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The Gloves Come Off is the fifth episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 13

On Day 13, all sorts of things are happening at Ogakor camp. For one thing, the nearby forest fire continues to rage, sending waves of smoke towards camp. For another, Colby's Tribal Council switcheroo has blindsided Jerri and Amber, who are now in the minority in their tribe. Jerri tries to convince Colby to stick with her instead of Tina and Keith, but Colby is non-committal.

On Kucha, it's time for the tribe to feast on another chicken. Kimmi again voices her displeasure about killing the chickens. She and Alicia get into a heated argument. Alicia says that Kimmi is complaining too much, while Kimmi accuses Alicia of being rude. "Don't wave your finger in my face," says Kimmi. "I will ALWAYS wave my finger in your face," Alicia retorts. The encounter increases the tension between the two. Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe has gotten annoyed by Kimmi's tendency to not bathe. Kimmi says she has no intention of bathing in the "incredibly gross" water.

Day 14

Each team gets Tree Mail telling them to build a three-sided stretcher called a travois. They then use the travois for the Reward Challenge, in which two people must rescue their three tribemates by carrying them on the travois. In a close race, Kucha wins yet again, sending Ogakor's Amber into tears "I'm so tired of losing," she laments. Kucha wins shampoo, toothbrushes, and spices.

Back at Kucha's camp, the tribe members use the reward to clean themselves up, even Kimmi. They boast about their domination of Ogakor thus far. On Ogakor, the demoralized tribe prepares for the next challenge.

Day 15

The tribes reconvene for their fifth Immunity Challenge. From the start, Ogakor works together more smoothly than Kucha does, and Ogakor finally pulls through to snap their challenge losing streak. The tribemates celebrate. Back at Kucha, Alicia and Jeff think they have a consensus to vote off Kimmi. Elsewhere, though, Elisabeth and Rodger note that Alicia has a strong personality, and that the tribe might get along better without her.

At Tribal Council, though, it's unanimous—Kimmi takes six votes (her vote is for Jeff) and gets the boot. Kimmi is the fifth victim of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Challenge: Triage

Survivor Triage.jpg
Each tribe selects two members to become "rescuers." The other members are placed at predetermined accident locations. Using a stretcher, each tribe must locate their tribemates at the accident locations and bring them back, one by one, to the "first aid tent." First tribe to rescue all of its members and cross the finish line wins.
Reward: The winning tribe wins bath implements and all of the items chosen from a catalog by both tribes. Kucha chose blankets and Ogakor chose soup mix and spices.
Winner: Kucha

Challenge: The Maze
Each tribe must race against the other, collecting five medallions in a specified order while navigating through a giant maze. First tribe to collect all five medallions in order and to exit the maze wins.
Winner: Ogakor

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
S2 kimmi t.png
Kimmi (6 votes)
S2 alicia t.pngS2 elisabeth t.pngS2 jeff t.png
S2 michael t.pngS2 nick t.pngS2 rodger t.png
Alicia, Elisabeth, Jeff, Michael, Nick, Rodger
S2 jeff t.png
Jeff (1 vote)
S2 kimmi t.png
S2 kimmi bw.png
Kimmi Kappenberg

Voting Confessionals

While Elisabeth is giving her confessional, her vote is not shown. Jeff, Michael, Rodger, and Nick's confessionals are only available on DVD.

(voting for Kimmi) She betrayed my trust yesterday, she was one of my strongest allies at the beginning, but she betrayed my trust yesterday, and I can't trust her anymore.

Michael Skupin

(voting for Kimmi) My vote is for Kimmi. This can be a nasty game, but you have to play with class, and I don't think she always plays with class.

Nick Brown

(voting for Kimmi) I mean, there's so much I could say. But for now, you're a great girl, and I look forward to the banana split on the other side with you.

Jeff Varner

(voting for Jeff) This really should be Alicia, but I hear other people are voting for Jeff.

Kimmi Kappenberg

(voting for Kimmi) I really just made my mind up within the last thirty minutes. I think she's probably the one that's probably gonna be voted off tonight, and I felt like I had to be seen as a team player just in case we're here back in the same situation three days ago, might help assure my survival three days from now.

Rodger Bingham

(voting for Kimmi) My vote is for Kimmi. She and I have not gotten along from the beginning, um, and the whole food thing is really becoming an issue. It separates her from the rest of the tribe, so I think it's time to let her go. Although I like her very much, but she's a bit abrasive for me.

Alicia Calaway

(voting for Kimmi) I'm voting for Kimmi. We need to keep our tribe strong, and there's too much split going on. So, for a strong Kucha, it's the best vote.

Elisabeth Filarski

Final Words

I knew for a long time that my head was on the chopping block. It doesn't surprise me at all. I'm glad that I stayed true to myself and my morals. Um, I know that Alicia and I have not gotten along since Day 1. If that's what they felt they had to do, then, you know, power to the team!

Kimmi Kappenberg

Still in the Running

S2 debb bw.png
S2 kel bw.png
S2 maralyn bw.png
S2 mitchell bw.png
S2 kimmi bw.png
S2 alicia t.png
S2 amber t.png
S2 colby t.png
S2 elisabeth t.png
S2 jeff t.png
S2 jerri t.png
S2 keith t.png
S2 michael t.png
S2 nick t.png
S2 rodger t.png
S2 tina t.png


  • Jeff Probst claimed that the maze they used at the Immunity Challenge was made up up 46 tons of lumber, 3 miles of burlap and took two weeks to build.
  • This episode's Immunity Challenge was the third time a tribe with a numbers advantage was not required to sit anybody out, following the Buggin' Out challenge of the previous season and the same challenge this season.
  • In both of their trips to Tribal Council, Kucha suffered rainfall.
  • Kimmi's vote for Jeff Varner was not revealed to the tribe, something that would later be referenced when Jeff is eliminated.
  • This was the third time that an eliminated contestant's torch, Kimmi Kappenberg, has been extinguished by the pouring rain and the third time that it was extinguished before it was snuffed. The first incident was in Survivor: Borneo, where Stacey Stillman was voted off, and the second incident was in the same season, where Sean Kenniff was eliminated.


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