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The Final Showdown is the season finale of Survivor: Panama.


Night 36[]

The episode picks up at Tribal Council. Jeff starts the fire building contest. Both women used the coconut husk and flint. Cirie quickly makes fire. However, it dissolves as soon as Danielle make a big bursting flame. But, that dies soon too. However, Danielle was able to build a fire while Cirie only made little ones. Danielle's flag raises first, making Cirie the sixth member of the jury. The final three hug Cirie before she brings Jeff her torch to be snuffed. He tells the final three that there are two more challenges, two more Tribal Councils and one winner. In her final words, Cirie states that she lasted far beyond her expections and hopes her family is proud of her.

Danielle works on fire. She states in a confessional that she was determined not to go home and is happy to be in the game. Terry is also happy that Danielle won because of his final two deal with her.

Day 37[]

Terry hangs his Hidden Immunity Idol at the camp shelter and states it is worth only about 25 cents now. He shows it to the other final three members. He explains that he didn't think he hid it very well. When asked by Danielle, Terry revealed that he did have the idol with him at the previous Tribal Council. Danielle makes a confessional about what Terry did and believes he did that as a "take that" towards Aras. She also describes the rivalry between the men, and finds herself stuck in a testosterone match. The men talk about the fish they caught, with Terry congratulating Aras for catching the bigger fish. The trio ate the fish Aras caught. Danielle talked about how the men don't like each other, and said that Aras would have to win immunity to avoid elimination.

The final three arrive for the challenge. Jeff explains the challenge is for a meal for the Final Immunity Challenge, along with a cot, pillow, and blanket. After explaining how the challenge works, the castaways took their positions. Aras was leading for the first two parts of the challenge. However, Terry was able to catch up. In the end, Terry won the challenge. Terry calls Aras the ultimate competitor and the men hugged. No one would be exiled because the idol is out of play. Aras and Danielle returned to camp, while Terry enjoyed his meal.

Aras gutted a fish, and in a confessional, Aras said they had been eating a lot. He tells Danielle that one of them must win the Final Immunity Challenge to win the million dollar prize. Danielle believes the challenge is willpower and she isn't giving up. Aras says he knows that and tells her she is tough as nails. Terry returns to camp with his cot. Aras asked Terry about the meal. In a confessional, Aras said that there is an advantage about having the meal before the Final Immunity Challenge, but is also a psychological disadvantage as well. He doesn't have a psychological disadvantage by Terry's dominance.

Day 38[]

Terry gets Tree Mail. It states it was time for the Rites of Passage that will be on Exile Island. Terry notes that the final three are the ones to spend the most time at exile. He is also glad that the skull is being burned and Exile is done. After completing the Rites of Passage, the final three head of to the Final Immunity Challenge. When asked about burning the skull, Aras said it felt good. Jeff explained how the challenge works. The first 30 minutes went without an hitch. Terry and Aras both had trouble when transitioning to the third platform. Both were able to get up. However, Terry soon fell into the water. Aras drops into the water soon after that, giving Danielle the win.

The final three return from the challenge. Danielle talks about her situation as being the sole vote in a confessional. When getting water, Terry talks to Danielle about their pact, but she says she is confused. This caused Aras to be paranoid for the first time in the game. He would talk to her about the vote. Aras' conversation with Danielle left mind boggled and she felt threatened by him. Before Tribal Council, both men hugged and stating it's been a pleasure. At Tribal Council, Danielle's immunity win and her decision was discussed and both men made one last chance to plead their cases to her. When the vote came, it was for Terry. He hugs the final two and had his torch snuffed. On his way out, Terry thanks everyone for the great journey. The final two return to camp and talk about what happen. Aras is particularly excited about being in the final two.

Day 39[]

The final two head to Tree Mail and were joyous to come to the Day 39 breakfast, which was the subject of their confessionals. The finalists then went for a walk down the beach. However, Aras slips on the rocks and lands on the bottle that he drops. He cuts his finger and it hurts. Danielle said he might need stitches and notices the cut on his back. Aras makes a confessional about how he physically feels. Danielle assured him he'll be stitched up in no time. In a confessional, she said she was freaked out by the blood. The medical team arrives at camp. As they did their treatment, Danielle was grossed out. Aras said in a confessional that his ego been crushed because of getting his butt kicked all season (Terry, slipping on the rocks, etc.) Aras was okay and drinks some water. Later, the final two talk about Aras's accident. He talks about the accident humbling him. Danielle said that the game made it clearer that she is a strong woman and is proud of herself. The pair hugged and Aras stated that he was glad to make it out to the end of the game.

The finalists arrived at the Final Tribal Council. Jeff introduced the members of the jury one by one. Jeff asks about the bandages on Aras's hand. Aras tells him about the accident. Jeff explains how Final Tribal Council works. Aras's opening statement was thanking the jury and he hopes that they jury vote by how he played the game. He also states the he played the game with honesty and integrity for the most part. Danielle also thanks the jury for the experience. She stated that she wanted to do the best that she could do. Danielle hopes that the jury makes the right decision.

