing pieces and build their way to the top of the stairs to the finishing platform. First person to have successfully completed their staircase and climb to the top would win.
Winner: Brian Heidik

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Chuay Jai
S5 ted t
Ted (4 votes)
S5 brian tS5 clay tS5 helen tS5 jan t
Brian, Clay, Helen, Jan
S5 jan t
Jan (1 vote)
S5 ted t
S5 ted bw
Ted Rogers, Jr.

Voting Confessionals

Helen and Clay's votes were not shown during their voting confessionals.

(voting for Ted) You're a fierce competitor and so am I, which means if it's down to you or me, it's gonna be you before me.

Helen Glover

(voting for Ted) Nothing but strategy, and it's time for you to go. Good bye.

Clay Jordan

Final Words

This has been a long and wonderful trip. I was truly blessed to make it this far. Sure, I would have loved to have won, but it's okay. I sucked it all in, and I have no regrets. To my baby Morgan, I did this to show you that nothing beats a failure but a try.

Ted Rogers, Jr.

Still in the Running

S5 john bw
S5 tanya bw
S5 jed bw
S5 ghandia bw
S5 stephanie bw
S5 robb bw
 Shii Ann
S5 shiiann bw
S5 erin bw
S5 ken bw
S5 penny bw
S5 jake bw
S5 ted bw
Chuay Jai
S5 brian t
Chuay Jai
S5 clay t
Chuay Jai
S5 helen t
Chuay Jai
S5 jan t


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