The End of Innocence is the fifth episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 13

Tammy does push-ups, Zoe washes her shoes and Rob laments his disadvantage after the swap. Rob believes that Sean would go first, followed by himself over Vecepia, and lists the reasons why. Rob asked the original Rotus if he, Sean and Vecepia were more Rotu than the three Rotus on Maraamu. Tammy said that she viewed them all as Rotu while Rob said that he could answer the question. Gabriel makes a confessional about how the new people brought the game with them. Gabe then describes how the switch turned his experience around. The original Rotus talk about how different the game had been for Maraamu and Rotu. Soon, John started talking to Gabe and the latter revealed that he was not there to play, but to experience, the game. Gabe explains that he was there to see if 8 different people were able to build a society and be happy. John questions if he is playing the game, but Gabe's answer stays the same. John was annoyed with Gabe's ideals and decided to watch and deal with him accordingly.

At Maraamu, the paltry tribe prayed together. In a confessional, Gina felt that the rest of the tribe wanted Sarah out as much as she did and that the tribe was now complete. Both Neleh and Paschal talk about how nice the Maraamu camp was. Neleh makes a confessional about feeling like winning the next challenge. Paschal heard crabs near the basket. Sure enough, the crabs scattering about. Both Kathy and Gina made confessionals about the experience. Kathy also comments that, despite how hard it was to open the crabs, the meat was worth the effort. Paschal promises that Maraamu would win (the next challenge).

At the Reward Challenge, Jeff explains Tiki Towers. The winning tribe would raid other tribe's camp. The former Maraamu members on Rotu would sit out along with Zoe. Kathy would be calling for Maraamu and Gabe for Rotu. Rotu was initially leading. However, Maraamu had already found all of their pieces when Gabe had trouble spotting his tribe's final piece. This gave Maraamu the edge it needed to win its first challenge. At Rotu beach, Jeff explains to Maraamu what they could not take during the raid. Maraamu had 2 minutes and they took as much as they could. Robert described the raid as "having everything pulled from under the rug". Tammy organized Rotu to do work. Vecepia makes a confessional about the raid being the perfect opportunity for tribal bonding because she believed that the tribe was divided by tribal lines.

Maraamu returned to their camp in high spirits. Everyone makes confessionals about the win, and the items they took from Rotu. At Rotu, Gabriel is rapping with the Maraamu members. He makes a confessional stating he likes them and refers them as Rotu. This, however, worries John. He makes a confessional about what Gabriel said and what he himself plans to do from his point of view. John questions Gabriel about what the former believed the latter said two days ago. Gabriel tries to answer, but the paranoid John kept interrupting. Gabe said that he was going to deal with the vote when it came, and was not going to target the newcomers. The answer annoyed John and he decided to target Gabe. Tammy makes a confessional about John's interrogation of Gabe. The pair stopped and hugged. However, John made his decision to vote against Gabriel. He first recruits Robert, and then Zoe. Although Tammy had her reservations, she ultimately agrees to join John. John makes a confessional about his alliance and Gabe's wildcard status should Rotu lose the next Immunity Challenge.

Day 14

The Maraamu tribe get their tribe's Tree Mail, which was a long scroll. It hinted that the Immunity Challenge was Distress Signal. The tribe immediately started brainstorming and going about building their SOS signal. When Rotu got their Tree Mail, Robert makes a confessional about Maraamu effectively winning two challenges by winning the Reward Challenge. He also notes that, while he has full confidence in Zoe, Robert is worried that this was the first time that Sean and Rob were competing. Rob, Sean, Vecepia, and Zoe work on the distress signal. Sean makes a confessional about how vital it was to win the challenge. If Rotu loses, one of them (presumably, one of the three former Maraamu members) was going home. Vecepia leads the four participants for Rotu in praying.

Sean describes the sign as something Fat Albert and the Crosby Kids would make, but that it looked good considering their lack of supplies. John, paranoid about Gabriel flipping to the Maraamu alliance, decided to talk to one of them to ensure his personal safety. He decides to talk to Sean. Sean believes that it was a mistake when John tried to recruit him to vote against Gabriel. Rob and Sean talk about their options when Vecepia alerts the tribe of the ship. When asked about Rotu's signal, the captain said that he could not see the signal with the lush surrounding greenery. When the ship visits Maraamu, The tribe gets ready. Paschal uses his flag to grab attention because it was so iconic. The captain looks at Maraamu's signal, and notes the use of the color red and the American flag. When asked which distress signal was more likely to capture attention from a ship, the captain deemed Maraamu's signal more distinguishable. Jeff went off to get the Immunity Idol, while the captain rung the horn. Maraamu was excited that they won immunity for the first time.

Day 15

John talks to Rob about the merge and voting out Maraamu members when it happens. In a confessional, Rob states he doesn't trust John and wants to vote him out. Rob and Sean talked about getting Gabe to flip. Sean makes a confessional about himself being one of the three most vulnerable tribe members, given his status. Rob talks to Gabriel about the vote and tried to convince him to vote with Maraamu. Gabe makes a confessional about what Rob said. John makes a confessional about how the vote will be the most significant one yet.

At Tribal Council, Tammy was asked about it felt like to lose. Zoe was asked about the identity of the tribe jester, which she said was Gabe. When asked about trust, Gabe said that people were there to play the game and trust was fleeting. When asked about a leader, John said he was like a leader. When the vote came, Gabriel was unanimously voted out, 7-1.


Challenge: Tiki Towers
Each team had to pick one member to be the "eyes" of the group, while the others were to be blindfolded. The Caller had to direct the other members to collect randomly scattered segments of four Tikis that had been deconstructed. Once collected, the blindfolds were to be removed, and the first tribe to reconstruct their four Tikis would win.
Reward: The winning tribe will have the right to raid the losing tribe's camp. However, the winning tribe must leave at least a pot, a machete, and personal items behind.
Winner: Maraamu

Challenge: Distress Signal
Tribes were instructed to build a distress signal on the shore of their beach, using materials in and around camp to catch the eye of a rescue boat that would pass by in the water a few hours later. The tribe with the more eye-catching distress signal would win immunity.
Winner: Maraamu

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
S4 gabriel t
Gabriel (7 votes)
S4 john tS4 rob tS4 robert t
S4 sean tS4 tammy tS4 vecepia tS4 zoe t
John, Rob, Robert, Sean, Tammy, Vecepia, Zoe
S4 rob t
Rob (1 vote)
S4 gabriel t
S4 gabriel bw
Gabriel Cade

Voting Confessionals

(voting against Gabriel) I'm voting for Gabriel. You just proved yourself untrustworthy and we're too far into the game at this point to be wishy-washy.


(voting against Gabriel) You've made it clear from the beginning, you're not here to play the game. You don't care about the money, and I'm here to play the game and I care about the money.


Final Words

Oh, I miss you guys already. The experience of being with all of you, even the new members, was really, really fantastic. But I came to experience the game, not to play the game, so this is... looks like perfect timing. You guys play safe, all right? Have a good time.

Gabriel Cade

Still in the Running

S4 peter bw
S4 patricia bw
S4 hunter bw
S4 sarah bw
S4 gabriel bw
S4 gina t
S4 john t
S4 kathy t
S4 neleh t
S4 paschal t
S4 rob t
S4 robert t
S4 sean t
S4 tammy t
S4 vecepia t
S4 zoe t



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