The Good Guys Should Win in the End is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Gabon.


Night 33

When the tribe returned from Tribal Council, Matty knew Ken voted for him and confronted him about it. Kenny then confronted Bob, as he thought Corinne was going to play the idol. Bob felt bad for embarrassing Kenny and promised he would give Kenny individual immunity if he won the next Immunity Challenge. Kenny said in a confessional that if Bob did this then he would vote him off.

Day 34

At the Reward Challenge the men dominated, with Bob ultimately winning. He took Kenny and Crystal with him on reward and sent Susie to Exile Island. Bob, Kenny and Crystal got close with gorillas, to which Bob felt somewhat of a spiritual connection.

On the reward, the threesome contrived a plan to get rid of Matty. Kenny told Bob that instead of giving him immunity if Bob won the next challenge, he would only have to give it to him if they felt that Kenny was in trouble of being voted out.

At Exile, Susie elected to stay in comfort, knowing Sugar had the idol.

At camp, Matty fumed to Sugar about Crystal and Kenny, dubbing her alliance with them "The Evil Three." Sugar confessed that she would not give him the idol if he needed it, and would rather use it herself to advance, knowing that it could not be played past the next vote. Matty realized this and knew he was on his own in the game.

Day 35

When the three contestants returned from reward, Matty had arguments with Crystal and Kenny. Crystal yelled at Matty for writing her name down before, which was overheard by everyone. Sugar felt bad, saying that Matty didn't deserve to be yelled at, suddenly realizing that Ken and Crystal were not good people. Sugar promised Matty that he wouldn't go, inferring that she would give him her idol if he did not win immunity, and Matty began to feel new hope in the game.

Day 36

Bob won the Immunity Challenge, his fourth straight challenge victory.

Back at camp, Ken and Crystal wanted to get out Bob or Matty. Ken wanted Bob to give him the necklace only to then turn around and vote him out. Because Kenny had convinced Bob to agree to give him immunity if they felt Kenny was in danger, he told the tribe that they should all tell Bob that they were voting for Ken. Sugar then felt queasy about this plan and ratted Ken out to Bob. She proposed that her, Bob, Susie, and Matty vote out Crystal.

At Tribal Council, Ken seemed very sorry about the previous vote and tried to make it seem like he would certainly go home. However, Bob knew it was a hoax, and when he was given the chance to give up immunity, he said that he did not feel that Kenny was in danger and kept the necklace. After the votes had been cast, Sugar gave her Hidden Immunity Idol to Matty, who played it for himself. However, it only negated minority votes, as Crystal was eliminated 4-0.


Challenge: Swamp Monkeys
The castaways would race through a swamp and over several obstacles to retrieve one of three balls. They would then return to the start and toss the ball into a net. The first castaway to retrieve all three balls and get them into the net would win.
Reward: An overnight helicopter trip to a gorilla sanctuary in Gabon, while having a meal, a shower, and a bed to sleep in.
Winner: Bob Crowley (shared with Crystal Cox and Ken Hoang, exiled Susie Smith)

Challenge: Mask Match
The castaways would be blindfolded during the challenge. At the starting line would be a Gabonese mask. At the other end of a net obstacle would be a duplicate mask with some pieces removed. Three bags of puzzle pieces would need to be carried across the net obstacle one at a time. The puzzle pieces would then need to be assembled to replicate the mask at the start line. The first castaway to correctly replicate the mask would win.
Winner: Bob Crowley

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
S17 crystal t
Crystal (4 votes)
S17 bob tS17 matty tS17 sugar tS17 susie t
Bob, Matty, Sugar, Susie
S17 matty t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S17 crystal tS17 ken t
Crystal, Ken
(votes not counted)
S17 crystal bw
Crystal Cox

Voting Confessionals

Matty's confessional and edited versions of Crystal and Sugar's confessionals were shown in the episode.

S17 crystal t

(voting against Matty) You were once part of my alliance. You are a very big physical threat in this game. You wrote my name down one time, and it's time for me to pay you back. Take care, I look forward to hanging out with you in the future.

S17 susie t

(voting against Crystal) Told you it was going to be you. I just went alphabetical. You had the C.

S17 matty t

(voting against Crystal) Crystal, I've been waiting for this day for a long time, and I am very happy that it has finally arrived.

S17 ken t

(voting against Matty) Matty, I'm sorry the plan didn't work.

S17 bob t

(voting against Crystal) Crystal, you should have stayed with us the first time.

S17 sugar t

(voting against Crystal) Dude, you don't know how to talk or deal with people and it's a game so, good luck with that jury over there.

Final Words

S17 crystal bw

Wow. I did not know that Sugar turned on me. I don't know what for. It kinda hurts with three days left in the game, but when I yelled at Matty, I don't think it helped. It's been a great run, 36 days. Tried to play a fair game, and hopefully I made my friends and family proud. And good luck, Kenny. I'm rooting for you.

Still in the Running

S17 michelle bw
S17 gillian bw
S17 paloma bw
S17 jacquie bw
S17 gc bw
S17 kelly bw
S17 ace bw
S17 dan bw
S17 marcus bw
S17 charlie bw
S17 randy bw
S17 corinne bw
S17 crystal bw
S17 bob t
S17 ken t
S17 matty t
S17 sugar t
S17 susie t


Behind the Scenes

Life at Ponderosa

  • Crystal is told she lost 22 lbs. She stated her favorite challenge was Kicking and Screaming. When she arrives to Ponderosa, she gets the cold shoulder from everyone with Corinne Kaplan stating they never liked her and were not going to pretend to like her. Crystal, though hurt, understands why they aren't speaking with her and eats at a separate table from the others. Charlie Herschel states he never interacted with Crystal during the game, but fears if he talks to her, the others will shun him for doing so. The next day, Randy Bailey does talk with Crystal telling her that the person who wins the $1 million will be a loser, confusing Crystal and she tells Randy what he just said didn't make any sense.[2]



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