The Great White Shark Hunter is the seventh episode of Survivor: Palau.


Day 16

The morning after Tribal Council, Steph was still holding out hope for her seriously outnumbered tribe. At Koror, Ian hauled in a massive clam. After eating out the meat, they noticed sharks surrounding the shells they had put in the water. Using blood of a dead snake, Tom caught a shark using a machete, impressing the rest of the tribe and one-upping Ian. 

Day 17

After Koror won the Reward Challenge, Gregg talked with Jenn about how she perceived him to be standoffish and how that was viewed by the tribe. It concerned Tom and Coby in particular.

Day 18

Bobby Jon caught a giant clam and a small black fish. They then practiced the slide puzzle before the challenge.

After the challenge, Bobby Jon viewed himself as the swing vote, wondering whether he should honor his agreement with Steph or to acknowledge his commonalities and his bond with Ibrehem. Steph also tried to form somewhat of an alliance with Ib, but he simply said he didn't know. At Tribal, Bobby Jon sided with Steph to eliminate Ibrehem.


Challenge: S.O.S.
Tribes are told via Tree Mail that a plane will be flying over their camps. Utilizing anything around their camp, they must get the plane's attention. The tribe with the better signal (judging will be based on the creativity, yet still recognizable), according to the plane's pilot and drop master would win reward (with the plane returning to the winning team's camp, and will drop a wooden crate with the reward encased in it).
Reward: Fishing gear, wine, and military rations
Winner: Koror

Challenge: Sea Stars
This challenge is basically a giant 16-square sliding puzzle with a caller guiding the other two participating members to move the floating pieces around. The tribe may switch callers if they want. First tribe to finish their puzzle wins immunity.
Winner: Koror

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S10 ibrehem t.png
Ibrehem (2 votes)
S10 bobbyjon t.pngS10 stephenie t.png
Bobby Jon, Stephenie
S10 stephenie t.png
Stephenie (1 vote)
S10 ibrehem t.png
S10 ibrehem bw.png
Ibrehem Rahman

Voting Confessionals


Final Words

S10 ibrehem bw.png

What can I say? I totally didn't expect to be voted off tonight. So it was a big surprise. I thought me and Bobby Jon had something, but, uh, I guess I was wrong. I played the game the best way I felt like I knew how without compromising my character. I think I walk away with just a whole new respect for life, not taking things for granted. It was an experience I definitely enjoyed.

Still in the Running

S10 jonathan bw.png
S10 wanda bw.png
S10 jolanda bw.png
S10 ashlee bw.png
S10 jeff bw.png
S10 kim bw.png
S10 willard bw.png
S10 angie bw.png
S10 james bw.png
S10 ibrehem bw.png
 Bobby Jon
S10 bobbyjon t.png
S10 caryn t.png
S10 coby t.png
S10 gregg t.png
S10 ian t.png
S10 janu t.png
S10 jenn t.png
S10 katie t.png
S10 stephenie t.png
S10 tom t.png


  • The episode title was said by Coby Archa in reference to Tom Westman killing a great white shark with a machete.
  • This episode marks the first Tribal Council at which exactly three people cast votes. At all previous three-person Tribal Councils, one of them had immunity and the other two did not vote.
  • This episode marks the first time a three-person tribe competes in a tribal challenge.
  • This episode marks the first time a tribe is reduced to two members during the tribal stage of the game.


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