The Amazon Heats Up is the penultimate episode of Survivor: The Amazon.


The boys have a 3-2 numbers advantage over the girls, leaving the girls in danger.

Day 34

While the contestants are at the Reward Challenge the firewood that Butch Lockley  had collected caught alight and set the camp on fire, destroying the shelter and everybody but Heidi Strobel's personal items. Matthew von Ertfelda wins the reward, which is a new car and a barbecue. He chooses to bring Rob Cesternino along to the barbecue since the two are close allies. Matthew attempted to bring along Jenna Morasca, Butch, and Heidi along as well, but Jeff Probst told the latter three to get out of the car. After returning from the challenge the whole tribe is shocked to see the camp has been burnt down. Heidi feels guilty due to the fact that her personal items were not destroyed while everyone else has nothing left.

Day 35

Day 36

In a long and grueling challenge, Matthew wins immunity. After the challenge, back at camp, Jenna breaks down due to feeling unwell due to tonsillitis and other things. Heidi uses this to push for Jenna's elimination as she knows that it's either her or Jenna going home. Rob then comments that Jenna's miserable attitude isn't something the group wants to be around and she is, essentially, putting her head on the chopping block.

At Tribal Council, Heidi makes a point of telling the tribe that she has played the game hard and has been the mastermind of half the plans that have happened. When the votes came, they were split along gender lines, and Heidi was voted out by the men 3-2, with Heidi and Jenna voting for Rob. 


Challenge: Try Again
The contestants must untie a series of knots to open a gate, flip over seven puzzle pieces and arrange them to form a traditional image, rope swing across a gully, decode a wheel puzzle, grab the corresponding key, unlock a flying fox, and slide down to retrieve the final key.
Reward: A brand-new Saturn Ion, along with a tailgate barbecue lunch
Winner: Matthew von Ertfelda (shared with Rob Cesternino)

Challenge: Out on a Limb
Castaways must maneuver through a ropes course. There are five obstacles – a rope tunnel, rope swing, disc walk, swing steps, and a V tunnel – each heading outwards from the center. They must retrieve a colored feather at each and hang it around the center pole. The first to hang all five around the center pole wins.
Winner: Matthew von Ertfelda

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
S6 heidi t.png
Heidi (3 votes)
S6 butch t.pngS6 matthew t.pngS6 rob t.png
Butch, Matthew, Rob
S6 rob t.png
Rob (2 votes)
S6 heidi t.pngS6 jenna t.png
Heidi, Jenna
S6 heidi bw.png
Heidi Strobel

Voting Confessionals

Rob's vote was not shown during his confessional.

(voting for Heidi) Two girls. One brain. Divide by two. Only one halfwit left.


Final Words

What an awesome time. What an awesome adventure. I have got a lot of heart, a lot of soul, a lot of pride and I stop at nothing. Jenna, I am your number one fan. Without you, I could not have made it this far in this game. I am so excited to be part of the jury and I hope to be seeing you in a couple of days.

Heidi Strobel

Still in the Running

S6 ryan bw.png
S6 janet bw.png
S6 daniel bw.png
S6 joanna bw.png
S6 jeanne bw.png
S6 shawna bw.png
S6 roger bw.png
S6 dave bw.png
S6 deena bw.png
S6 alex bw.png
S6 christy bw.png
S6 heidi bw.png
S6 butch t.png
S6 jenna t.png
S6 matthew t.png
S6 rob t.png


  • After Heidi Strobel's elimination, Jenna Morasca is the last original Jaburu member and female contestant remaining.
  • After this episode, all players have had at least one vote cast against them.


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