The Round Table is an alliance formed in Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Formed after the merge with the members of the original Levu and Yawa tribes, the Round Table sought to eliminate the members of the original Soko tribe. Three members of the Soko Alliance fell consecutively to the Round Table before a four-person subset of the alliance, at the prompting of Lauren Rimmer, blindsided JP Hilsabeck on Day 27, leaving Chrissy Hofbeck and Ryan Ulrich in the minority. This betrayal spelled the end of the Round Table, but various former members of the alliance continued to dominate the remainder of the season.



On Day 1, Ryan Ulrich found a Super Idol that could only be played at the first Tribal Council. Since Yawa won the Immunity Challenge, he did not attend the first Tribal Council, and decided to anonymously pass it to Chrissy Hofbeck on Levu.

On Day 9, after the Tribe Switch, Chrissy and Ryan were brought together on the new Soko tribe, where they bonded over the Super Idol. Chrissy and Ryan decided to form an alliance with JP Hilsabeck, and the trio blindsided Soko members Roark Luskin and Ali Elliott before the merge.

The Merge

On Day 17, the tribes merged into the Solewa tribe. Chrissy and Ryan decided to link back with their original tribes, and pulled together the remaining Heroes and Hustlers against the Healer majority. Initially, Lauren Rimmer did not side with this alliance. Ben Driebergen became the swing vote between the Heroes-Hustlers coalition and the Soko Alliance.

After Desi Williams won the first individual Immunity Challenge, the alliance decided between Cole Medders and Joe Mena for being threats, and Jessica Johnston for being the least likely member to have a Hidden Immunity Idol.

At Solewa's first Tribal Council, Jessica was swiftly taken out when Ben and Lauren decided to defect from the post-switch Yawa alliance.


After Jessica's elimination, Ben was set to get Cole out next. However, Cole thwarted his plan by winning immunity. The majority alliance decided to split their votes between Desi and Joe. Joe tried to put a target on Ben's back by pointing out that he was running things and lied about Ben swearing on the marines. At Tribal Council, the alliance split their votes between Desi and Joe, and voted out Desi in the revote.

Lauren beat Cole to win the next Immunity Challenge, which gave Ben the perfect chance to target Cole. Ben wanted to split the vote between Cole and Mike. However, Ashley and Chrissy wanted Joe out, but Ben refused to go after Joe, concerning Ashley and Chrissy, who felt that Ben was being aggressive and acting like a dictator. At Tribal Council, however, Ben got his way as Cole was voted out.

Epic Blindside

Lauren won the next Reward Challenge, and chose to share the reward with Ashley, Ben, and Devon. On the trip, she proposed a Final Four Alliance, and that they target the trio of Chrissy, JP, and Ryan which they agreed to. After Ashley won immunity, the alliance targeted the trio, but Devon suggested to Ben to be their double agent, voting against Mike which he agreed to do, while Ashley and Lauren asked Joe and Mike to join them. At Tribal Council, Lauren's alliance blindsided JP, shocking Chrissy and Ryan.



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