The Ozcars is an annual awards ceremony held every year on Survivor Oz. It combines votes from the shows listeners, the shows guests and people involved with the show in order to decide who wins each award.


The awards started off as a group of polls in 2012 where listeners got to vote on six different categories on various elements of Survivor. In 2013 the show expanded this poll with new categories and renamed it The Ozcars.


The awards have followed various formats over the years.


The awards were held in September 2012 in the lead up to Survivor: Philippines. Six different categories were announced: "Sexiest Male", "Sexiest Female", "Best Season", "Best Player Never To Have Won", "Best Winner and Greatest Player of All Time". People were asked to vote on an online poll for their choices over a two week voting period. These votes were then combined with votes from the Survivor Oz team as well as the answers given by the guests on the show. Negative votes were also taken into account in the Best Winner and Best Season categories. Once the votes had been counted, the results were announced during a special episode of the show, with a full list of the top 25 (or in some cases the maximum amount of possible votable people/seasons) in each category published on the shows website.


The awards were moved forward and started directly after the finale of Survivor: Caramoan). An initial two week voting period was held for the first round, and alongside the six categories from 2012, eight more categories were introduced as well as a 'Lifetime Achievement' award that would be voted for by the Survivor Oz team. The categories for 2013 were: "Best First Boot", "Best Pre-Merge Player", "Best Jury Player", "Best Location", "Sexiest Male", "Sexiest Female", "Biggest Hero", "Biggest Villain", "Best New Player", "Best Survivor Oz Interview", "Best Season", "Best Player Never To Have Won", "Best Winner", and "Greatest Player Of All Time". After the initial two week voting period, the top five of each category were announced as finalists in a special live episode. A further ten day voting period was held in which people voted for the finalists, and a live award ceremony was held in June to officially announce the winners. Guests for the live ceremony included Francesca Hogi, Tracy Hughes-Wolf, Brian Heidik, Kelly Shinn, and Denise Stapley.


The 2014 Ozcars were officially launched on the 22nd of April, with new categories and a new format announced for the third Ozcars awards. For 2014 the awards were split into two categories: 2013/14 & Overall. This was done in order to make the awards more relevant to the previous 12 months (or two season cycle) of the show, as well as keeping the historical awards in tact each year. In 2014 there was a total of 17 awards in both categories, with eight new awards. Several categories from 2013 were retired and did not return for 2014. As in 2013 there were two voting periods. The first voting period was held to determine the final 5 in each category. A further 7 day voting period was then held for people to vote on the finalists. A live award ceremony was held to officially announce the winners with special guests including Brian Heidik, Coach Wade, Tanya Vance, J'Tia Taylor, Katie Gallagher, Peter Harkey, LJ McKanas, and Spencer Bledsoe.


The 2015 Ozcars were officially launched on the 2nd of May, with the awards following the same format as 2014 with both 2014/15 categories and Overall categories. Two new categories were added for the 2015 awards: Best Survivor Media which celebrates podcasts and websites which cover Survivor as well as Best Third Boot in the overall category. This category continues on from Best First Boot in 2013 and Best Second Boot in 2014. As in 2014 there were two voting periods. First round voting opened on the 21st of May and ran for 10 days, with the top 5 finalists in each category announced live on the 1st of June. A further 6 day voting period was held to determine the winners. A live award ceremony was held to officially announce the winners with special guests including Carolyn Rivera and Brian Heidik.


