The Power of One is the sixth episode of Survivor: Thailand.


Day 16

At Sook Jai, Robb is upset about the previous night's vote and he questions Penny and Ken's integrity. Ken does not appreciate Robb's disrespect and the two argue.

Over at Chuay Gahn, Helen and Jan swim back with the water from their well, reflecting on the hardship losing their boat has created. The three men swim over to a neighboring island to see if their boat drifted there but they have no luck finding it.

Robb helps himself to Sook Jai's banana storage, irritating his tribemates—especially Ken and Shii Ann. Despite this, Robb leads Sook Jai to a Reward Challenge victory where the tribes feasts on Thai cuisine.

Day 17

The Chuay Gahn men speculate about the pending merge, with Brian and Ted keeping their own alliance a secret from Clay. Elsewhere, Ken and Robb take a walk through the jungle and make peace from the previous day's dispute.

Jan finds a dead baby bat and saddened by it, she decides to bury it much to the eyerolls of her tribe. Tree Mail arrives and Chuay Gahn recognizes the importance of winning the next Immunity Challenge to even out the numbers before the merge.

Chuay Gahn goes on to win immunity and a saddened Sook Jai heads back to camp to reflect on their time in Thailand so far over some wine won at an earlier Reward Challenge. Robb has an emotional breakthrough and expresses appreciation for the members of his tribe.

Day 18

Recognizing that the previous night at camp was nice, Shii Ann suspects that perhaps alcohol fueled some of the kind words, and she doesn't feel any closer to Erin and Penny. Sook Jai dines on a chicken and we cut to the tribes arrival at Tribal Council.

Each member of the tribe agrees that the past few days have been wonderful and that the group of six has bonded well; and that the coming vote will be very difficult. Jeff reads the votes and Robb is voted out 5-1.


Challenge: Wicker Flicker
Each tribe would have select a person to be a ball launcher, while the others were situated at four different stations spread out along the beach. Using giant wicker baskets attached to poles, the Survivors would have to catch balls from their own launcher while trying to keep opposing tribe members from catching balls lobbed from their own launcher. First tribe to have caught five of their balls would win.
Reward: An authentic Thai feast
Winner: Sook Jai

Challenge: Thai 21
There were 21 flags placed in a circle. Alternating turns, the tribes were allowed to gather one, two, or three flags at a time. The goal was to be the tribe to get the last remaining flag. The tribe to get that flag would win immunity.
Winner: Chuay Gahn

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Sook Jai
S5 robb t.png
Robb (5 votes)
S5 erin t.pngS5 jake t.png
S5 ken t.pngS5 penny t.pngS5 shiiann t.png
Erin, Jake, Ken, Penny, Shii Ann
S5 shiiann t.png
Shii Ann (1 vote)
S5 robb t.png
S5 robb bw.png
Robb Zbacnik

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Robb) There's an old proverb: "A wise man knows much, but says little. A fool knows little, but says far too much." Robb, I was just beginning to like you, but unfortunately, you have to go. Sorry, buddy. No hard feelings.

Shii Ann Huang

(voting for Shii Ann) (sighs) No hard feelings, but I had to vote for somebody. We had our ups and downs, but, uh, I'm definitely glad I got to know you.

Robb Zbacnik

Final Words

I would like to embrace this moment and tell everybody how absolutely thankful I am. This experience has forever broadened my horizons and made me think of the importance of family, and life and love. I never expected to come here and leave this inspired and excited. I leave here happy because I've already won. I love you, guys.

Robb Zbacnik

Still in the Running

S5 john bw.png
S5 tanya bw.png
S5 jed bw.png
S5 ghandia bw.png
S5 stephanie bw.png
S5 robb bw.png
Chuay Gahn
S5 brian t.png
Chuay Gahn
S5 clay t.png
Sook Jai
S5 erin t.png
Chuay Gahn
S5 helen t.png
Sook Jai
S5 jake t.png
Chuay Gahn
S5 jan t.png
Sook Jai
S5 ken t.png
Sook Jai
S5 penny t.png
 Shii Ann
Sook Jai
S5 shiiann t.png
Chuay Gahn
S5 ted t.png


  • This is the last time that Sook Jai wins a challenge.


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