The Big Adventure is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Africa.


Day 31

For the Reward Challenge, Jeff Probst revealed greetings from videos sent by the castaways' loved ones, leaving the castaways in tears. Jeff revealed that their loved ones will be an integral part of the challenge. Knowing her wife so well and vice versa, Lex van den Berghe's answers were almost identical down to the letter, winning an all-expense luxury hotel accommodation, using Jeff's own credit card. Jeff then revealed that Lex could bring one tribemate to join him, in which he invited Tom Buchanan. After Jeff jokingly begged them to go easy on his Visa card, the two immediately boarded the airplane as the four other castaways went back to camp.

Upon reaching the hotel, Tom expressed his delight after seeing a bed and a toilet after a month. While enjoying the reward, they agreed to not divulge too much on how their reward went to their tribemates. Back at camp, the girls killed time by creating a deck of cards. At night, while Lex and Tom are eating a heavy meal, the other four castaways had no choice but to eat their usual corn mush for dinner.

Day 32

Lex and Tom (albeit hungover) were awakened by hotel doormen, telling them that they would have a hot air balloon ride as their last order of business. Upon seeing the picturesque Kenyan landscape, Tom declared, "This game brought me new life."

After the trip, the plane brought the two guys back to camp. Despite being happy when Tom and Lex returned, a distraught Ethan Zohn felt threatened that the two's full bellies will energize them for the upcoming Immunity Challenge. Teresa Cooper, on the other hand, became nervous about her and Kim Powers' fate, since they are the only two remaining members of the original Samburu tribe.

Day 33

At the Immunity Challenge, Kim Johnson accidentally broke her own pot, while Tom was unstoppable after hitting several of his tribemates' pots. After a close match between Tom and Kim J., Kim J. hit Tom's second pot, but Tom hit the latter's last pot, earning him immunity.

Back at camp, tribal lines were now questioned and an idea of a gender-based vote was considered. Meanwhile, Lex felt concerned about Teresa, stating she has "fire in her belly." "There's nothing more dangerous than a desperate animal," he added. Teresa on the other hand was trying to persuade Kim J. to vote challenge threat Lex out. Despite taking him after the last Reward Challenge, Tom still felt bitter towards Lex for trying to save Brandon Quinton six days previously. "I'm still irritated with Lex," Tom said. "I feel like Lex betrayed me," Tom said.

But at Tribal Council, the old Boran Alliance still held strong, and Kim P. was next to go in a 4-2 vote. This left Teresa as the last remaining member of the original Samburu tribe.


Challenge: Know Your Loved One
Tribe members were to be asked a series of personal questions which their family had previously been asked on videotape. If each tribe member's answer matched the answer their family gave, they would score a point.
Reward: An exclusive resort in the Masai Mara, go on safari to see the migrating wildebeest, sleep in a real bed, and a feast, all charged to Jeff's own Visa credit card.
Winner: Lex van den Berghe (shared with Tom Buchanan)

Challenge: Pot Shots
Eighteen clay pots are hung on a line. Each Survivor's name was marked on three pots. Using an African weapon known as a Ringa, the group had to throw the wooden sticks at their opponents' pots, trying to break the ones that didn't bear their own name. The last person left with an unbroken pot would win Immunity.
Winner: Tom Buchanan

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Moto Maji
S3 kimp t
Kim P. (4 votes)
S3 ethan tS3 kimj tS3 lex tS3 tom t
Ethan, Kim J., Lex, Tom
S3 lex t
Lex (2 votes)
S3 kimp tS3 teresa t
Kim P., Teresa
S3 kimp bw
Kim Powers

Voting Confessionals

Lex's vote was not shown during his confessional.

S3 lex t

(voting against Kim P.) This is the part of the game I hate. Having to vote someone out of the tribe that you really care about. I'm stoked you made it this far, though. I'm really stoked.

S3 teresa t

(voting against Lex) You're a strong competitor. That's why I'm giving you my vote. I'm still crazy about you, though.

Final Words

S3 kimp bw
Kim P.

It was a heck of a game. It was something that I will never, ever be able to describe in enough detail to give anybody who wasn't here any idea what it was actually like to be out here. I've gained some courage and gained some inner strength and I'm very, very thankful for that. It's been something that, um, will probably have changed me for the good, I hope.

Still in the Running

S3 diane bw
S3 jessie bw
S3 carl bw
S3 linda bw
S3 silas bw
S3 lindsey bw
S3 clarence bw
S3 kelly bw
S3 brandon bw
S3 frank bw
 Kim P.
S3 kimp bw
Moto Maji
S3 ethan t
 Kim J.
Moto Maji
S3 kimj t
Moto Maji
S3 lex t
Moto Maji
S3 teresa t
Moto Maji
S3 tom t



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