The Jocks vs. the Pretty People is the eighth episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Day 19

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Challenge: United We Stand
Castaways are divided into two teams of five. Teams will have to transport one member using two poles from one platform to another. Once the member made it to the second platform, the team will have to swim to another much smaller platform which they must get all their members onto. The first team to get all of their members on the final platform with their feet on or above the platform wins.
Reward: Ice cream feast delivered to camp.
Winners: Yellow Team (Debbie Wanner, Julia Sokolowski, Nick Maiorano, Scot Pollard, and Tai Trang)

Challenge: Uncomfortably Numb
The castaways must balance their feet on a very narrow perch attached to a pole, while grasping two handles located behind them and above their head. If at any point they let go of the handles or a foot comes off the perch, then they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity.
Additional Stipulation: A while after the five-minute mark in the challenge, Jeff will offer the castaways with a feast of fast food and beverages. The offer is one-time only, and no more food was offered after the 10 second window closed.
Winner: Tai Trang

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
S32 nick t.png
Nick (6 votes)
S32 aubry t.pngS32 cydney t.pngS32 debbie t.png
S32 joe t.pngS32 julia t.pngS32 michele t.png
Aubry, Cydney, Debbie, Joe, Julia, Michele
S32 aubry t.png
Aubry (2 votes)
S32 jason t.pngS32 scot t.png
Jason, Scot
S32 debbie t.png
Debbie (1 vote)
S32 nick t.png
S32 jason t.png
Jason (1 vote)
S32 tai t.png
S32 nick bw.png
Nick Maiorano

Voting Confessionals

S32 jason t.png

(voting against Aubry) Sorry, girl, it's a split.

S32 nick t.png

(voting against Debbie) See you later, Debbie. It's been fun.

S32 debbie t.png

(voting against Nick) Overconfidence is a weakness.

Final Words

S32 nick bw.png

First and last Tribal Council. Of course, it turns out to be bittersweet and I deserve it. I was beyond confident tonight. This was a blindside, for sure. I just didn't see what they were pulling and I have to give them props for that. I'll still be overconfident and cocky and arrogant, but I should've punched before they did, and I just didn't. That's all.

Still in the Running

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S32 jennifer bw.png
S32 liz bw.png
S32 caleb bw.png
S32 alecia bw.png
S32 anna bw.png
S32 peter bw.png
S32 neal bw.png
S32 nick bw.png
S32 aubry t.png
S32 cydney t.png
S32 debbie t.png
S32 jason t.png
S32 joe t.png
S32 julia t.png
S32 michele t.png
S32 scot t.png
S32 tai t.png


Life at Ponderosa

After his blindside, Nick gets his weigh-in, revealing that he has lost 31 lbs. during his tenure in the game. He rides to Ponderosa, where he is the first arrival due to Neal's stay in the hospital. He enjoys a shower before eating a hotdog and a hamburger. The next day, he greets Neal as the latter returns from his medical treatment. They form a friendship, but Nick expresses disbelief at Neal's persistence that he could have won if not for his medical evacuation, even calling him delusional. Nick finds some time alone, where he reflects on his arrogance in the game and life in general, stating that he isn't a social person until others approach him.[2]

Secret Scene

  • Bowling League: The tribe constructs a makeshift bowling alley with bamboo and coconuts. The alley allows Dara to unwind. Julia states that the fun activity allows for better bonding between the castaways, and Debbie finds the alley to be a way of taking her mind off the game, especially after Neal's elimination. At the end of the scene, Debbie offers to show off her juggling skills. Her closing confessional shows her professing her love for the island.[3]

