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The Outcasts​ is the "ghost" tribe from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Comprised of the first six eliminated castaways, they returned to compete against the Drake and Morgan tribes in a special Immunity Challenge in an attempt to continue their pursuit of the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Their tribe color is purple.


 Burton Roberts
(Voted out Day 12)
S7 burton t.png
 Lillian Morris
(Voted out Day 9)
S7 lillian t.png
 Michelle Tesauro
(Voted out Day 15)
S7 michelle t.png
 Nicole Delma
(Voted out Day 3)
S7 nicole t.png
 Ryan Shoulders
(Voted out Day 6)
S7 ryans t.png
 Trish Dunn
(Voted out Day 18)
S7 trish t.png

Tribe History

Initially, Drake and Morgan believed that they would be competing in a regular Immunity Challenge. However, Jeff Probst announced that, fitting with the pirate motif of the season, their past had come back to haunt them. Comprised of the first six eliminated castaways, The Outcasts then surprised the two tribes by emerging from the foliage as a third tribe who would compete in a high-stakes challenge. If the Outcasts finished first, both Drake and Morgan would go to separate Tribal Councils to vote someone out while The Outcasts would vote two of their own to return to the game. If The Outcasts finished second, whichever from Drake or Morgan finished last would vote a member off, while The Outcasts would vote only one to return to the game. If The Outcasts finished last, then their chance to return would be forfeited altogether.

Fueled by their desire in collecting revenge, The Outcasts managed to edge out Drake for a first-place finish, ensuring that two of them would re-enter the game. That night, Shawn Cohen was voted out at Drake's Tribal Council and Osten Taylor quit at Morgan's. The Outcasts then went to their own Tribal Council, where Jeff Probst noted that for the first time since the show began, a tribe was excited to go to Tribal Council. Jeff gave the eliminated players a chance to plead their case as to why each of them deserved to return in the game, after which the tribe would vote two people back into the game, casting two votes each and being unable to vote for themselves. In a 3-3-2-2-1-1 vote, Burton and Lillian both re-entered the game. With Burton and Lillian's torches lit once again, the eliminated Outcasts said their goodbyes.

With two Outcasts back in the game, Jeff handed them a canister containing Buffs, one for Drake and another for Morgan. Lillian reached in first and drew Morgan's, thus sending her back to her old tribe and automatically sending Burton back to his. This effectively disbanded the tribe.

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out Result Eliminated
7 Pirate Prison Break Immunity None Won1
8 Burton
1st Returnee
Day 19
2nd Returnee
Day 19
Tribe Disbanded, Day 19
^1 The Outcast arc spanned over two episodes, with the Immunity Challenge being shown on Part 1, and Tribal Council on Part 2.

Voting History

Outcasts Twist
Episode 8
Voted In S7 burton t.png
S7 lillian t.png
Vote 3-3-2-2-1-11
Lillian Ryan S.
Burton Michelle
Trish Burton Eliminated
Michelle Burton Eliminated
Ryan S. Burton Eliminated
Nicole Lillian Eliminated
Ryan S.
^1 Unlike the standard Tribal Council vote where the survivors voted each other out, each Outcast vote two of their own back in the game where in they cannot vote for themselves. Burton and Lillian received the most votes to return to the game. The rest of the Outcasts were eliminated from the game for good.


The Outcasts twist has received mixed reception from both the castaways and fans alike. As implied by cast members Andrew Savage and Osten Taylor, they showed complete distaste for the twist. Various forums and fans also criticized the twist, stating that it completely hurt the show's integrity by deviating its premise. Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed that he also hated the twist, but was overruled by Executive Producer Mark Burnett. Furthermore, how the eliminated contestants were sequestered was not fully explained at the time, with some fans speculating that the sequestered contestants were actually living comfortably while biding their time until the day they actually reveal themselves to the tribes, giving them an unfair advantage against the remaining contestants. In "What the...? (Part 1)", Jeff Probst had claimed that The Outcasts were deprived of nutrition during their sequester time, though he revealed in a 2020 interview The Outcasts had actually not been deprived, stating that they "went to a hotel, ate, and had a shower."[1]

With the introduction of other similar twists in later seasons, however, The Outcasts twist has since been viewed more positively. When the concept of "resurrecting" voted out castaways was revisited via Survivor: Redemption Island's titular Redemption Island, the twist was compared negatively to The Outcasts, as the latter gave all those eliminated an equal opportunity to come back as opposed to what some would deem "unfair" duels. The former twist was also critiqued for continuing past the merge and creating "dead airtime" by focusing on the happenings at the Redemption Island camp. Similar comparisons would eventually be made to a greater extent towards the Edge of Extinction twist introduced in the so-called Survivor: Edge of Extinction.



  • The Outcasts tribe is the first tribe to be created in-game which wasn't a merged tribe. Although not shown, The Outcasts were formed on Day 3 after Nicole's elimination.
  • The Outcasts competed only once in a challenge, the fewest of any tribe.
  • The Outcasts are the only tribe in Survivor not to have an official buff, with their tribe identifier being purple cloth and bandanas painted with crossbones.
  • The Outcasts tribe is the only tribe in Survivor where every member casted two ballots at a time.


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