The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight is the seventh episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart.


Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19


Immunity Challenge: Get a Grip
The castaways must hang on to a pole for as long as they can. When they drop from the pole, they are out of the challenge and have no chance of winning immunity. The last person left hanging on wins immunity.
Winner: Joe Anglim

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
S30 jenn t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S30 carolyn tS30 dan tS30 kelly t
S30 mike tS30 rodney tS30 sierra tS30 tyler t
Carolyn, Dan, Kelly, Mike, Rodney, Sierra, Tyler
(votes not counted)
S30 kelly t
Kelly (4 votes)
S30 hali tS30 jenn tS30 joe tS30 shirin t
Hali, Jenn, Joe, Shirin
S30 hali t
Hali (1 vote)
S30 will t
S30 kelly bw
Kelly Remington

Voting Confessionals

No voting confessionals were shown.

Final Words

S30 kelly bw

They got me. The girls played the Idol-- it was brilliant. Thought I had it in the bag. I just think that I maybe probably pissed them off because I didn't stick with their alliance, so this is probably just to get back at me. So, when you get comfortable, at least we thought we were five... we thought the Blue went strong, five strong, but we're not. So, good luck. I hope they kick some ass. Bring it home, Blue Collar. I know they will.

Still in the Running

S30 so bw
S30 vince bw
S30 nina bw
S30 lindsey bw
S30 max bw
S30 joaquin bw
S30 kelly bw
S30 carolyn t
S30 dan t
S30 hali t
S30 jenn t
S30 joe t
S30 mike t
S30 rodney t
S30 shirin t
S30 sierra t
S30 tyler t
S30 will t


Behind the Scenes

Secret Scenes

  • Chicken Chase: On Day 17 at Nagarote, the tribe wanted to eat their only rooster for breakfast, but in Hali's admittance, Joe Anglim used to do the slaughtering. In a bungled attempt, the rooster escaped. Carolyn was able to corner the chicken to a tree. Not knowledgeable on how to slaughter a chicken, she and Hali merely choked the fowl to death.[2]

Unaired Confessionals

  • Our Camp is Empty: Rodney revealed that their camp, the former Escameca camp, was stripped of amenities and shelter. All that was left was a tarp, the remainder of Nagarote's firewood, and chicken coop.[3] This would mark the second Merge where supplies from a camp were taken away, following Bula Bula's Merge in Survivor: Fiji.
  • We're Going to Stick Together: Realizing her fellow Blue Collars threw the previous Immunity Challenge to save her, Kelly stated that the original Escameca tribe will stick together.[4]
  • We Have To Start Over: While Kelly disliked the fact the old amenities of the Escameca camp were taken away, the good memories from the feast overpowered it.[5]
  • A Better Home: Sierra opened up about her thoughts about the merge.[6]
  • Start from Scratch: Hali described the process of building the shelter after learning the old Escameca dwelling was removed.[7]
  • Milestone in Survivor: Mike shared his insights about the merge.[8]
  • We Had A Good Time: Tyler expressed his happiness making it to the merge, but he felt he had to distance himself to his closest ally Carolyn after learning how his former ally Joaquin got voted out.[9]
  • A Treasure Chest: Hali congratulated herself for making it to the merge.[10]
  • It's An Accomplishment: Rodney congratulated himself for making it to the merge.[11]
  • A Melting Pot: Kelly explained the rationale behind their Merged tribe name, Merica.[12]
  • Having The American Dream: A proud US citizen, Rodney felt joy having "Merica" as the merged tribe name.
  • Amazing to Watch: Will was amazed by how his tribemates survived the Immunity Challenge longer than he did. He confessed that it was one he knew he would lose.
  • I Was So Upset: Carolyn expressed her chagrin for losing the Immunity Challenge in second place.[13]
  • Got Stung By A Bee: Jenn talked about her bee sting and how it affected her game altogether.[14]
  • Pushing Through The Pain: Joe elaborated the pain he felt by the 40th minute of the Immunity Challenge while wishing Carolyn, who had not moved then, to budge.[15]
  • I'm a Little Nervous: Kelly felt nervous that their number one target, Joe, won immunity and had to target someone else.[16]
  • We Are Swing Votes: Shirin explained why the former White Collars were the swing votes in the war between the Blue Collars and the No Collars.[17]
  • Important Tribal Council: Shirin explained why the first post-merge Tribal Council is an important one.[18]
  • I'm Ashamed of Myself: Dan expressed his shame for getting eliminated first in the Immunity Challenge.[19]
  • The Day After: Kelly looked back at her Survivor experience.[20]


  • This is the first episode in a three-tribe season where someone made the merge but not the jury. All previous three-tribe seasons started the merge and jury at the same time.

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