The Ozcars Results
Category Year Results
Winner(s) Runner(s)-Up
Sexiest Male 2012 S20 colby t None Revealed
2013 S26 malcolm t S26 eddie tS23 ozzy tS24 jay tS20 colby t
S24 jay t S20 colby tS26 malcolm tS27 hayden tS20 james t
S28 jeremiah t S28 garrett tS27 hayden tS27 john tS28 lj t
All Time
S26 malcolm t S20 colby tS28 lj tS19 mike tS3 silas t
S30 joe t S29 jon tS30 joaquin tS30 dan tS30 mike t
Sexiest Female 2012 S20 parvati t None Revealed
2013 S20 parvati t S26 brenda tS24 chelsea tS26 andrea tS20 amanda t
S28 morgan tS20 parvati t S21 kellys tS20 amanda tS22 natalie t
S28 morgan t S28 alexis tS28 jefra tS27 katie tS27 rachel t
S20 parvati t S28 morgan tS26 andrea tS20 amanda tS28 jefra t
S29 jaclyn t S30 hali tS30 jenn tS30 sierra tS29 baylor t
Best Non-Winner 2012 S8 robc t None Revealed
2013 S20 cirie t S8 robc tS23 ozzy tS20 amanda tS22 russell t
2014 S22 russell t S20 cirie tS8 robc tS23 coach tS28 spencer t
2015 S20 cirie t S8 robc tS22 russell tS20 colby tS19 brett t
Best Winner 2012 S24 kim t None Revealed
2013 S20 parvati t S20 sandra tS8 richard tS15 todd tS24 kim t
2014 S5 brian t S24 kim tS20 parvati tS20 sandra tS15 todd t
2015 S20 sandra t S24 kim tS15 todd tS5 brian tS28 tony t
Greatest Player 2012 S20 sandra t None Revealed
2013 S20 parvati t S20 sandra tS8 richard tS22 rob tS24 kim t
2014 S22 rob t S5 brian tS20 parvati tS20 sandra tS15 todd t
2015 S20 sandra t S20 parvati tS22 rob tS9 chris tS28 tony t
Best Season 2012 HvVLogo
Heroes vs. Villains
None Revealed
2013 HvVLogo
Heroes vs. Villains
2014 CagayanLogo
2015 HvVLogo
Heroes vs. Villains
Best First Boot 2013 S26 francesca t S16 jon tS19 marisa tS2 debb tS25 zane t
Best Second Boot 2014 S5 tanya t S13 billy tS28 garrett tS22 russell tS20 stephenie t
Best Third Boot 2015 S16 yauman t S14 sylvia tS28 brice tS24 matt tS9 johnp t
Best Pre-Jury Boot 2013 S24 colton t S26 laura tS16 tracy tS11 brian tS7 andrew t
S28 alexis t S27 brad tS28 jtia tS27 john tS27 laurab t
S29 kelley t S30 vince tS30 max tS29 john tS30 joaquin t
Best Jury Player 2013 S20 cirie t S8 robc tS16 eliza tS26 malcolm tS25 jonathan t
S28 spencer t S27 ciera tS28 kass tS28 tasha tS27 vytas t
S30 shirin t S30 tyler tS30 jenn tS29 jeremy tS30 hali t
Biggest Hero 2013 S20 tom t S20 colby tS26 malcolm tS20 cirie tS20 rupert t
S28 spencer t S28 lj tS27 rupert tS28 tasha tS28 woo t
S30 mike t S30 joe tS29 natalie tS29 keith tS30 shirin t
Biggest Villain 2013 S22 russell t S20 parvati tS16 jon tS26 dawn tS22 rob t
S28 kass t S27 brad tS27 colton tS28 jtia tS28 tony t
S30 dan t S30 rodney tS29 drew tS30 will tS29 baylor t
Best New Player 2013 S26 malcolm t S25 denise tS26 reynold tS25 lisa tS25 abimaria t
2014 S28 spencer t S27 ciera tS28 kass tS28 tasha tS28 tony t
2015 S29 natalie t S30 mike tS30 carolyn tS30 tyler tS30 rodney t
Best Survivor Oz
2013 S22 rob t S1 greg tS21 kellys tS20 parvati tS5 brian t
2014 S4 peter t S26 corinne tS10 katie tS3 kelly tS15 todd t
2015 S28 kass t S28 david tS28 trish tS18 stephen tS28 spencer t
Best Location 2013 Palau NB
Lifetime Achievement 2013 S0 jeffp t None
2014 S0 markb t None
2015 Russ Landau None
Ozlet of the Year 2014 Lancey Morris Ethan Garcia, Jarryd Elliot, Nick Chester, Noah Groves
2015 Kate McLaughlin Noah Groves, Anthony Rossi,
Kristin Karr, Colin Hiling

Multiple Winners


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