Unaired Confessionals

  • A Chance to Get to Know People: As a member of the winning team in the Reward Challenge, Julia is happy to have gotten an opportunity to bond on a personal level with a group of people while enjoying ice cream. She admired Scot for his amazing personality, and found Debbie to be a motherly figure despite being in an opposing alliance from her.[4]
  • An Absolute Disaster: Joe describes how much of a meltdown the Reward Challenge was for his team. He recalls the process of how the challenge worked for the team, and how badly his team fell behind Julia's. Though he is disappointed with missing out on ice cream, he feels that losing out on a barbecue would have hurt his morale even more.[5]
  • An Emotional Story: Nick discusses Jason's story about his family. He is touched by Jason's perseverance in life, and admires the latter's determination to raise his daughters. However, Nick is partially cynical and believes that Jason had an ulterior motive for sharing the story, and has painted a target on his own back. Nick is adamant that Jason will not win solely because of the story, and will be glad to use the story against its sharer.[6]
  • Aubry Was Upset: Michele calls the Reward Challenge a "huge blowout", and found Aubry's team equal, but thought that Julia's team was definitely better. She is upset to have lost out on ice cream, which would have put her at ease, but is happy to see the winning team enjoy the reward. Michele also empathizes with Aubry, who was blaming herself for depriving her team of a refreshing reward, but believes that she will recover from her frustration soon.[7]
  • Happy As Can Be: Nick is ecstatic to have won the Reward Challenge by a huge margin. He sizes the two teams up, and states that while Aubry's was "average", Julia's comprised of people with unique characteristics. He was "happy as can be" to have partaken the ice cream reward.[8]
  • Holding On for Dear Life: Cydney expresses her excitement at seeing the Immunity Challenge, and states that it would be a relatively easy victory, and was upset by her fall but admired Tai for his unwavering perseverance. She is disappointed by Scot and Jason's decision to drop out for food during the challenge, and believes that they are feeling comfortable in their alliance of seven, and finds them "unbrawny". She is happy to see that they are confident, however, and feels that the bigger their egos, the bigger their blindsides would be.[9]
  • I Don't Feel Bad: Joe defends his decision to step down for food during the Immunity Challenge, citing that the pros of enjoying the food and drink far outweighed the pain he suffered while competing. He praises Tai, and states that he himself would never have been able to last the same 40 minutes that Tai had.[10]
  • I Earned That: Tai is overjoyed that he had won the trying Immunity Challenge. He believes that he has proved himself by pushing himself past the limits, to the point where he beat a stoic Cydney despite the numbness biting into him. He states that the chant he gave helped to relax him.[11]
  • I Just Couldn't Hold On: Michele states that she had felt fatigue in the early stages in the Immunity Challenge, and did not anticipate two members of her alliance duking it out at the very end for immunity, given that their alliance was tight anyway. She believes that this is because of Tai and Cydney's determination, which culminated in a tight duel. She reminisces the Dig It challenge, comparing the two brutal challenges in that all of its competitors pushed to their limits. She is happy to have filled her stomach instead of continuing her suffering, but did not believe the food to have been the main reason for her dropping out.[12]
  • I Know I'm A Target: Aubry is exasperated after failing to win the Immunity Challenge due to a lapse in concentration. She states that she is likely the best challenge performer out of the remaining three Brains, and with a potential pagonging in the works, she would be the majority alliance's easy vote.[13]
  • I Was Surprised: Julia was disappointed to have been the first person eliminated from the Immunity Challenge, feeling that she was good at balance and had the willpower to clinch the victory. She cites the pain as the main factor leading to her downfall. She also expresses surprise at the fact that only four people took the food offer, and finds them to be comfortable in their positions. She is eager to use their actions against them at Tribal Council.[14]
  • It Was Awesome: Seeing the ice cream cart arrive at camp, Julia gets excited and is happy to enjoy food. She felt sick because of the sudden sugar rush, but still found the reward "awesome".[15]
  • Over the Half Mark: On the morning after Neal's evacuation, Joe is happy to have made it to Day 20 - past the halfway mark of the game. He fears for his position in the game, and believes that he is on the chopping block. He also shows awareness of the pathogens existing on the beach.[16]
  • That Was Good Stuff: Scot believes that he was in the "dream team", which completely crushed Aubry's team with perfect coordination. He was excited to have ice cream, despite not being a major ice cream fan outside of the game. The taste of conventional food was welcome despite him not having prior cravings. He describes the ice cream feast in full entirety: what he ate, including the toppings by themselves, and how sick he felt after it concluded. He ends the confessional by stating that such a meal could only exist on Survivor and be considered normal.[17]
  • The Idol is My Backup: Jason is glad to have the idol in his possession to provide a safety net for his game in the event of a strategic catastrophe. He feels confident that he will make it to the final four at least, and vows to play it at the final five to achieve this goal. He discusses his strategic game and sees how his every move will affect him long-term and short-term. He is confident to have both an idol and what he believes is a tight alliance under his control.[18]
  • The Writing Was on the Wall: Jason claims that the moment he saw the Immunity Challenge, he knew that he would not last long. However, he felt comfortable in his alliance and decided that he just wanted to outlast at least one person in the challenge. Thus, when he saw the food offer, he anticipated Jeff's signal and stepped down for the feast. He is proud of his alliance for sticking to the plan of preventing a Brain winning immunity, and is doubly glad to have had someone else do the donkey work whilst he feasted.[19]
  • We Blow Them Out: Tai describes how his team annihilated Aubry's in the Reward Challenge. He calls the ice cream reward "wonderful", as it allowed everyone to enjoy floats, sprinkles, and sugarcones. Tai describes that he was full to the point where he found Debbie's frozen yogurt sour. He is appreciative of the reward, as it was a change from the blandness of his daily meals. He ends the confessional with a "thank you."[20]
  • Weak & Arrogant: Debbie finds Jason and Scot's decision to step down for food obnoxious and has lost respect for them. She lauds Cydney's competitive spirit, and recalls the Dig It challenge where both women faced heat exhaustion.[21]
  • Zero Chance of Winning: Scot opens the confessional by describing the mechanics of the Immunity Challenge, and knew that he had no chance of winning the challenge. Thus, he waited for a possible temptation which materialised. He was glad to see Aubry and Debbie lose immunity, and admired Tai for missing out on food to win immunity on behalf of his alliance.[22]


Episode Title

  • The episode title was said by Aubry Bracco, regarding the alliance between the members of the original Gondol and To Tang tribes.


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