The Family (also known as the Upolu Five) was the majority alliance of Survivor: South Pacific, both in the pre-merge Upolu tribe and in post-merge Te Tuna.

Formed on the Upolu tribe, the alliance was comprised of three-time player and self-proclaimed Dragon-Slayer Coach Wade and new castaways Albert Destrade, Brandon Hantz, Edna Ma, Rick Nelson, and Sophie Clarke. After the merge, former Savaii member John Cochran jumped ship to the alliance, granting them control of the game.



On Night 1, Coach, Albert, Brandon, Sophie, and Rick formed an alliance away from their other tribemates. Coach then included Edna Ma as a sixth member of the alliance. The alliance targeted Christine and Stacey first and they became the first two Upolu members to be voted out. Division arose at the next vote with Albert and Sophie wishing to keep Mikayla Wingle in the game as a physical asset over the weak Edna (who was also perceived to be Coach's personal alliance). However, Mikayla was still voted out, partially due to Brandon's uncomfortableness around her.

Cochran's Flip

During the crucial Final Twelve vote where Upolu and Savaii have equal numbers, Coach convinced Cochran to flip and vote out Keith to avoid drawing rocks. In return, he lied to Cochran by proposing a potential Final Four alliance with Albert and Rick. Afterwards, the remaining former Savaii members were systematically targeted and voted out. On Night 30, Cochran was the last Savaii member to be voted out.

Turning on Each Other

After all the former Savaii members were eliminated, Edna was quickly voted out after she had served her use. However, she gave several convincing theories of why Brandon needed to leave, and although it did not save her it still succeeded in causing the other four members to desire to turn on Brandon next. At Final Five, the Upolu 5 soon had to turn on each other. After Brandon won the Immunity Challenge, Albert's name was on the chopping block when the majority of the alliance, including Coach, Rick, and Sophie, began to turn against him as he unsuccessfully tried to target Sophie. However, at Tribal Council, an unexpected move by Brandon, in which he decided to forsake his Individual Immunity and save Albert, proved to be fatal as Brandon was the second member of the alliance to bite the bullet.

After Brandon's elimination, Ozzy returned from Redemption Island and won the Immunity Challenge which ensured his safety. With no choice, Coach, Albert, and Sophie decided to vote off Rick despite Albert's pleas to eliminate Sophie. At Final Four, Sophie won her third Immunity Challenge, beating Ozzy, and together the remaining Upolu alliance members voted out Ozzy and became the Final Three. In the end, Sophie won the season, only losing the votes of Cochran, Edna, and Rick who voted for Coach, and Albert received no jury votes.


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