Sally was the first to speak. She congratulated the finalists and asked of the Casaya 6, who contributed the most. Both finalists said Cirie because of their friendships with her. Bruce was next to speak. He bows to the finalists and congratulated them. He asked what would the finalists do with the responsibility of the million dollars. Aras said to make himself a better person to inspire people. Danielle said to give speeches with others to encourage them. Terry was the third to speak and called Danielle's speech off based. He elaborates on this and hopes she doesn't regret not taking him to Final Tribal Council. His question to the finalists was to rank themselves from 1-10 and why. Aras said 9 because he would work his butt off in challenges. Danielle 8 1/2 to 9 because of she gave the challenges her all and regrets eating the cheeseburgers. Austin congratulated the finalists and felt sorry for Aras. He asks for one good move and one not so good move that helped them get to Final Tribal Council. Danielle said that her move was convincing people to not vote out Bruce. Her other move was voting out Courtney. Aras said that his move was calming Shane and telling Melinda Hyder she was going so she wouldn't be blindsided. The move he regretted was blindsiding Shane.

Courtney was the next to speak. She said that her guns were dropped in the sea of forgiveness. Courtney said she struggled with playing her integrity and it took her a week to get over the betrayal of her blindside. After completing her speech, Courtney asked the finalists what the finalists learned about themselves. Aras pointed out that she voted against him at her last Tribal Council, but takes responsibility. He said that his ego was smashed. Danielle said that she was mentally stronger, but Courtney put that as her own words. Courtney makes one last speech before sitting down. Cirie asks the final two why she should vote for the other one. Danielle said Aras is an overall great person. Aras said that Danielle was there for them when he was injured. Shane congratulated the finalists but states he was disappointed that they were the final two because Terry was the most deserving. Shane lists off the reasons why they were undeserving. When his was done, Shane ask the finalists a number between one and a million. Aras said four, while Danielle said ten.

In her closing statements, Danielle said she wanted to be strong and be herself. She felt like played the game with honesty and intregrity and disagreed with Shane's statement. Danielle hopes the jury votes for her on the outwit, outplay and outlast part of the game. Aras said that he worked hard in the game and he apologized to Shane. He thanks the jury for being a part of his jury experience. Bruce votes for Danielle because of the experience they shared. Terry voted Aras because he was a worthy rival. Jeff takes the votes with him.

The screen shows Jeff at the reunion. When the votes are tallied, Aras is declared the winner in a 5-2 vote.


Challenge: Wall to Wall
The contestants must race to the top of a three-story climbing wall using four individually-shaped pegs. First, they must make their way through a table maze. Once at the end of the maze, each will release a bag containing their first two pegs and move to a spinning wheel. Reading the clues, each must spin the wheel clockwise, counter-clockwise, and clockwise again like a combination lock to find the one bag that contains their final two pegs. With the help of the pegs, the players must get to the top of the wall and place their pegs in the proper slots, which will raise a flag. The first person to raise their flag wins.
Reward: A protein-enriched meal specifically made to nourish the winner for the Final Immunity Challenge.
Winner: Terry Deitz

Challenge: Balance of Power
Starting on the largest of a series of floating platforms, every fifteen minutes the final three will move to the next smaller platform. As the platforms get smaller, it will get tougher for the Survivors to maintain their balance. Only their feet can touch the platform. If their hands touch the platform or they fall off, they are eliminated. The last person standing wins.
Winner: Danielle DiLorenzo

Tribal Council[]

Day 36[]

Tiebreaker Challenge:
Cirie vs. Danielle
Participant Result
S12 cirie t
S12 danielle t
S12 cirie bw
Cirie Fields

Final Words[]

S12 cirie bw
Well, my time here is up. I lasted far beyond my highest expectations. I hope that my family is proud. Sorry, guys. I let you down. I couldn't get the fire going, but I feel like I can still hold my head up high. So, I'm extremely proud to be out on Day 36.

Day 38[]

Tribal Council 13:
S12 terry t
Terry (1 vote)
S12 danielle t
S12 terry bw
Terry Deitz

Voting Confessionals[]

Danielle's confessional was not shown in the episode.

S12 danielle t
(voting against Terry) Terry, this is the most difficult decision I've ever had to make. You're an awesome guy. I'm really going to miss you, and a great competitor. Sorry. Don't hate me.

Final Words[]

S12 terry bw
The biggest mistake I made was not keeping the game in my own hands and then relying on somebody else to take care of it for me. That's what got me. But it was not bad for a 46-year-old guy. I hope I made my friends and family proud. And Terry Deitz is not a perfect guy. And there's always room for better change.

Final Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 14:
Jury Vote
Voted for
S12 aras t
Aras (5 votes)
S12 austin tS12 cirie t
S12 courtney tS12 sally tS12 terry t
Austin, Cirie, Courtney, Sally, Terry
S12 danielle t
Danielle (2 votes)
S12 bruce tS12 shane t
Bruce, Shane
S12 danielle bw
Danielle DiLorenzo
S12 aras t
Aras Baskauskas

Voting Confessionals[]

Sally is shown writing a smiley face before writing a name down on the parchment.

S12 bruce t
(voting for Danielle) Danielle, what a great pleasure to have shared this experience with you. I know you're gonna hold this position with due honor, and you'll touch a lot of people's lives. The best years of your life have yet to come.
S12 terry t
(voting for Aras) I am just so used to writing his name down. Of the two of you, you are head and shoulders, the winner. Congratulations.

Final Results[]

S12 tina bw
S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 ruthmarie bw
S12 bobby bw
S12 dan bw
S12 nick bw
S12 austin bw
S12 sally bw
S12 bruce bw
S12 courtney bw
S12 shane bw
S12 cirie bw
S12 terry bw
S12 danielle bw
S12 aras t



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